100 SMS per day limit from today for Indian cellular users

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) introduced something unusual in order to control spam SMSes and calls you got from different telemarketing firms. Rather than limiting these firms SMS limits they put a limit to every cellular user in India that no one can send more than 100 SMS per day for prepaid users and 3000 per month for postpaid users.

Well obviously TRAI is trying to do something good because these SMSes are so annoying but their way of spam control is not good at all. 100 SMS per day is nothing for a normal user specially when you have so many SMS cards in the market with more than 20,000 free SMSes per day. Even I personally send 200 to 300 SMSes per day as these messages are a good and important way of communicating and a part of life now. You can’t talk on phone every time and everywhere so it’s better to inform somebody something by Texting.

Also Do Not Disturb (DND) policy will be more strict now and you won’t receive unwanted calls and SMSes once registered for DND service. To register yourself to DND service use any of the following methods:

This is a good initiative by TRAI but I would prefer to receive 1-2 spam SMS everyday rather than this limit of 100 SMSes per day. People will start using instant messaging services like BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Whatsapp more if this limit continues.

What do you think about this SMS limit? Tell us your views in the comment section below.


Bhavesh Mojidra September 29, 2011

I personally send 3000-400 SMS per day for the communication with my friends to be in contact with them. Now with the restriction of trai we are in a condition where we have been restricted in 100sms per day.

Sauravjit September 29, 2011


Information Madness September 30, 2011

it has proved as a bane rather than boon.Majority of the people are finding it difficult to manage within the 100 smseslimit/day.
Government should have restricted ads,spam messages,public messages without putting 100 sms limit on common messages….i simply cannot comprehend the logic behind it!!

Sauravjit October 2, 2011

Yes but their complete spam blocking is effective.

Jakibur September 30, 2011

My only way of connecting wid my girl friend is only throug sms n before i used to sent 400-500 sms per day now i only 100 sms per day. It is really embrassing for me. TRI please do something…. Plz try some other way n plz lift thia bane.

Sauravjit October 2, 2011

Install Whatsapp if your phone supports that..

Giri October 1, 2011

100 SMS per day is a stupid initiative by TRAI . They have to control the SPAMMERS not the normal person. Anyway I’m not sending 100 SMS per day šŸ™‚

I really appreciate their fully blocked service. Finally got the relief šŸ™‚

Sauravjit October 2, 2011

Yes spam block is effective.

sneha October 1, 2011

TRAI pls search other way to restrict the spammers..

Sauravjit October 2, 2011

I think they will remove this limit soon.

Jigyasa October 2, 2011

M really unhappy with this…..its smtng realy stupid…if u wana control spammers find some other option yar…why bothering normal persons….

Sauravjit October 2, 2011

Yes..Good intention but an ineffective way.