2 Best Free Web-Hosting Directories with Search Engine

We all love Google search, but some tasks are so specific that a dedicated search engine performs better. Free WebHosts is a search engine dedicated to find best free web-hosting service which suits your needs.

Statistically they have database of over 300 website, organized with categories and searchable using advance parameters. You can search using any aspect of web-hosting service. Listed below are few parameters most people care about…

  • How much space being offered? Unlimited is on the menu!
  • Whether you will get domain, subdomain, directory or subdirectory as URL to your site? Don’t go for anything below subdomain.
  • What type of ads are forced by free host? Some host don’t force any ad at all.
  • Wether you are allowed to run your own ad? Some free host allow to make you money by displaying your own ads like Google Adsense.
  • Choice of scripting languages, databases, etc. PHP-MySQL is easiest to find while free JSP hosts are rare.
  • Stats, Emails, Security, FTP, Shell, etc feature.

There are much more options you can specify while using power-search at free webhosts. Just in case you need an alternative to free web hosts, try Absolutely Free Hosting and its advanced-search.

Absolutely Free Hosting have database of around 100 hosts only but they have quality hosts in their list. Also site interface is clean and you will never get confuse between genuine results and ads. They maintain a list of best hosts, which is really nice. From here only I got to know about 110mb.com, a free webhost I used 2 years back.

Important Note:

While choosing free webhost you should always check if they allow file & database backup. This comes handy when moving your site to another free host or paid host like dreamhost.

Just in case… if you are planning to go for paid webhosting service, then read about dreamhost and their best webhosting offer. Very soon I will post how I am using paid-webhosting service for free! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Links: Free WebHosts | Absolutely Free Hosting

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Tim Brown July 1, 2008

I have had luck using free hosting for some personal/family websites but would be very interested in knowing what kind of experience people have had trying to use a free host for a business website?

Rahul Bansal November 26, 2008

I will never suggest one to go for free hosting specially when good paid webhosting is quite affordable. ๐Ÿ™‚