1Tap Quick Bar- Customize Your Android’s Notification Bar

Notifications bar is one of the best features Android has, which does exist in iOS, but is not so feature filled. For example, whenever you get a notification in Android, a small icon pops up on the status bar and you can swipe to dismiss notifications. 1Tap Quick Bar is an app that allows you to customize the notification bar.

1Tap Quick bar

I keep my home screen as minimal as possible, with only two icons and no clock widgets. But this can prove to be a hassle, as I will need to go to app drawer every time for launching any app.

This can be solved with 1Tap Quick bar, which lets you add a quick bar to the existing notification bar and you can add app shortcuts/settings/system tasks to the quick bar (it’ll be shown as a ‘Ongoing’ task in the notification bar).

There are many system settings like Wi-Fi, GPS, Auto rotate etc., which can be added to your quick bar with ease. The app is pretty slick with the Holo theme.

As you can see in the image, I’ve added a camera icon to the quick bar which is a much needed feature in Android (i.e. quick access to camera) – so the next time I want to take a snap, I can just pull the notification bar and access the camera app.

The free version of the app lets you add only one quick bar, but that’s enough for me. You got to pay for adding more bars, but that’ll make your notification bar messy.

Link: 1Tap Quick bar

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