8 Super apps by Adobe Air

Adobe air is probably the most powerful platform to enjoy web applications right on the desktop ranging from checking mails to web analytics.

Everyone knows how Google Gears power the tubes but they have limited application on major sites like WordPress. Gears has not exploited the opportunity to create web 2.0 apps so effectively as adobe air.

So Adobe Air has emerged as a powerful player in the off-line world.  Here’s a brief overview:-adobe-air

Here’s what official it is

The Adobe® AIR™ runtime enables you to have your favourite web applications with you all the time. Since applications built for Adobe AIR run on your desktop computer without a web browser, they provide all the convenience of a desktop application.

Companies like eBay and AOL are using Adobe AIR to create exciting new applications that allow you to use their services on your desktop. In short, Adobe AIR means applications that are easier, more powerful, and more fun to use.
Here I am listing apps only listed in marketplace and hundreds are available for any sort of use.

EbayeBay Desktop® is  a stylish and useful app that’s going to power eBay shopping experience like never before. Key features includes alerts, history, feeds and one click search filters which are not possible to combine together in website all together.  Though this app had been launched long ago, few people recognize its importance. It has a really simple and nice user interface which is to the point and gets the job done.

GeeMailGeeMail® makes it possible for you to compose your mail, click send and forget about it, its automatically sent when you are on-line. Forget about configuring POP and IMAP configurations. So its a big treat for all the Gmail fans who are too addicted to click the send button. One basic drawback is that the search button is missing in it.

Wicket BuzzWicketBuzz® provides you instant updates on your desktop and you don’t need to hit that refresh button anymore, you can get the live score even if you cannot access any cricket website from your office. Get instant alerts on every wicket down, century and match completion. So now never miss Dhoni scoring a century or Bhajji claiming a wicket!

Upload to youtubeUpload to Youtube® is an excellent app built by Nitobi in partnership with Overlay.TV which allows you to drag and drop videos to upload to YouTube. If you want you can make them interactive using text, links, other videos and more with Overlay.TV, once the videos are uploaded.  Interactive videos can then be embedded in your blog or website.

MyStylezMyStylez® is an app for creating MySpace layout built on Adobe® AIR™ that contains everything you need for complete control over the appearance  of your MySpace profile. This free tiny app puts you in full control of your profile than using the default customizations. You can edit styles for just about anything that MySpace allows on your profile.

ImageSizerImageSizer® is an app meant to resize, optimize and rename a batch of jpg images, outputting them as a single compressed zip file – perfect if you want to e-mail a load of images off your digital camera, or a folder of images – just drag, drop, fiddle with settings and press ‘Compress your images’.

PolarisPolaris® is a cross-platform desktop widget for Google Analytics. With 8 standard reports it’s the easiest way keep your data always instantly available. The rich interface and swift navigation make it a pleasure to use.  So it makes blogging and monetisation easier for even a newbie, what to speak for a professional one.

AOLAOL Music® has provided this latest desktop plugin that features the top 100 hottest music videos, related artist videos and special features. One drawback is that videos are not as fast updated as in the site.

And above all the most important thing, all these are free. Enjoy!


Download Adobe Air: Get Adobe Air

Products list: Adobe Air Marketplace

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David December 14, 2009

Hey you can add Scribbly also. It’s very small useful application.


Aditya Kane December 15, 2009

@David Thanks for bring Scribbly to our notice. 🙂 It seems pretty decent.