Subscribe to ‘Public’ Posts and Updates from any Facebook Account

Facebook has introduced a new feature called ‘Subscriptions’ which will allow users to follow ‘Public’ updates from anyone, without even the need of being connected as friends.

This change has obviously come because of Google Plus and seems to be a strategic decision by Facebook. It after all does change the exclusivity part of Facebook but makes it a lot more open.

How to ‘Subscribe’ to Facebook Feeds!

  • While logged into your Facebook account, look for the new ‘Subscribe’ option that shows up under ‘Most Recent’.

  • Once this feature is switched on your can follow any Facebook user’s publicly shared posts, photos, updates and other changes.
  • A good point is that the feature is not switched on for everyone and hence people can choose to stay out of it.

The new feature pretty much replicates the follow and unfollow features for Google+ or Twitter. With so many features I wonder if Facebook is trying to do many things without fixing some of the privacy concerns regarding photos sharing.

What are your views on the new Facebook Subscription feature? Do drop in your comments.


SportsNub September 16, 2011

That new feature will surely allow us to follow more peoples updates easily.

Atif Aslam September 17, 2011

I Think this is not good, here privacy hurts..