3 Easy Steps to add a Chat Room to your Blog

If you want to make your Chatroom available on all the pages/posts of the blog/website (hosted by WordPress) as a widget, instead of dedicating just one page for Chatroom, please see Adding a Chatroom to wordpress as a widget. (If the link is not working, please tell me)

So you’ve decided to add chat functionality to your blog or website.

Chat rooms are a great way to let your visitors meet each other and discuss your content. Chat creates a community feel and adds interactivity that can set your blog apart from the rest and keep your visitors coming back!

We’ve put together 3 easy-to-follow steps to embed a chat room in your blog or website using Chatroll live communities.

All Chatroll live communities can be easily used as embedded chat rooms. Here’s how:

  1. Create a Chatroll live community to use for your chat room.
    Go to Chatroll, enter your community’s name in the “Name Your Live Community…” box and click “Create”. Choose a name that fits with your blog, as this name will appear in the chat box title. Write an attractive and detailed description so that people can easily find your new Chatroll community (this will also help drive traffic to your blog).
  2. Copy the embed code from the community’s home page. On your live community’s home page (the page that appears after your community has been created) you’ll find a text box labeled ‘embed’ under the chat window. Click the embed code and copy it.
  3. Paste the embed code in your blog or web site. Paste the code where you would like the chat room to appear in your site. If you have a blog, you can either place the chat room in individual posts, or you can create a dedicated page on your blog to host the chat.

(IMPORTANT: If you are using the WordPress Visual Editor, or other visual editors, make sure to switch to HTML editor mode, otherwise WordPress will remove the embed code! This is a known issue with WordPress.)

You’ll see something like this–

(Source & Image credits: Chatroll blog)

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