4 Facebook Style Free WordPress Theme

Do you love Facebook? Are you fan of Facebook? If you really like Facebook and want to have Facebook style for your WordPress based website then you are at right place. Here I have listed 4 free WordPress theme which is fully inspired by Facebook.

#1. Facebooked:

Very customizable, 3-column, widget-ready, fixed-width design based off Facebook. Features expanding/collapsing and movable sidebar boxes.
Download | Demo

#2. Smells Like Facebook:

The exact Facebook clone theme for WordPress. Based on Facebook profile page. 3 columns or 2 columns available. Advanced Javascript & AJAX effect just like on Facebook also available. Autogrow comment box.
Download | Demo

#3. Crybook:

CryBook is a 3 Column simple theme base with the popular Facebook. It contain 2 widget-ready sidebar, live theme swistcher and Custom Admin Panel.
Download | Demo

#4. Facebook Layouts Free WordPress theme:

A free WordPress theme inspired with Facebook and give more option with 9 different color scheme to tweak with this theme. As simple as the Facebook design itself, this theme brings it all together. It looks good and works great.
Download | Demo

One thing I really missed here. And of course it is our fbknol wordpress theme.  What you think about it?

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