5 Bing Tips You Should Know

There is so much hype on the net about the new search engine Bing by Microsoft on the net that almost every blog has been covering it. Though I doubt anyone can take over Google just like that. For those of you who love the new peppy Bing, here are some tips you should know.


1. IP Address Tracker

The Bing can verify any IP address and can tell you the name of the websites hosted on a particular IP address. To do that simply type,


IP:[ IP Address ]

The search result will display the sites hosted on that IP address.

2. Know More About Companies From The IE Favorites

You need Internet Explorer 8 for this. Searching for company stocks like ‘GOOG’ on Bing will automatically create a web slice which can then be added to the IE Favorites bar.


3. Search Results as RSS Feed

This is something that I have seen to be popular among most of the users on the net. An RSS Feed of a search result can get you a variety of articles/news from other sites. Bing supports this feature. Just add at the end of the result page URL and press Enter:


For example, if you search for ‘iPhone’, in the results URL, just add the above and press enter. You will be subscribed to a RSS feed containing iPhone keywords which will get updated automatically.

4. Remove the background Image on the Bing site


If you are not one of those eye-candy freaks, you can remove the background image on the Bing homepage. Instead of typing bing.com, you can navigate to the site using the following URL,


5. Links to MP3 Files and Doc Files

You can search for MP3 files or Doc files on Bing.

‘abcd contains:mp3’

where abcd is your search term. It will generate results with pages that contain mp3 files related to the search term. Similarly for Doc files, just replace the MP3 with doc.

(Source: gHacks)

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  1. Bing’s index is inferior compared to Google.Newbies may find Bing better but not power Surfers. Bing will fade away with the same speed it appeared.

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