Windows 8 to Allow Login with Windows Live ID

Windows 8 seems to have ringed in a few small changes which will make it truly a great OS, which might take some doing after the very successful Windows 7. One issue that lately has caught a lot of traction, is storing of information on the cloud. For example, I can easily sync my Chrome browser with my Google ID. It can sync my passwords, bookmarks and browsing history, extensions and apps.

This seems to have inspired Microsoft with respect to Windows 8. Users will be able to sign-in to Windows 8; with their Windows Live ID along with User Accounts.

This will now allow users to synchronize from one Windows 8 computer to another settings like Themes, Language preferences, Apps, Web browser history, passwords and more.

Windows 8 will Leverage Sync and Cloud Storage

As Windows 8 will also be running on a lot of tablets, Microsoft expects some sort of synchronize capability along with cloud. Live ID, which is mainly Hotmail account for email can now be leveraged to save and synchronize files and settings.

I use Windows Live ID with Live Mesh to synchronize my blog posts on Live Writer from one computer to another running Windows 7. So with Live Mesh and more importantly SkyDrive, Windows 8 will try to give users the option of synchronized settings and data across all their devices.

Currently with iCloud – Apple has got into the cloud storage business and Google has made the cloud the cornerstone of their strategy with Chromebooks. So this will be wise move by Microsoft.

Here is a video demo of Windows Live ID being used to log-into Windows 8.

What are your views on Live ID being used to log-into Windows 8? I think it’s a great idea. Do drop in your comments.


nikhil September 30, 2011

Great feature introduced by Windows. This is the demand of current comptitive environment to provide latest technologies to users.

Aditya Kane September 30, 2011

@Nikhil: Yes competition is the best for us consumers. 🙂

Michael September 10, 2013

The credentials of Windows Live ID will also be cached locally by Windows 8. This will pose a security risk. PCUnlocker Live CD claims that it can replace the cached credentials of your Microsoft account, so you can sign into Windows 8 with a new password when you forgot it. I believe that there will be a cracking program that can recover the password in future.