5 deadly SEO link building mistakes that you must know to build a better blog

Google is looking at us and penalizing link spammers. Is your website in danger of being blacklisted and banned from Google for link spam? Yes, No, Maybe???

If you’re not 100% sure. Read the post below……


SEO link building is now one of the most done activity in any business/blog. The simple logic here is the back-link’s give you a higher PR (Page Rank) and PR makes you rank high in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page). After all a higher ranking will definitely gives you a hight traffic that implies more money.

Back-links really gives you 90% of your Google Rank and this is the reason that gave this much importance to it in business/blogging. Most of the people misunderstand it. Beginner’s should first know that not all back-links are good but some can actually hurt you than help you.

SEO Link-building is all about building links that are natural. Google did not design their ranking system to be manipulated. It was designed to reward good sites that get linked to it naturally. That’s why getting the right links can be incredibly difficult if you try and do it manually.

Unfortunately, you have to build in links these days otherwise you will not be competitive. If you sit around and wait for sites to link to you, you might wait forever. The good thing is that this also gives the “small guy” a fair shake to get good rankings in Google, Yahoo and M.S.N.

And coming to the topic here is a list as follows.

1:Mass Link Packages

Now a days people are selling Mass Link Packages which are not really worth a mention but drags you as the title says “PR7 in 30 days. Mostly the site’s in this packages will be of the networks that don’t have traffic and have irrelevant information.

2: Link Exchanges

Back in the day, exchanging links was the main SEO link-building strategy. You link to me, I link to you and we both win. Right? Wrong! Google caught on to this when hundreds of link farms opened up. Google can easily trace reciprocal links and they simply don’t count for much anymore. Getting links from big link exchange networks can actually hurt your business.

3: Linking From Non-Indexed Sites

Most people who spend hours building those free Back-links make the mistake of building links on non-indexed sites. For your back links to count, the page on which you have your link has to be indexed. Having links on non-indexed pages means nothing. It’s a waste of time and some really shocking thing is some people sell those lists in forums.

4: Not Using Anchor Text

At first this probably won’t sound too scary, but if you build 2,000 links without relevant anchor text your site can easily pass for a spam site that just gets random links. By using anchor text that is related to your site, it gives your links link-juice; meaning it makes your links relevant and increases the perceived value of each link. And this effects your website traffic because a SPAM site will be banned up to 5 years which affects your traffic.

5: Inorganic links

As I mentioned earlier, Google designed the page rank system to work organically which means it should be built naturally. If you go and get 1000 links overnight from the same site then Google’s alarms will go off and you might land yourself in some Back-linking trouble with Google which may even BAN you.

Slow and steady wins the race” – especially if you have a new site

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Gagan November 1, 2009

you forgot to close the heading tag after “2: Link Exchanges”

everblogger November 1, 2009

I didnt see it some mistake sry

Will correct it

Rishabh Agarwal November 1, 2009

Please explain Pont 4 in more detail

Aditya Kane November 1, 2009

Thanks Gagan, its fixed now. 🙂

everblogger November 12, 2009

@Rishabh Agarwal

Sorry for late reply but

If u are linking your webiste use HTML anchor tag like

<a href=……….

but just dont paste your site name like "http://w3devil.com&quot;

dileep December 24, 2009

hey ..can i know where u got that image form ?? ..pls ..

Bimal Roy May 6, 2010

Thanks friend. It was useful info.

TechGyo May 9, 2010

Good post, and spending hours to get linkback from nofollow blogs are the worst thing. I’m wondering whether there is any tool to find dofollow blogs according to keywords.

I found one dofollow search engine but it is not so good as I thought

Rohit Luthra May 22, 2010

Thanks, really useful info for me as a new blogger 🙂

D.J.Rony June 26, 2010

Thanks, This was a great way to know about the link building process. You should describe more to us.