5 Goals in FIFA World Cup 2010 geeks can hit

The FIFA World Cup 2010 is underway and I must confess that almost everyone here at rtBlogs is football crazy. Now that the World Cup is underway we have got our computer ready for the football action that will unravel over then next whole month.

Here I am listing 5 things you can do to stay up to date following the World Cup.

#1. Add FIFA extension to your Chrome browser

Chrome browser has an official extension from FIFA which lets your follow the World Cup action live along with other match previews and news related to the mega event.

Download Link: FIFA 2010 World Cup extension

#2. YouTube channels covering the World Cup

YouTube also has some great channels where you can catch the world cup action. The best way is to immediately subscribe to some of the recommended YouTube channels which will show highlights with the ESPN channel. You can also follow up on Christiano Ronaldo’s channel on YouTube.

#3. Bookmark Twitter’s new FIFA World Cup interface

If you are a Twitter lover and love following and interacting with other World Cup followers around the world on Twitter you might be interested in having Twitter’s World Cup forum which streams real time tweets based on the matches taking place. It may be a great idea to bookmark the link to Twitter’s World Cup forum.

Read more about Twitter’s FIFA forum.

#4. Catch Google Earth’s 3D layout of World Cup stadiums

Okay we do not have a television at our office and that leaves us to catch the matches live on the internet. You might want to check out top 5 websites to view World Cup matches for free and get into the world cup environment. But Google Maps allows taking the whole idea of exploring South African world cup venues to another level by allowing users to look up the world cup stadiums in a 3D environment.

Link: 3d Layouts of World Cup Stadiums

#5. Firefox Personas, Themes and Wallpapers

Firefox browser also can also be dressed up with some soccer mania by download and installing the Firefox World Cup 2010 Persona. We covered how Microsoft released FIFA 2010 Windows 7 theme for the World Cup. You can download and install the theme to give your computer a bit of the football fever. There are also a great number of websites which offer free desktop wallpapers to be downloaded. I found Flash screen, Ole Ole, Futbol Wallpapers very useful sites to look up exciting wallpapers.

So if you are spending most of your awake time in front of the computer screen how are you keeping track of the FIFA World Cup 2010? Do let us know through your comments.


S.Pradeep Kumar June 13, 2010

By seeing the title I thought differently.. 😀

Nice extensions and stuffs.. but am not a FIFA addict.. 🙁

Shashank June 15, 2010

I have been using the Chrome extension since the beginning of the world cup, must say – its pretty fast and gets me the updates when I’m not in front of the tv.

I tried the google maps but it doesn’t seem to be working.

Not Found

The requested URL /exploressouthafrica was not found on this server.

Aditya Kane June 15, 2010

The URL had an extra ‘s’ which has been fixed. You should not have problems by clicking on the link to Google Maps now.