Get Free Domain And Hosting For 2 Years From JustHost

(Added by Editor: Yesterday Anwar published 5 Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting and concluded his mentioning JustHost at the end. Those who found it interesting here is another post mainly concentrating on

(Added by Editor: Anwar published 5 Tips to Choose Best Web Hosting and concluded his mentioning JustHost at the end. Those who found it interesting here is another post mainly concentrating on


I remember few months ago Dreamhost was giving free hosting for 2 years to Geocities users, if you have missed that opportunity here is another chance to get free hosting for 2 years from JustHost.

How to get free hosting

Click here to go to sign up page. Now select Please register a new domain for me and in the Coupon code type DOMAIN4LIFE and click on Continue.


When you will click on Continue, you will be taken to the next page, here enter your details.

Please note that you will need a credit card to get this hosting. After entering the credit card details, at the bottom click on Complete and wooo, you have got a free domain and hosting for 2 years.

Alternative Code

If by any chance this coupon code is not working, you can also enter the alternate code TEMPLATEMONSTER. This will give you free hosting for 1 year.

What you will get

  • Free $25 Google Adwords credit
  • $25 Yahoo Marketing Credit
  • $200 Automated Sales agent credit and many more…

Link: Sign up with JustHost

(Credit : Vix)

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alok August 30, 2009

credit card is pain………. forex investment</a offer.

alok August 30, 2009

well credits card is pain………….

Paritosh August 30, 2009

I think you have got it wrong. With the coupon code mentioned above you only get a free domain, hosting still costs 118 $ for 2 years.

Pratik Parekh August 30, 2009

it is mentioning the charges and all some $7.95 per month

84productions August 30, 2009

well day before yesterday I tried this code and was working well. A friend of mine bought hosting using Domain4life and I bought another domain using templatemonster.

If this code is not working, then go for TEMPLATEMONSTER

sauravjit August 30, 2009

TEMPLATEMONSTER is working fine,
the site clearly says that, “Don’t worry, your web hosting services are 100% free however we still require a valid credit card to get you started. We ask for your credit card in a bid to prevent potential fraudulent activity on our servers using advanced fraud scanning methods that require a credit card & billing address. You will NOT be charged for your 12 months hosting nor your domain.”

But it’s lil bit risky to give your credit card number online, though this website seems to be secured (https).

Paritosh August 30, 2009

Any idea till when this scheme is valid ? And I dont have a cvv2 number, will i still be able to avail this offer ?

sauravjit August 30, 2009

@Paritosh CVV2 number is compulsory now, go to your credit card operator’s website and register your card there for CVV2 and a new password which is required for any transaction on the net.

Paritosh August 30, 2009

How about using a virtual Credit Card ? And can you suggest any ?

sauravjit August 30, 2009

I don’t think they are gonna accept it.

84productions August 30, 2009

@ Paritosh

Sorry mate, they not gonna accept vcc

Harsh Agrawal August 30, 2009

Very useful but there should be some catch for the same.. I remember when Dreamhost were giving free webhosting to Geocities users, thousands of user signed up and in the end quality falls down to a significant number… I hope this thing will not happen with Just Host…
Though Offer is awesome but providing CC is something which is putting me off.. Why don’t they do something like hostgator do for the verification like telephonic verification…

Harsh Agrawal August 30, 2009

Meanwhile gagan footer credit is given to his Blogspot blog, (Editor Plz have a look at it ) he is now moved to

Pavan Kumar August 31, 2009

@ Harsh

Whatever be with hosting(I am sure such hosting sucks), but the domain cannot be in any way degraded in quality or something. Domain is what is the benefit with that. Even I have a DH $10 account – apart from getting a domain, I have a nice hosting with them – hosting is not the best for wp blogs with traffic, but other sites of mine (which do quite well with traffic) are doing fine on DH – that’s indeed a nice offer I got to host my good for nothing sites 🙂

Prakhar Agrawal August 31, 2009

TEMPLATEMONSTER is not working anymore!

shekhar.dashing August 31, 2009

@ prakhar

it is working man… i just used it ! 😀 check it again

Rajesh Kanuri September 26, 2009

lolz . .. 🙁 TEMPLATEMONSTER is not working

Ninad December 18, 2009

Do you have any option for credit card ?

you article is good. Its a money making article.