Create Facebook Lists with Google+ Circle Interface – Circle Hack


Update: This post is about Circle Hack which is a service that has been discontinued.

CircleHack_FB_GplusOne particular feature of Facebook, that has stood out like a sore thumb after Google+ was introduced. It was the way people used ‘Lists’ on Facebook and the way ‘Circles’ were created on Google+.

It is probably this reason, that Facebook has introduced new Friend Lists. Organizing friends on Facebook is still a cumbersome process.

But some very resourceful developers have created an online application which allows you to create Facebook friend lists using an interface of Google+ Circles.

Circle Hack Features


  • Just visit the website and allow it to access your Facebook details.
  • It will load a user-interface which resembles Google+ Circles but actually has Facebook Lists.
  • Create lists and simply drag and drop Facebook friends.
  • Contacts can also be moved from one circle to another.

I am definitely going to use Circle Hack until Facebook comes up with a better way to manage Lists. Do drop in your comments.