8 Common Mistakes Every Webmaster/Blogger Should Avoid

Irritated personToday I am here with a collection of some common mistakes made by the webmasters/publishers that annoy visitors making them run away from their website instead of enjoying browsing.

These are very common mistakes and everyone should avoid them. Hope you people like it.

1. Navigation


Now a days the webmasters are showing much interest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They  focus on optimizing thier websites for spiders like Google, Yahoo, etc. and forgot that humans also crawl their site. This focus often result in bad navigation system for their website.

2. Repeated Newsletters

Now a days what I am observing is the webmasters are flooding their visitors with a lot of newsletters. I mean to say 3 or more newsletters a day. It leads the visitors of your site to unsubscribe to your feed or newsletter. Ideally, even for a highly active blog/website, newsletters should be delivered not more than once a day.

3. Embed videos that start without playing the PLAY button


These option is called as auto play. We know most of the visitors have limited bandwidth. Additional video data you force your visitors to download gets directly transformed into anger they feel toward your site/blog. They most probably close your website rather than searching for a pause button.

4. Pop up message like “Subscribe us” or “Special offers”

This is the mistake made by new webmasters. These webmasters shower the visitors with pop ups. Whenever they see some new scripts on Internet, they use it in their websites. It irritates your users and also increases loading time of your site.

5. Show them big, uncompressed photos

Many webmasters show compressed photos on websites because it decreases the loading time as well as load on webserver. But some new bloggers often using MS-paint saves and upload photos in BMP format. Sometimes these uncompressed files are 10 time larger than their compressed JPG/PNG counterpart.


6. Changing the theme of your site every fortnight

With free WordPress themes and Blogger layout availble in abundance, resist the temptation of changing your theme regularly. If you want a new look do some minor changes in the theme but don’t change it completely every week or fortnight.

7. Not responding to comments

If you don’t have time to post timely replies to your visitors my suggestion is to better remove comments sections from your website. A repeat visitor will probably go away from your site if his comment remain unanswered after 24-48 hours.

8. Cluttered slow loading sites


Does your site load in 3-5 seconds? Otherwise remove all the useless widgets and change your theme to a normal one. Also remove the useless flash and javascripts from your website/blog.

Hope this post help you to recover from mistakes you might have made on your blogg or websites. 🙂

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11 replies on “8 Common Mistakes Every Webmaster/Blogger Should Avoid”

  1. How about the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checked by default? I think this is somewhat a trick to lure in readers but, in my case, whenever i fall for this i never visit back because it pisses me off having my inbox flooded with such email. I feel like i am tricked to it. I think you should consider changing it to default off…

  2. @ Stratosg
    I think you are right..but at times it is very helpful.. Because when anyone add comment somewhere it become more of discussion post or value keep adding to it by follow up comments..

    Until unless people are not making useless comment like…Thanks for sharing and more..

    I find keeping “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” On by default is a good practice….

    1. @stratosg
      Sorry if that option has annoyed you.
      Corrected if as per your requirement.
      Actually most of this blog was made up of Orkut related post and many novice orkut user used to drop their email id while commenting saying “reply to me on my mail id…”
      Anyway I guess your suggestion is better. 🙂

  3. What do you think about pop up ads by various advertising sites like clicksor, tribal fusion, komli etc.
    Should these be put on website or not?

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