The Tournament between Facebook and Twitter, who wins?

No matter if you have some decent clothes to wear or not, being a Facebook and Twitter member is compulsory! Facebook has taken over almost every other social networking website in terms of popularity and now giving competition to the big daddy, Google! However with Facebook and Twitter reigning the Internet generation, there are often comparisons made between the two.

Clean Facebook Share API Cache Using URL Linter

When was last time you have noticed that “facebook share” button on your post picking up wrong image or title or description?┬áIn an attempt to fix it, you might have edited your post and published changes to just notice that “facebook share” button is not displaying changes you have made. This happens because facebook like […]

Use Static FBML for advanced options with Facebook page

Putting social icons on your page can be a better way of promoting or getting connected to your friends and mentors. You would have observed several kind of social buttons/icons or different advanced functionality on many fan pages.well this is how you can- Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) is a Facebook platform application developed by […]

4 Facebook Style Free WordPress Theme

Do you love Facebook? Are you fan of Facebook? If you really like Facebook and want to have Facebook style for your WordPress based website then you are at right place. Here I have listed 4 free WordPress theme which is fully inspired by Facebook. #1. Facebooked: Very customizable, 3-column, widget-ready, fixed-width design based off […]