5 Apps to Reduce Your Monthly Phone Bill

A list of 5 smartphone apps that will help users to reduce their monthly telephone bills by using calling and messaging facilities over the internet.

The smartphone has been a very important invention for the entire world and has increased the efficiency of day to day tasks in ways possibly not imagined by anyone when they were first launched.

There are a variety of ways through which you can cut down on the money you spend on your calls. There are a number of apps available that let you make calls for free through the internet. They are absolutely safe and are real money-savers.

Here I have chosen 5 apps that you can use on your phone and see the money piling up.


Available: iOS and Android

Viber Viber has a very smooth and simple approach to the concept of making free calls.  What makes Viber a very useful app. It has no noticeable lags or delays on the audio while making calls.

Along with that feature it has the option of sending text messages, multimedia messages and e-mails.

Link: Viber


skype-screenshotAvailable: iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Skype is no doubt one of the most well-known desktop app for making calls. It was first created for computers but has now branched out into the world of smartphones.

You can make calls to any smartphone or computer in the world which has Skype installed in it. It also comes with the ability to send IMs as well as make video calls.

Additionally you can actually call a regular phone but that will cost you credits which can be purchased. Essentially, mobile users in India use this App to keep in touch with near and dear ones staying outside the country.

Link: Skype



Available for: iOS, Android and Symbian

Another popular app in the market is Fring. Importantly it supports Symbian phones. There are the regular features for making calls but with a twist as you can make all those free calls through your phonebook as it gets integrated with Fring.

You can hold conference calls to up to 4 people even while video chatting. Like Skype, you can make calls to normal phones however you have to pay for them.

What sets Fring apart from other apps is that you can actually integrate your AOL and Google Talk with Fring making it a handy tool to handle all your communication needs.

Link: Fring


Nimbuzz Screenshot

Available: Almost all Operating Systems for phones including Java.

Nimbuzzis undoubtedly one of the most versatile apps for free calls available in the market and doesn’t require a single monetary unit to operate expect for your normal data charges. It has the ability to integrate a variety of other chatting portals like Facebook, MySpace, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo! etc. Once integrated, you can make calls to people on any of these contact lists. If that is not enough, there is a desktop version of Nimbuzz available. Apart from calls, it can also send messages and can obviously be used to send IMs. An option for web-chatting is also at one’s disposal.

Link: Nimbuzz


Qik Screenshot

Available: iOS, Android phones.

The best app that you can find for video chatting is Qik. Apart from making calls, you can also create video feeds and send video broadcasts live and go through the feeds of your friends as well. If you feel like, then share your videos through Facebook or other assorted video sharing services.

Link: Qik

Bottom Line

Hope you find these apps useful to bring down your telephone bills. If you have more apps that you know about do let me know about them in your comments.


Christopher J May 5, 2013

I wonder why Whatsapp doesnot find a place in this post! Any way the list is quite nice!

Aditya Kane May 6, 2013

Whatsapp is useful as a SMS replacement but not for calling. I am guessing that is why Sunil does not have it in the list. 🙂