How to make your Facebook ‘live feed’ more live [News Feed Solution]

It’s just few days of the launch of Facebook new ‘News Feed’. Doesn’t matter if people are totally against it, everyone is still using Facebook normally and spending the same time of day on it.

So today I am writing about how to make your ‘Live Feed’ more active but please note that this post is only useful to you if you are having more than 250 friends on Facebook. By default your ‘live feed’ is set to show the recent updates by 250 or lower Facebook friend of yours, so if you are having more than 250 Facebook friends, then some updates by your friends will not be shown in ‘live feed’.


To get all the updates from all of your Facebook friends just follow the steps below,

  • Go to your Facebook Homepage and select ‘live feed’ option.
  • Now at the bottom of your page, select Edit Options, it will open News Feed Settings.


  • Then in the News Feed Settings, find the box “Maximum number of friends shown in Live Feed” and change 250 to 5000 as on Facebook you cannot have more than 5000 friends.
  • Select save then. Obviously a higher number means you will see new posts more frequently. 🙂

Isn’t it a cool trick, well for all those people who thinks that Facebook live feed is not working properly, I think this could be a solution for you too. But still I am getting lots of complaints about ‘Facebook is not working’ or ‘Is Facebook under maintenance’. Even I am facing some problem like these and we can’t say that Facebook is 100% up, there are some problem with the operation of Facebook. Hope they will fix it soon.


ninjamomm February 15, 2010

How do you change the maximum number of friends shown on Live Feed on Facebook Mobile ( It doesn’t have an Edit Options link to be able to adjust the number up from 250…

Sauravjit February 22, 2010

That’s by default in the new design….