New Friend’s activity tab for Facebook pages

Facebook introduced something new for Facebook page owners and admins; it’s a new tab on the Facebook page’s sidebar ‘Friend Activity’. This tab is visible to page admins but a normal member can also see it. This tab shows you how your friends are interacting with you Facebook page. This feature is useful for you if you have so many friends as fans of your page.

You can find out the new tab on your sidebar of your page. When you click on this tab it will show your friend’s likes and comments on your page. This feature will allow you to easily reply to comments made by your friends. Also you can see the content your friends like so that you can post more relevant and interesting content.

Please note that this tab won’t be available for you if you are using Facebook as a page rather than your original profile. Also this feature will be available to every admin of a page not only to the owner of that page.

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One Comment

Information Madness September 30, 2011

Good and bad.Good as it helps us to figure out our friends activities on pages without searching all posts.Bad as it simple reveals all activities such as likes, comment, wall posts making it bit embarassing