3 fun extensions for Chrome browser

We take browsers and their extensions very seriously but sometimes we forget in life there is room for fun. So instead of looking the them most awesome Chrome extensions for blogging or social media I thought I might as well share with you 3 great extensions which if not do anything productive might atleast put up a smile on your face. πŸ™‚

So here is the list of 3 fun extensions for your Chrome browser.

#1. High Five

This Chrome extension called High Five does just that and displays a large ‘High Five’ on your Chrome browser. It really does nothing except I find it fun to have my browser give me a high five after writing a nice post. πŸ˜›

#2. Scramble

I am sure if you have an email id you must have received forwards explaining how in the English language you can write any word incorrectly by replacing certain alphabets but the brains still guesses it correctly. This extension does exactly that and lets my brain get a little exercise.

#3. Do not press the Red Button

Do not press the Red Button which shows a red button on the top right corner. Press it once and its starts to tell you not to press it again and again. What follows is a very funny conversation with a red button. πŸ˜› This one gets very funny as you keep pressing the red button.

So lay back, install these three extensions on your Chrome and have fun! If you feel like getting serious again you might like to look up 5 Chrome extension to enhance your Google Search experience.

Do drop in your comments if you know about and want to share other interesting Chrome Extensions. πŸ™‚


Anshul July 20, 2010

Red button is awesome. Spent 5 minutes playing with it, finally gave up :P. Good that you shared this πŸ™‚

Dinesh July 21, 2010

Do not press the red button – i clicked about 150+ times on a similar advertisement.

Anshul July 21, 2010

To come out of this recursive loop just click anywhere on the browser (outside the frame containing red button).

rocky July 22, 2010

Useful post 4 me

jaganmangat August 5, 2010

hahahah,cool extensions..

ohlala October 30, 2010

so cool