[Browser Wars] Every 1 in 3 Browser is a Chrome

The battle of the browsers is getting less fascinating in recent times and that is because Chrome seems to be simply unstoppable. Google Chrome overtook Internet Explorer to become the most used browser a couple of months ago, pushing out Internet Explorer to second place for the first time ever.  Lately even Microsoft has accepted that Internet Explorer was pretty much the browser everone loved to hate.

According to StatCounter, Chrome now has breached the important 33.33% mark.

It means that now very 1 in 3 internet user is using Chrome. The rise of Chrome is even more incredible when you consider it did not have a captive platform to grow on, unlike Safari and Internet Explorer. Maybe, if Windows 8 is a super-hit, then Internet Explorer might actually start making a turn around and arrest the slide in its numbers.

Chrome might be late into the game as a mobile phone browser, but it has started catching up with being available for Android and iOS users.

Are you a Chrome user? Do you think its rise could be challenged or stopped? Do drop in your comments.


GAUTAM August 7, 2012


Gourav August 7, 2012

It might not have had a captive platform, but it had Google.com!! and that, transcends the boundaries of platforms. Everyone uses Google search and Chrome was advertised on the homepage. For the first time people found out that Internet Explorer and Internet were not the same, that there were other people apart from Microsoft, who could make web browsers.
Of course, the no-frills interface helped, but it also kept users like me away. Today I find many people using Chrome, but most of my tech-savvy friends use Firefox. I myself, can never get over Opera.

Aditya Kane August 7, 2012

@Gourav: You have a valid point about Google.com. But one could say the same with Google.com too, that it does not have a captive platform. I know many tech savvy people who prefer using Chrome too, as they are not happy with the erratic pace of Firefox updates. Also I think Firefox lost a few fans, when some Add-ons ended up being incompatible. Also not everyone cares about customization, they just need the browser to work and do simpler things like bookmarks sync.