3 Ways to Improve Blog Writing / Web Publishing With Google Trends

First if you do not know about Google Trends, then from wikipedia,

Google Trends is a tool from Google Labs that shows the most popularly searched terms from the beginning of 2004 to now.

Google Trends charts how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.

Now lets back to blogging and try to figure out how does Google Trends improves blog writing?

Before answering the question….  what we mean by improving blog writing!

  • Writing with right better keywords… specially title part! (read why?)
  • Writing with keeping blog readers regional diversity in mind
  • Writing in present… who wants to read about yesterday???

Lets go one by one now with examples to make things more  clear!


#Step 1: Writing with better keywords

How often you find its difficult to choose right keywords for your post.

If you have slighted hint about Google Search Engines contribution to your blogs traffic then you know why its important to choose right keywords!

Worse scenario there exists many synonyms for a single keyword!

e.g. Mobile v/s Cellphone – although cellphone is more precise in meaning google trends shows mobile is better choice. That’s why we killed right!

Google Trends: Mobile, Cellphone

e.g. Images v/s Photos v/s Pics  say you are writing a post about flicker and you need to choose between these three words… again google trends shows Photos is clear winner…


As trends doesn’t change daily once you observes a trend you can cache it in your mind for long time! 🙂


#Step 2: Writing with keeping blog readers regional diversity in mind

Same thing can not be popular across the whole world. Trust me even Google is not an exception as it lost to baidu (a Chinese search engine) in China!

So first find out if your blog is more popular in any geographical region? And if answer is yes, find the region where you are loved the most. Then go to google trends again and drill down the data which is applicable to particular region only!

e.g. Orkut v/s Facebook v/s Myspace – if you often blog about social networking sites, then following results will surprise you!

Note 1: Myspace clearly dominates the world… (still)


Note 2: If you are from India, they forget myspace and also facebook. Orkut is clear winner and this could be the reason as why many Indian bloggers are running dedicated blog on Orkut!


Clearly writing about myspace just wont work in India! So if you are running out of time blog more on Orkut!


#Step 3: Writing in present… who wants to read about yesterday???

Unless you are sure you are running a blog on historical events, you must stick to current events. There are large sites and databases dedicated for historical archives. What was popular a year ago any not popular today! So always check recent trends if there is a chance of high deviation in peoples choice…

e.g. iphone review – Great you brought your first iphone and impressed with its features. But you are little late to right a review about it!


Bonus: Do not forget to check Hot Trends before closing your browser!


These small steps over the time not only improve your search engine ranking but also help you –

  • choose better vocabulary (step 1)
  • develop understanding with your blog readers (step 2)
  • get the latest trends (step 3)!


No never underestimate something from Google! 😉


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