About.Me- New Service dedicated to create your own profile

A sneak peek inside the About.me social site which is still in beta testing. This site will allow a one place online profile to be present on the internet. Here are some of the features it will have.

Few days back, a team of nine people designed a site for themselves. They found it tough pulling all social/online accounts and sites to a page. So they created about.me, a site to show off one in all online profile.

Later-on they decided to make it public. At present, public registrations are locked and its by invite only.


Features :

  • Create a personal dynamic splash page with a very easy to use administration.
  • Drag and Drop Administrator interface.
  • Custom Background, like Twitter.
  • Add multiple social networks, along with websites and RSS.
  • Get detailed statistics of your visitors like their about.me profile (if they have), their country, time of visit and whatever they do with your profile.
  • It also offers to measure your global reach counting up your Facebook friends and twitter followers.

I have got an invite there and thought to share with you an alpha sneak preview. It’s not yet publicly released , yet you can reserve a username down there.

So what can we expect inside About.me ?

  • Select the backgrounds given or you can even upload your own. Select the desired settings and layout.

  • Add your Biography or whatever you want to introduce yourself.

  • Adjust Colors of Header Text, Name, Opacity etc.

  • I can add Social-Networks, Sites, Feeds etc to my profile.

  • I can also see statistics of visits to my profile.

  • Another feature also allows promoting your About.me page which can be used by professionals to advertise services.

I hope that you have enjoyed the post. If you are already registered with about.me, then please let me know your views or suggestions through the comments below.


Uttiya October 28, 2010

Congrats buddy for the aboutme invitation. U are lucky enough to get that.
I’ve also registered there but haven’t got any invitation yet.

Gourav October 28, 2010

Thanks for the comment buddy. I hope that you will soon get the invitation there.