Softpedia and are suffering from virus, spywares, trojans, etc

http://siteadvisor.comSometime back Deepak posted about McAfee SiteAdvisor. It scans a website for any kind of threat issues to users.

McAfee SiteAdvisor scans your site to the deepest level. It scans all your email areas, download files, online affiliations and annoyances from your site. You can not only scan your website or blog, you can scan any website (even if you don’t own it) on this platform.

Now comes the interesting, rather shocking part!

McAfee confirms that top download sites like and are having threat issues with their softwares. McAfee reported that these sites are having adwares, trojans in their download files.

Virus scan result of

scan website for virus

It clearly says that not all the files from this largest software downloading site are safe.

Below is scan result of

website virus threat scan

Softpedia is also suffering from spyware, adware and trojan threats. To defend their website, one of their staffs confirmed that they can’t control software developers or firms who update their software versions by adding new installation files without any information to Softpedia staffs. Well one can understand this problem, but shouldn’t they use some script to track these software upgrades? They should think about this.

Now you can integrate McAfee Site Advisor utility with your browsers also. This utility will warn you about sites with potential threat issues in real time. Start using Site Advisor to keep your website and computer clean.

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Vaibhav Kanwal March 27, 2009

Your first post! W00t! Woot!

Gautam March 27, 2009

Your first post… πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

I think you were writing this post from many days.. I saw that image many days back in the Image gallery

Gaut March 27, 2009

They can use Norton antivirus softwares.. some file hosting sites have those type of scripts. Then why don’t they have it?
Even Yahoo has it

Bapun March 28, 2009

@ Vibhav & Gautam : Yup, this is my first post. [i]Meethai lao… band bajao…. πŸ˜›

@ Gautam : Yup, it was in the approval queue from last few days and finally Rahul approved it.

Vaibhav Kanwal March 28, 2009

You misspelled my name its VAIBHAV and not Vibhav. So, mithai cancel! lamao

Aakash March 28, 2009

Well baapun i’ve to say something…
its really a nice post but using siteadvisor i’ve found no issues with softpedia…
jus chk it 1ce again broda

Bapun March 28, 2009

@ Vaibhav : Ab theek hai naa? Chalo meethai kharid ke courier karo mujhe… jaldi! πŸ˜€

@ Aakash : Nope mate, check it again. Softpedia is suffering from various issues. Click here.

perse adrian October 25, 2009

A simple solution is to keep all software on the server. You can easily control software for viruses. But this cost, so they prefer to put just a link.

Giriraj March 11, 2013

Through FTP connection many hackers can do a Brute force attack too.