Acer’s Small Screen Windows 8 Tablet Leaked by

Acer W3-810 is leaked on as a listing, which shows an 8.1 inch screen, 32 GB memory space and battery life of 8 hours with price at $380

Acer 8 inche Windows 8

One of Windows 8 questionable decisions was to not have a small screen tablet. Google has Nexus 7 and Apple has its iPad Mini. Acer was then rumoured to bring out a Windows 8 tablet with a 8-inch screen. The new tablet has been spotted leaked by PC World on the retailer website

The tablet named Acer W3-810 is priced at $380, which is not exactly very expensive. The tablet will in all probability go head to head with iPad Mini and Nexus 7 as a competitor.

Acer W3-810 Specs

  • The final spec list has not been revealed but here is some information which was leaked.
  • Screen-size of the device will be 8.1 inches and support 1200 X 800 pixels maximum resolution.
  • The device will run on 1.5 GHZ A4 processor which is the same one as that of the first iPad. But that could be a mistake.
  • The device will run on Windows 8 but its not clear if its Windows RT or full-fledged Windows 8 version.
  • It will also pack in 1 USB 2.0 port and battery life is expected to last upto 8 hours.

The small-screen form factor for tablets really works. Apple iPad Mini has seen a great deal of popularity but it might be coming at the cost of the full sized iPad. It works because these tablets are cheaper and still have a screen-size large enough to work for reading books, web browsing and even games.

This tablet looks like $50 cheaper than iPad but if it has a full working Windows 8 on it, that could be a real bargain.

What do you expect from 8-inch Windows 8 tablets? Do you expect them to catch on? Do drop in your comments.