Scribbly: Quickly Take Notes In Firefox Browser

In Windows, you generally take notes on notepad. It is a useful tool but while working on a browser, switching to notepad for taking notes is a time consuming process.

If you are a Firefox user, then you can use Scribbly Firefox extension to take notes quickly right inside the browser. You can also create to-do lists or write any important points which strike during an online work.

Download and install the extension. After restarting the browser, you’ll get the Scribbly icon on the bottom right of your Firefox browser. Click on the icon to open this tool.


You can find several tab icons on this tool. First icon is for taking notes. You can write the subject of your note in the subject field and then write the message in the box given below. You can send it (scribble it) to your email ID. To send the note, you have to set your email ID first by clicking on the second tab.

scribble email

Click the second tab, enter your email ID and click “Save” button. That’s it. Your scribble tool is set. Now you can take notes quickly and send it to your email ID.

The other great feature of this tool is “Time Stamp” and “Clear all” button. You can insert current date and time by clicking on time stamp button. Currently there are no shortcut keys to operate this tool but the developer of tool promised to make shortcuts soon in the coming versions.

Download Scribbly Firefox entension to take notes quickly inside the browser.