Use Google Search as it was in 2001!

In honor of their 10th Birthday, Google put oldest search engine index available online for use which dates back to 2001. This means you can use Google search as it was in 2001. It is not just home page or logo but also search result will be served from 2001.

Just out of curiosity I tried searching “Rahul Bansal” but I failed to get any result pointing to me! This is quite expected as in 2001, I did not know much about computers and Internet. I got my first computer at the end of 2002 and it was 2006, when I created this blog and my first web presence. More about this is posted on about page.

It was nice searching back in time. I experienced true time-travel as it was entirely different world. Of course, I could not follow most of the result. Search results are served from wayback machines archives.

If you are a techie or student of computer science/engineering, you will also like this powerpoint presentation which describes Google’s System Architecture. I had case study of Google as part of my M.Tech. course. Unfortunately, I failed to find other presentations which have details about Pagerank algorithm and general working of Search engine. Anyway below is what I found, rest you can always Google! πŸ˜‰

If you are a Google fan, I am sure you will enjoy it.Β  Just out of curiosity, wanted to know if anyone here used Google Search back in 2001. πŸ™‚

Link: Google search in 2001

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Gaurav October 4, 2008

2001 was all Yahoo, I remember making my first email IDs in std 8th or 9th, which was probably 2000-2001, on each on Yahoo and Rediff :P, lost control of what IDs and pass were right now πŸ˜› Probably deleted for inactivity πŸ˜€
All the Cyber Cafes, at that time had Yahoo as their Home pages that time, so probably no Google at that time πŸ˜‰

Gaurav October 5, 2008

New Theme is Amazingly simple yet, productive. I think this is nothing near to what you showed us as a possible similar theme., except for the colors πŸ˜› Nice Theme, nevertheless πŸ˜€

Deepak October 6, 2008

Of course!
Rahul can never be wrong.. This theme is good.. But I think
‘the recent post’ column must be little bigger and not just the post tittle..

Johnson October 6, 2008

so finally u switched to the new theme πŸ™‚
looks great !
really loved the tabbed interface on the homepage !
i think u must post about the theme switch and all the related helpful stuff so that we can be benefited from your experiences about the issues u faced while making a switch to the new theme…

Pratik October 6, 2008

this theme (look) is damn neat and looks sophisticated but i preferred older one…coz it was really wackhy

Gaurav October 6, 2008

@Deepak – Its not about going wrong, its all about learning from experiences.

Nevertheless, Rahul made the new theme look like more of a magazine styled, which infact is a good measure for the new visitors to the blog, so as to let them know max on what they are looking for. Great Rahul πŸ˜€

Rahul Bansal October 8, 2008

Well I never get chance to use Internet before Google was here! πŸ™

w.r.t. Theme
Thanks Gaurav, Deepak, Pratik and Johnson. πŸ™‚
Glad to know that you like this theme.
Posted in detail about it , as suggested by Johnson.

Bapun March 20, 2009

cool presentation πŸ˜‰