5 Great iPhone Apps for Women

Why should men have all the fun? Here are the best 5 iPhone apps for women that help them right from grocery shopping to planning vacation, tracking their kids, food recipes, new-born feeding process and much more.

Below is the list of 5 best iPhone apps for women but a lot of them can be useful to everyone. 🙂

#1. Baby Tracker

This iPhone app lets you to keep in track of the feeding process of your newly born. You can just store the details in a daily log on your iPhone or iPod and then it will show you alert you.

Link: Download Baby Tracker iPhone app

#2. Dinner Spinner

Don’t know what to make for dinner with what you have in your fridge ? Don’t worry, just enter the ingredients you want to use and allrecipes.com’s large recipe database will come up with a recipe. You can save up the recipes and share them over bluetooth etc.

Link: Download Dinner Spinner

#3. Pocket First Aid and CPR

In case of emergencies, you might not know what to do. If your near and dear ones needed emergency care,  then this little iPhone app might help you. It gives you step by step videos and illustrations guide you through dealing with emergencies. You can store the emergencies and later email the problems to your doctor.

Link: Download Pocket first aid and CPR

#4. Loopt

Loopt lets you to track your Facebook friends. If your kids are on facebook, then by linking this app to facebook will helpful in tracking them. You can get to know where they are and and send them instant pings to make a real connection in person. It also shows special rewards and offers from you local restaurant.

Link: Download Loopt

#5. Grocery Gadget

Make a grocery list on your phone and you can send them to another phone in your house. It will be helpful to do collaborative grocery shopping.

Link: Download Grocery Gadget

Try these iPhone apps out to make life a little easier and do drop in your comments.

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rajeelkp June 24, 2011

That’ a great list man ! I hope this will be useful to every women 🙂