500,000 Facebook users against new ‘News Feed’ in just two days

6827_1167534795703_1447937921_30558710_1901180_nJust two days back, Facebook launched it’s new ‘News Feed’ consisting of a ‘Live Feed’ too but just as most of the previous changes in Facebook’s design, this is not liked by most of the Facebook users too. That’s why many Facebook users are protesting against it and the word ‘many’ here represents  500,000 Facebook users who just joined the group PLEASE GIVE US OUR OLD NEWS FEED BACK! within two days and this group is still expanding. Earlier it was the Facebook’s new theme which wasn’t liked by the users.

Why people hates new Facebook ‘News Feed’?

People are tweeting, updating facebook statuses, joining groups, making pages against the neww feed….But the thing comes here is why people hate this new ‘News Feed’. We have few answers:

  1. The confusing News Feed and Live Feed, users are still not getting what it is and this new feature makes Facebook even more confusing. (Solution: what is the difference between news feed and live feed in facebook)
  2. Live feed is not that much live, people are still getting older updates on their ‘Live Feed’ which makes it uninteresting.
  3. Flooded ‘Live Feed’, as ‘Live Feed’ is now showing even a single update of your friends, it seems like someone is spamming the Facebook’s feed using an automated computer.
  4. Dull ‘News Feed’, the other option rather ‘Live Feed’ is your ‘News Feed’ which is quite boring now as it shows only that updates which were liked or commented by somebody else. That’s why it got hardly updated and we see only 2-3 average new posts per hour.
  5. Facebook is still not 100% up, as facebook was under maintenance for most of the users and for some it’s still under maintenance, people aren’t able to see the new ‘News Feed’ properly.

So what do you think about the new news feed????



Gautam October 30, 2009

People are just mad, they dont think that if there’s a new design on a website, then its for a purpose not for irritating the users. They just do it because they wont to show their friends how cool they are that they have joined this group etc etc etc 😛

sauravjit October 30, 2009

Exactly Gautam, and if they seriously hates the new look, why they are still using Facebook 😛

btw welcome to FacebooKnol 🙂

Aditya Kane October 31, 2009

Every design change can upset people. Last year facebook changed its design so much to save up their servers being too overloaded, people hated it so much, they threatened to move away from it.

sauravjit October 31, 2009

But they didn’t and they are still using it. Facebook is not an addiction now, it’s a necessity….