6 Things To Consider When Selecting SEO Experts

Manpreet Singh at Digital World posted an excellent article which lists 6 things you should consider when selecting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts/firms/companies.

6 points are worth noting:

  1. Old is Gold – Experience matters!
  2. Check their Page Rank
  3. Avoid Black Hats
  4. Search Company Feedback
  5. Judge their Ability
  6. Ask the King of Jungle

Detailed information on above points can be found in Manpreet’s post here.

Even though I personally believe SEO is something you can do on your own if you have just patience and some technical skills, SEO experts can prove good for non-tech-savvy bloggers/website owners.

Just in case, if you are using any popular CMS or blogging platform, then please try to go through its documentation or community forums. All popular CMSes and blogging platform supports SEO friendly website structure in core or via plugins. We also listed 4 plugins for better SEO of wordpress blogs, which can do wonders for your blog as part of our first wordpress plugin series.

Link: 6 Excellent tips to select a SEO Consultants or Companies

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