We are hiring – Full Time Blog Editors & Web Designers!

No matter what people think about professional blogging, we are doing amazingly as professional bloggers in our lives at rtBlogs.

As this is month of 3rd anniversary of Devils Workshop, we decided to expand our family by opening few more full-time positions. What could be the better way to celebrate! 😉

So here we go…

Full-time Blog Editor

To all our fellas who are blogging from some-time and still wondering if they can take blogging as profession, here is the opportunity!

You only need to be good and passionate blogger. We don’t care which school you are from as no school teaches how to blog!

If your English is good, feel free to apply! Details and application form can be found below.

Links: View Details | Download Job Profile | Apply Online

Full-time Web Designer

Mind use of word designer. We have open positions for web developers too, but this announcement is for recent web designers opening.

When we say designer, we expect decent skills on Adobe Photoshop. Knowledge of web standards will be a plus.

Please note that we are looking for creativity mainly.

Links: View Details | Download Job Profile | Apply Online

We have few more positions, so don’t forget to check our career section!

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Sauravjit Singh June 6, 2009

Nice man,all the best for rtCamp 🙂

Rahul Bansal June 16, 2009

@Sauravjit & Harsh
Thanks 🙂

Sorry. This is full-time office hob.

@Jagmeet Singh
You can apply for relevant vacancy.
Check – http://rtcamp.com/careers/

everblogger June 7, 2009

Can school students apply…?? 😀 😛

Jagmeet Singh June 8, 2009

Well m a pro web Developer & designer !! wat abt me !!

Harsh Agrawal June 9, 2009

Hey Rahul,
Seems like you will be the first blogger to put blogging into full time corporate business. Great Initiative. Best of luck 🙂