5 Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting

Choosing web hosting is not always easy task for website developer/launcher. It is said that choosing web host service is almost like choosing a spouse because you need trust and reliablility for both things. So here are 5 tips which will makes it easy while choosing the web hosting server for your website.


1. Know what you want/need: The first step surely a first tips you should considered about.  Here you need to take time on what type of web hosting service you are looking for. This includes the space you need for website,unlimited bandwidth,unlimited email, up times services, live supports, pricing, etc.

2. Get trusted recommendations: The next step is to find the recommendation. You can do it with some online research, reviews from trusted publisher, asking for best web hosting in forums, etc.  This is main step to follow because you will find lots of web hosting companies which fulfill your needs. Only with trusted recommendation you make the best choice.

3. Look for exceptional qualities: Here we look for the qualities that web hostiing provides. We all know that the industry is very competitive and provides lots of unique features to attract the customers. So we need to look for exceptional customer service and unique services.

4. Get to know them well: Not every chosen web hosting service is life long partner. In order to make sure about the quality of the web host provider, take some time to monitor and test the server. Pingdom or Alertr will help you to test servers and monitor the speed and availability of your website with email or SMS alert if your site goes down.

5. Don’t be afraid to move on to the next candidate: It may take some time to find the best web hosting provider. Just keep testing for your host for a few months and then sign for long term contracts. If you are unsatisfied with the web hosting, then always keep your eyes open to new web hosting services. The new hosting service will always welcome you with a E-mail, then just forward that email with login credentials to your old Web host.

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Harsh Agrawal August 29, 2009

One thing which I find very important is never go with new brands.. The thing which has credibility are always reliable and more over never believe when any hosting says unlimited… In the world everything has a limit..so how can a 5-10$/mo hosting can be unlimited??

Rahul August 29, 2009

I think go with brand. Hostgator , dream host etc. But if you are maintaining many websites go with different hosting. So, that they don’t close your account for excess usage.