Access Free Airtel GPRS using TeaShark Browser

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TeaShark, a mobile browser like Opera Mini, allow you to access Airtel GPRS for FREE. Shockingly it has nothing to do with modifying any Airtel settings or any kind of hack. I am clueless about how its working! I tested it personally throughout the week but I haven’t been charged a single penny.

Here is how I used this…

  • Download TeaShark v. 312. Its free and being JAR file it can be installed on most handsets.
  • Open it from your mobile and select AirTel Live as access point.
  • That’s it! Open any site from TeaShark and you won’t be charged anything.

Note for the first time, when TeaShark starts, it may take more than one minute to initialize. Also this one time initialization may fail many times. But don’t loose your heart! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are some famous sites’ mobile version...

As a first post at Devils Workshop, I wrote about free Airtel GPRS two years ago. This is much different that earlier trick. As of now, this trick is limited to handsets only. The earlier one used to work even from PC.

The whole thing seems a fortunate coincidence for mobile users and unfortunate one for network operators. This trick cannot be termed illegal as you are not cracking any software or modifying any configuration. For the same reason, I think this will take longer to get rectified.

Please keep in mind that AirTel may charge you all of a sudden in future of this free ride. So please use it at your own risk! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Q. Error: โ€œSubscribe to Packet Data Firstโ€

Ans: This means you need to activate AirTel Live service which is free. Contact customer care to get it activated. Also select only AirTel Live as access point when prompted by TeaShark.

Q. TeaShark stuck at blank screen.

Ans: New version of TeaShark has some problems. Please download one using link given below.

Q. Will this work on my mobile?

Ans: Most probably YES, as this is java java applications and most good handsets supports java applications.

Q. Its not working…

Ans: Sorry. We can’t do anything then for you. I have personally seen this hack working in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi while it didn’t work for me in Rajasthan.

Download Link: Download TeaShark v. 312

(Credit: Dr. Rahul Talale)


Johnson June 19, 2008

cool lemme check ๐Ÿ˜‰

and did u liked the b’day gift !

Rahul Bansal June 20, 2008

Thanks for a very special birthday gift. I posted about it here… ๐Ÿ™‚

Ajinkya June 19, 2008


I know this ages befored this posted, my sis using TeaShark with AirTel GPRS in her Hostel since last 1yr’s. ๐Ÿ˜€

Rahul Bansal June 20, 2008

You should have shared it earlier then buddy…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for positive feedback… ๐Ÿ™‚

Anant June 20, 2008

Wow….it wrks…..grt work yaar!!!

Pranav Gupta June 20, 2008

Hey Rahul…Its really gr8 to see u write on da topic of mobiles again….. ๐Ÿ™‚

it gonna be gr8 if u wil touch da topic of mobiles more often….

Sm tym bak u reviewed sm torrent search engines & those were realy gr8

similarly I also want u to review websites for downloading songs… & plz emphasise on websites providing non-rapidshare links {as rapidshare links cant be used to download on mobile phones due to that weird ‘wait to download’ thing in free accounts}

personally i lyk

& i wld also lyk to recommend some softwares that gonna be really useful for every1 who use their mobile phones for surfing…

1-> ucweb {} its a gr8 application for downloading on multimedia phones as most of them have under performing internal browsers which cant download large files…
It has a gr8 download manager which supports upto 9 downloads at a time & also supports broken downloads….

2-> sym torrent {}
its a torret downloader…….
Must give it a try……

In de end..I wil once again request rahul to write about mobile apps more often & if possible do include dese 2 apps in ur post….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚

Rahul Bansal June 20, 2008

Thanks for nice suggestion buddy… ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually I am working parallelly with so many projects and topics that its getting hard to focus on any one of them… ๐Ÿ™

Vivek June 22, 2008

Great thing yaar this is really cool…i am a post paid customer of airtel and i hope i will not get a shock of
my life when i get the bill at the end of the month[:D]

Rahul Bansal June 24, 2008

Hope you wont get a shock.
But use carefully atleast for first month and of course on your own risk… ๐Ÿ˜‰

saurabh jain June 24, 2008

if it willl work iwill be greatly thankful to u

Rahul Bansal June 24, 2008

Its working saurabh, atleast at the time of writing this. ๐Ÿ™‚

deepak June 25, 2008

its not workin 4me…….
i use nokia 6233….

deepak June 25, 2008

i downloaded t teashark jar file……
i not abl 2open it….
wenvr opend,tey ask of allowin access n\w….
even if clickd yes or no…..
t app simply closes…….

deepak June 25, 2008

its openin nw……
but durin initializin,it stops givin error tat “sub 2 packet data 1st”

deepak June 25, 2008

its openin nw……
but durin initializin,it stops givin error tat
“sub 2 packet data 1st”.
wat shud i do?????
can u tel me t changes i ve 2mak in t settings……..

Vivek June 25, 2008

I use 6233.It is working for me.
I think u have to have ur airtel GPRS setting up and running on ur mob before u go for TeaShark

deepak June 26, 2008

hey can u tel me ur config sttings….
ur acces pt n al tat stuff…..

jobin June 27, 2008

i downloaded it to my mobile(motorola L9) today from the wap site
and installed it ………

when i opened it , it asked for intialisation …
but it failed ……

i tried many times ….. but failed ……..

now when i open it , only a whit screen comes , nothing is loaded … what 2 do ……… help ……….. !!!

Rahul Bansal June 27, 2008

You need to activate Airtel Live First which is FREE.
Call customer care (121) to do so.

Once its activated, start TeaShark and select access point Airetl-Live when asked.

Thanks Vivek for clearing doubts about 6233… ๐Ÿ™‚

I am aware of cumbersome initialization part, but its compulsory. ๐Ÿ™
Whenever white screen comes, restart your phone.
If you still see white screen, reinstall TeaShark and while reinstalling if your phone ask to clear out earlier data/settings say YES.

deepak June 27, 2008

wen i open tshark…
t initialistn part cums…..
it gets tot initializd……
then cums “faild,plz try agn”…….
i ve activatd my airtl live n my aces pt ia also airt liv…..
wats wrong……..
plz help me………

wats t site adress at packet data acess pt in connectivity???

Johnson June 28, 2008

This works fine man as im writing this comment using this browser only, but u c i have mobile office activated on my no.

Anas June 29, 2008

i am using k750 mobile.can any body choose the teashark to supports my mob.please tell me the link to download it…please help

Rahul Bansal June 29, 2008

No setting need to be modified. And I said earlier as initialization part is toughest one, keep trying. Thats all we can do. It took 2 days more than 50 retries and 8-10 re-installation for my friend to get it(teashark) work

Thanks for positive comment Johnson…

Teashark is java(J2ME) based, so it will work on all java enabled handset. And k750 is java enabled. ๐Ÿ™‚

lofty June 30, 2008

plz mail me free gprs setting for airtel.
I m 4m Himachal.
I hv tried so many proxies bt noone working.plz help..
Teashark also nt working now,yet my phone java supporting(n95)

ABHI June 30, 2008

i m using nokia 6233.
but it is not working on it. plz help me yar to sort out 4m this problem.
waiting 4 reply

Anjali July 1, 2008

iam using motorolla L6…
But when i try to initialize it…Always Failed notice..
Plz help me….Waiting 4 ur reply soon……
Thank you……

Rahul Bansal July 1, 2008

Free Aitrel GPRS settings are here.

Check above comments… It works om 6233.
Patience my friend… ๐Ÿ˜‰

I already said intialization is tough part! ๐Ÿ™

Pravesh July 2, 2008


Can I use Airtel Live on HTC Touch p3452,
If so someone pls send me the settings?

Thank you@!

Nitz July 2, 2008


i was actually using teashark 4 more than six months successfully…bt 4 d past 10 days i cudnt use re-installed it umpteen number of times n al d time “failed..plz try again later” cums…4m d nxt time a white screen appears whenevr i open teashark…help me out guyz….

Gopichand Pai July 2, 2008

As per Airtel customer care, since, HTC Touch p3452 has windows mobile OS, you can’t use Airtel live.

jasir javaz July 3, 2008

i cant use tat on my Nokia 6233… i already tried these all settings… But i cant.. i think d pbm is with the access point.. old airtel settings can help this.. But the new settings willnot support this.. for more details delete ur all settings.. then redownload it frm Airtel… i think it cant work

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2008

Read Gopichand’s comment for answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

At the time of reinstallation, you may be asked to overwrite earlier data. Say YES at that point. Older configuration files must be cleaned.

Thanks for answering Pravesh comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

TeaShark works on 6233 as mentioned in above comments.
Also you no need to modify any setting as mentioned in post.

jobin July 3, 2008

i downloaded tea shark twice using airtel live … it costs rs.2

i also downloaded from internet to pc and transfered to mobile ……..

but every time intialisation is failed …

same as nitz’s problem…….

i reinstalled many times,but no way ……….

i think airtel had blocked it …….

i’m now using ucweb; but it costs a few .. any way to make it also free ……. ??

Bzoy July 4, 2008

it is using the google server as proxy for free surfing, this is not legal

Pranav Gupta July 4, 2008

Hi all….
I downloaded teashark on my nokia 3230 & it was running smoothly but by mistake i uninstalled it… ๐Ÿ™
den i reinstalled it a thousand times but it hangs,a white screen appears or it give error msgs….

But here is something to be happy…

i think this 1 is some another version of teashark & its running without any fuss….
Jus give it a try….

Piyush July 4, 2008

Plz give me solution . Hi i m using nokia 3230 i will download teashark many but it dosn’t work. When i open teashark then a white screen appear. If any one have solution plz tel me

Rahul Bansal July 4, 2008

Why download TeaShark using Airtel Live.
Download it via PC and send it to Mobile.
Also check Pranav’s comment for better TeaShark links. I hope it will help. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for alternate links… ๐Ÿ™‚
I will add them in post.

I am not getting your point.
First no matter what TeaShark uses, any data transfer should be charged naturally. So problem is in Airtels tracking system.
Next even if TeaShark is doing some illegal stuff, they will face consequences!

Check alternate TeaShark download link in Pranav’s Comment. Also added it to post. ๐Ÿ™‚

Pranav Gupta July 4, 2008

For all those who r not able to download teashark…

Give dis a try…

dis 1 is mod. version of opera mini nd it has got a lot of features….

But u wil be charged for gprs unlike teashark….

Stil its worth buying….

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2008

thanks buddy for alternate links… ๐Ÿ™‚
I am planning to add comment edit feature in new theme thats why delay…. ๐Ÿ™

Pranav Gupta July 4, 2008

Oops….I meant ‘trying’ not ‘buying’….Its absolutely free….

What abt that comment editing feature Rahul…?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

lofty July 5, 2008

hey,is there anyone who can tell me free airtel gprs proxy for Chandigarh(punjab).
I m fed up of fake proxies,plz help.
Plz how can i open orkut thru NOP.
Coz no browser is working gud.
Like opera only show scraps nt d full page..

Pranav Gupta July 5, 2008

Hey rahul can u plz figure out a way to open orkut {standard version} on opera mini..As nowadays ,even if is entered , mobile orkut {} opens….
I even tried sm proxies given on ur blog , but again mobile orkut appears….

1 way to access standard version is via t9space..รŸut many features cant be accessed over there….

Also try da mod version of Opera Mini..Its has got hel lot of features..But connection is a lil bit slow….

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2008

I am aware of that prob. Will post about solution soon.

Anjali July 5, 2008

haiii plz ……i wnt to knw that whether teashark works on motorolla L6…..

Rahul Bansal July 6, 2008

It should work as Motorola L6 is Java enabled phone

Reyas July 7, 2008

I am trying this for last 1 week and not able to access on my mobile(Nokia 5310). I have changed the settings, but no use. After that I tried the same on my friends N73, it is working fine. I think there are problems in java phones of Nokia. In N73 and all that type of phones, it will ask the setting to be used for browsing where as for other nokia phones, it will not ask and ends up in error.

Anas July 8, 2008

i am using k750 mobile.i had downloaded different versions of teashark..but its not working
โ€ฆplease help me.please……

jasir javaz T July 8, 2008


Finally i got the solution for java network support problem in nokia mobiles.. If u not gettin support, take tat cell, go to nokia care , nd try to reinstall wit new software.. main problem is wit the configuration settings.. nokia giv some inbuilt settings for all network operaters in each country.. if u delete tat , ur java software doesn’t giv network support.

NB: aftr d reinstallation check configuration settings in ur mobile … and make sure tat some inbuilt settings are there for ur network provider

shahrukh shaikh July 8, 2008

i downloaded tea shark and started the browser it initializes for some time butows failure.i tried atleast a hundred and twenty five times please help me..

lofty July 9, 2008

mail me 4 lifetime MO 4 PUNJAB

Aziz July 9, 2008

Gr888 hack. i have downloaded Teashark and its working.
But one problem is that whenever i try and download some file teashark uses my internal mobile browser for download and then i am charged usual. Any Solution????

Jasir Javaz July 9, 2008

teashark only allows u for free browsin through airtel.. If u try to download something, it will be chargeble…

Hip July 9, 2008

problem with java phones which dont show a select connection prompt

Amol Kumawat July 10, 2008

I m using this browser but still it is not working fine.
Some site has Pop ups and this browser does not open those pop ups.
I would like to know that will it work as a normal browser. or there is any other trick to use free airtel.

S.Kevin williams July 10, 2008

Its nice to have this one. But i can onl brows the site but i cant download any thing. I am using firefox teashark. Whats problem in it.

Puneet July 10, 2008

Teashark doesn’t work in nokia 5300..ny1 cud help me out?

Jasir Javaz July 10, 2008

hey.. Reinstall phone software from Nokia care.. then it will work… the problem is with configuration settings.. it won’t work with settings tat given by our service providers.. it only work with settings tat given by nokia for our networks… thank u

NADEEM July 10, 2008



jus opn the url
n entr the site u wnt to surf fr free,,,u cn only surf frm ths url u cnt dwnld nythng,,,njoy

Ravi July 10, 2008

Superb thing, it surely works bro,

abhi July 10, 2008

guys i hv sony z550i….i hv tried no of times but its not working …..anybody can help….i m in karnataka n using airtel…..

Jin July 11, 2008

Using google trick s good as google and airtel entered into a agreement.:) teashark works flawlessly in gujarat although i have a tamilnadu sim(roaming):) i am too happy with it.. I am using it for past five months.. Is there anyway to make download free.

Prabhaprn July 12, 2008

What is d procedure 2 access free gprs from k750i

abu July 14, 2008

hey rahul u r doing a brilliant job… cool man… thanks for tht.. i want to know.. still free gprs trick using teashark or ucweb is working???? or any othr one .. im using sony ericssons p1i…. plzzzz help me out frnds

lofty July 14, 2008

if u want to know,how 2 use mobile office free 4 lifetime,then mail me.

Suri from Town Hall rd,Madurai July 14, 2008

Plssssss……dont modify your mobile configuration..after installing teashark!!!!!!As it is it works well in n73 well…….

Taj from Town Hall rd,Madurai July 14, 2008

wow what a useful software

Kishorkumar Shende July 14, 2008

Hello friends,TeaShark works only Java MIDP 2.0 mobile handsets,it does not work on Java MIDP 1.0 handsets like Nokia N-Gage QD.Make sure before installing TeaShark that wether your phone is Java MIDP 2.0.

abu July 14, 2008

hey lofty i need life time mobile office yaar… plzz thanks in advance

cooljenil88 July 15, 2008

hi guys…..
i am using 3230 and i always get blank screen while initializing tea shark n tried more than 50 times but the same probs…..
recently my friend activated mo and deactivated in evening but from next day he is getting free mo service without deducting any of his do you any one of you know the trick???????????
pl if any one know rpl at [email protected]

abu July 15, 2008

hey cooljenil88.. Tshark does not give initialize error.. its cool.. the Ucweb gives.. initialise error.. first chk ur mob 3230 supports MIDP 2.0.. thn try again …. nd im also waitin for mobile office trick…

Pranav Gupta July 16, 2008


yeah buddy….Teashark surely works on 3230 {im also using it} & its midp 2….

Just download the other version of teashark & u wil get going {the link is given above in my comment or check the last stanza of da post}

Wasif July 16, 2008

I’m using 3230…not able to access net through teashark…but I tried the other link(provided by Pranav)…now its opening..I mean showing bookmarks and all..but still not able to connect…please help..

surendra July 17, 2008

hi i m surendra from rajasthan.
i m download teashark on n72 i m initialize 20 tmes.
but it is not work on my mobile. plz give me a trick
both mobile & p.c.

hemant July 17, 2008

i also have n72 surender… and its does not work in my mobile …. i tried it 50 times ….but not works…. help us guys ….plz tell us free gprs trick … lofty tell plz

cooljenil88 July 17, 2008

man i tried my best but pranav whenever i try to initialize it gives me failed to initialize moreover i have updated my 3230 phone just two months before also teashark312.jar is not able to connect in my phone.and if by luck whenever it gets initialize it gives me error something like “java leng” and bla bla….leaving a plane white screen….


PL RPL AT [email protected]

upendra July 18, 2008

I have nokia 6300, I downloaded Teashark, it got installed and connected to internet, but I got charged for browsing, I don’t if i did something wrong so I unistalled and reinstalled it, but before I connect, I need some help,I also have Airtel Online subscription, shall I unsubscribe it before using Teashark. Do I have to use any proxy with Teashark.

Manish July 20, 2008

airtelmms,10.2.*.* no more working with UP WEST, teashark,ucweb workin with only MO PLZ help.

vhali lover July 20, 2008

i dont know how this work.

Suryakant July 24, 2008

its notworking with my Nokia N72…

beyond24 July 24, 2008


ananth reddy July 24, 2008

its amazing to work with internet on mobile.i felt very happy by knowing about it.i was shocked with such type of browser seeing on mobile

Naveen kumar July 24, 2008

I have used Nokia 3230. teashark will not working in my mobile.please send me a correct working teashark in nokia 3230

vaibhav July 24, 2008

Hi this vaibhav, i am using n 73 and while opening teashark blank screen comes. i had tried it more than 10 times. please help of out.:-)

kannan July 25, 2008

hai iam using nokia6030 set and i installed teashark but it is not working.tell me the settings for using tea shark.

anoup July 25, 2008

iam using 6300 failed to initialise pls gv me solution

Wong dso July 26, 2008

I live indonesia.. N using n70. N using telkomsel operator. When i try to initall. Teashark is fail n try again. Plz gve me solution.. E-mail me

Wasif July 27, 2008

hey, Vaibhav teashark is working fine in N73(music edition)…my cousin is using it…he occured somewhat same problem,first..he got it right..when he formatted the cell…

Mahesh July 27, 2008

Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ need help from the owner/expert of this site ..Myself usein N72 ..With airtel connection ..Previously i was usein NOP ..Its deactived by operator ..I ‘ve now MOBILE OFFICE GPRS SERVICE ..The problem is that its not working ..Gonna disconnected within minute ..M usein Opera 4.1 ..Is there any thing i’ve to add in settings so that it will work better without disconnection ..Plz help me ๐Ÿ™‚ thxxx ..’Ve a great time ๐Ÿ™‚

Sarathy July 27, 2008

i have n72 tea shark is not working
but it is installed
it shows
your request for the service could not be fulfilled
please try again or contact your operator
plz sent e-mails for this error
and clear it

aakash July 27, 2008

hey..rahul..pls help me out
u have any altrnate browser other than teashark

varun July 28, 2008

hi rahul
Please send me free airtel gprs for airtel live, mobile office trick i’m unable 2 install teashark. may b my device N81 8GB not supporting this browser please give any advise or any other trick by emailing on my id

sakshi July 28, 2008

i had also installed in my nokia 6030. i open it very happy .but my operator charge me rs 50. how to work it .ple tell me

Mahesh July 28, 2008

My handset is Nokia 7370 , i have done all the setting u have said , but its showing again and again “suskribe data first”.

Pls help me. Send me setting, and how can i browse on Teashark.

I am wating for ur reply my friend.

Vijay July 30, 2008

Mobile is Nokia 6300.. When i open Teashark it says connecting status.. then says “Subscribe to Packet Data First”.. am using Tamilnadu sim.. i hav tried wit many teashark versions..Pls Help me out..

Mahesh now :-( July 30, 2008

Oh ๐Ÿ™ yet . D’t get airtel gprs manual settings ..Plzzzz someone give me ..Myself from maharashtra ..Plzzzz plzzzz give me settings my connection goes disconnected within 20sec after i access through it ๐Ÿ™ [help]

BINU July 30, 2008

iam using nokia5610 xpress musicโ€ฆ
But when i try to initialize itโ€ฆAlways Failed notice..
Plz help meโ€ฆ.Waiting 4 ur reply soonโ€ฆโ€ฆ

BINU July 30, 2008

I am trying this for last 1 week and not able to access on my mobile(Nokia 5610). I have changed the settings, but no use. After that I tried the same on my friends N73, it is working fine. I think there are problems in java phones of Nokia. In N73 and all that type of phones, it will ask the setting to be used for browsing where as for other nokia phones, it will not ask and ends up in error.

rahul July 31, 2008

hey dude i cant access it in my nokin73,previously i used “airtelgprs”, for this reason there is no “airtel live” acesspoint. when it try to access it access this “mobile office” which is actually “airtelgprs” access point.

can any one help me in this case…………..

shawn August 12, 2008

man tea shark rocks
for those who face a white screen problem like me usig this software i have a solution

i use n70 and face this problem every time i restart teashark

but i keep the jad and jar files in my phone and reinstall it

it works

and another option

dont exit

u see if u dont surf or browse just have that application open

wont cost you

if u guys have any soln tell me

Rahul Bansal August 15, 2008

@Shawn & Amit
Thanks for posting some positive feedback.
I am still using TeaShark for free GPRS without any problem.

sowmya August 12, 2008

m using nokia 3230 piece with idea connection..can u plz help me out to get started with teashark apllication..

amit duggad August 14, 2008

i m shock…….its working……
n also free…….thax for this…..
i like to gift…………

Fasil August 15, 2008

My mobile is nokia 6300.I downloaded teashark&ucweb,but both does not work!!

himanshu August 17, 2008

m using motorola L7 with bsnl connection.. can u plz help me out to get started with teashark apllication.. wil teashark work wid bsnl connection…. reply…..

vasant August 18, 2008

hey rahul when i go to open teashark ,
it starts initialising
and then the msg comes
failed try again
i am using N72
what can i do
plz plz plz help me

bimboty August 19, 2008

Hello Here,
Does anyone know were i can get my simcard activated
for internet GPRS over the air online?
Thanks as i wait to hear from u good pple.
Cant get teashark to work yet

Shemeem August 19, 2008

Hello i want a browser to Airtel for download i have a Teashark application i’m now at the site. It’s a good one. Thank you for this.

RAVI August 19, 2008

it starts initialising but telling subscribe to packet data first & failed………..
wat to do???????

Abhishek August 19, 2008

Hey i m using tea shark on my n73 music edition. I can browse all sites but not orkut. It just shows a blank screen only for orkut. Can u help me out rahul. Please

nitz August 19, 2008

i browse using teashark stable version in my W810i…is it possible 2 use teashark r opera freely thru airtel postpaid??

Pranav Gupta August 19, 2008

Im also gtng same problem as abhishek….
Im unable to open orkut on opera mini…. A blank page opens with jus google written on top…
Dis prob has cum into effect after orkut launched its whole new version for s60 v3…But i ve got s60 v2.. ๐Ÿ™
1 can access orkut via opera mini 3..But again java scripts r required for many functions lyk posting scrap or editing anything….
Rahul i hope u wl cum wid a soln soon…. ๐Ÿ™‚
nd yeah..Thanx fr da bday wishes…

Pranav Gupta August 19, 2008

Dis problem also arises wid gmail..
Its strange but if gmail is opened through history..It opens normally!!!!
Da same happens while signing out of gmail!!
Cn u plz xplain dat whats going on??
Bug in opera mini??

Wahid August 19, 2008

Hello Iam using Nokia 5300. Rahul please tell me whether u have teashark in phone memory or memory card. Its not working on my mobile. It says sub to packet data first. Go to to get ur network provider settings No need to format ur handset. Only for Nokia handsets. Hey I know the free trick to download using Airtel live itself.

Rahul Bansal August 21, 2008

I have teashark in phone memory

Pramod August 20, 2008

it’s really best trick

Prashant August 20, 2008

i hav a 5310…it doesnt work for me too….after i open it , the initialization screen appears and it continues till at very last moment FAILED, try again…appears and it gets closed automatically..!!!!
i hav tried atleast 20 times by now…reinstalled 4-5 times!! …

bimboty August 21, 2008

Hi every1
pls someone should come to my rescue..!!!
Am still unable to get my teashark to work with nokia N91.
Can any1 also refer me were i can get my simcard activated
for gprs online?..Am from nigeria


Adil August 23, 2008

When i opend teashark it shows indstalizion failed ,please try again later.i am using nokia 5300..i reinstalled the phone with nokia software updater ,then also the problem.can any one help me.

vasant August 23, 2008

hi rahul
i m not able to start teashark.
which version of TEASHARK should I use on my

Rajkumar August 23, 2008

Its working

kapil August 27, 2008

i think airtel blocked teashark now….. ๐Ÿ™

Pls let me knw if anyone is using it in delhi???

Ural August 27, 2008

does Teashark wks only with Airtel… not with any other GRPS!!! i.e. i m using hutch… will it wrk!!!

Sourabh Dhotre August 27, 2008

hey dude im unable to install teashark….
im using samsung f250 cellphone

girish August 28, 2008

When i opend teashark it shows indstalizion failed ,please try again later.i am usin nokia wuld be kind of you help me pls

santhosh August 28, 2008

does this work on nokia 5310 xpm
bcaus i found tat none of the tea shark versions work in it!!!!!

~D O N~ August 28, 2008

I have nokia 6300, I downloaded Teashark, it got installed and connected to internet, but I got charged for browsing, I donโ€™t if i did something wrong so I unistalled and reinstalled it, but before I connect, I need some help,I also have Airtel Online subscription, shall I unsubscribe it before using Teashark. Do I have to use any proxy with Teashark.

kevin bhavsar August 28, 2008

I got the solution for the problem on nokia phones..

First of all remove any old installation of teashark.
then copy the setup file i used TeaShark-312 version.

Then install it and switch off your phone and turn it on.
Now open the’s done….

it works in my case…

try yr luck……..

M.ganapathy August 30, 2008

Hai,i am using sonyericsson mobile..
In my internet setting which connection i have to select
mobile office or Airtel live.
I installed teashark in my mobile.
whether i can connect to my pc for using internet?
Explain me in detail.
thank you!!!!!!!!!

arun k September 2, 2008

Hey Brothers…
I am using Nokia N72 mobile.
I tried Teashark for a while..Usually i was able to use it then came the problems..That’s after i quit the application and then if i try to open it it shows only a blank white screen…without any knowledge i used to uninstall it and reinstall it.
Then Atlast i Found an Answer

If u are using any File Explorers then u can also solve it….

Go to c:> drive
===>system==>midlets==>then the folder to which tea shark was installed…then delete a file named “”””rms.db”””…the restart the application..u can use it now

nitz September 3, 2008

hi rahul n other friends,
now i ve other problem…i can’t send scraps r post in communities in Orkut thru teashark…but i don’t ve prob in mailing n other stuffs…plz help me yaar…

suren September 3, 2008

arun bhai rms.db file vapas create ho jati ha.
me teashark ko memory card me install karta hu.
if i install in phone memory than i can’t acess system folder. plz give solution

Adi September 9, 2008

Tea shark is not working in nokia 5300…whenever i open it it shows instalation failed…any please help me

laxmikanth September 11, 2008

when i opened teashark it says subscribe to packed data connection first and it is not opening pls give me a solution for this

chathz September 11, 2008

to avoid the infamous initialization problem

use teashark alpha instead of now available beta. It requires no initialisation and will work fine in almost all java and aymbian handsets

download alpha if required

Download link:

post comments and reply

chathz September 11, 2008

@laxmikanth: are you using airtel?? if then is airtel live active on your no.

If problem still persists try using alpha

nitz September 13, 2008

am using teashark stable version…bt cudnt open orkut PC version…even if i cud view orkut mobile version..i cudnt do any scraps..any remedy 4 this??

sriram September 13, 2008

its not working for me
i am using a china mobile

srikanth September 13, 2008

how to access free airtel gprs without using teashark browser

chathz September 13, 2008

@ nitz
actually you can open orkut pc version
teashark doesnt support wap sites( mobile version)
asks for file download

It looks like your phone doesnt have enough memory
try turning off images in teashark.

does your set support java application??

vignesh September 13, 2008

wat abt for vodafone users? Do they charge for using this?

chathz September 14, 2008

unfortunately yes
both idea and vodafone charge for any data usage on the phone.
so teashark is just as any ordinary browser on these networks

Anie September 14, 2008

Hey …

I use Nokia 5300 with airtel prepaid … i tried the Teashark 312 and 419 versions …

in 312 version the app opens up … n connects to the network … an E appears in the top left cornor … but theres no reaction when i click on any of the links on the first page …

whereas the 419 version doesnt start … it give the initialising screen … n the an error that it failed to connect to the server …

can anyone please help me out ???

riya September 15, 2008

hi i use nokia 3110c. i downloaded teashark. bt we opened it says packet connection data not available. pls help for browsing net for free with teashark

prasath September 15, 2008


i think there r 2 types in tis teashark browser,

after installation

1.the icon comes in green colour ie just like a shark

2. the icon comes like T in red colour

the first one in green colour fails to initialize and connect to net in my nokia E51 but the 2nd one was working perfectly in my device but once i formatted it and am not able to get that second application back in my mobile can u provide me the link so that i can download it.

Gourav September 16, 2008

There is none of such problem in 411 version, problem is only in latest 419.

to download both of old versions. [ direct download link ];topic=823.0;attach=450

Gourav Sharma

vishnubabu September 16, 2008

hi..i m vishnubabu….i want free gprs connections on my NOKIA 3500,i m using AIRTEL network..(tea shark is not working)pl provide me with necessary procedures….i ll be thankful…

raj the coolest September 17, 2008

pls help installed t skark but it keeps on showing initialising and then fails….both airtel live and mms is active….wat shud i do???

chathz September 17, 2008

@ riya
get a valid airtel live connection.
If you have one change your acess point to airtel live

@ gaurav
in my experience build 411 doesnt connect or initailise recently. so I dont recommend it
build 419 easily initialises but crashes the very next time

try both versions plz
download alpha frm

to scrap in whatever version u r using, try replying to older scraps of friends if the post scrap links are nt working. this trick is working in alpha and beta

Kiranmint September 18, 2008

hey guys..this is kiran. I want free GPRS on my mobile NOKIA 7610, right now i m using AIRTEL network..i installed teashark but it is not working, whn I open, it will displays d white blank screen and hangout mymobile, i tried dis so many times…. but fail to establish connection… any one….

chathz September 18, 2008

@ kiranmint

are baba try the alpha version.

Sam September 27, 2008

Earlier versions worked with external proxy network. For live and mo, airtel uses their proxy server for any kind of data routing. This piece of jscript just reroutes the data from some external proxy server to your phone, hence by-passing the airtel billing server. Modifying this will be expensive and difficult for airtel, as this is part of their infrastructure. And, this is the way earlier methods of hacking worked. But eventually airtel rectified it, so will they do for this error as well.

Personally, even if someone gives me these connections for free, I wont use them. The gprs or even edge connections in India are so very sluggish that it takes more than 10 mins just to send an email on gmail. Better is to spend some money and get broadband connection. But these kinda hacks are good for people in remote locations where there are no broadband still available, or even if available they are very expensive. Long live the world of reverse engineering !

raghu September 29, 2008

hey i am using motorazr v3i. i am not able to open it. the only msg i found is failed try again later what to do?

Devendra September 29, 2008

hallo friends
I have Nokia 5610 with AirTel mCampus Prepade connection. I have also installed T shark but while trying to open any website it displays error that “Please check network connection” also it does not ask for access point.
Please tell me what settings i am supposed to do to use T shark.
(Note:- I am in Maharshtra & Balance is 150.10 INR)

my phone browser opens the mCampus website “” without any interuption

abhijit September 29, 2008

i can’t asses teashark on nokia 7610 so plese help mi !!!!! when i started the stable version it shows only connecting…… only this & stop this process . so plese help me!

abhijeet September 30, 2008

hi pranav its very gr8 but m using lg kg200 dynamite series m not even able to access airtel live on my phone but earlier i could open it very easily but nw error in communication it shows pl help me out

Deepak September 30, 2008

@abhijit – Guess the trick is not working anymore ๐Ÿ™

abhijeet September 30, 2008

hi pranav.its really very gr8 software but one thing i found is that it is surely nt working with lg mobiles.m using lg kg 200 m even not able to acces airtel live .earlier i used to access airtel live very easily but why not now i dont know please tell me how i would access airtel live on my mobile

johnson October 4, 2008

@BINU – hi binu tis s john. me too having the same problem. problem s in access point i think. it seems we shud reinstall phone software in nokia care. try tat n send me a reply ya

satwinder October 5, 2008

my phone is sgh-d900i
download teashark is ok but not installed and no work

chathz October 6, 2008

@ johnson and binu
you need not install phone software again, it is all same.
If you have prob with acess points then view comments on free gprs trick or read this post

Deepak October 6, 2008

Uninstall teashark and try reinstalling..
Guess this will solve your problem

sivarajan October 8, 2008


I am using Nokia 7610 to browse through Airtel Mobile Office. I have activated Airtel Mobile Office for 7 days at a charge of 75 Rs. But the download speed is very low? Any suggestions or tips to increase the speed? Please help me by giving some technical tips.

vipin October 8, 2008

i can’t install th teashark in nokia 6233

RITTU October 8, 2008

hi i am using nokia 3500classic phone with airtel live activated prepaid connection.when i tried teashark-319 it asks allow network access.i ressed ok.but after some time it says “subscribe to packet data first”.what i do..please help me..

santhosh October 9, 2008

people if u bought ur mobile recently say 3-4 months then all java mobiles in this period have the updated version 5 software
which doesnot allow tea shark to work as it would in the older version. Mobiles bought before this will support teashark watever might be the version.

Deepak October 10, 2008

Recently ma friend bought a Nokia 6233 and I’ve tested it..
It works fine ๐Ÿ™‚

Deepak October 10, 2008

As said its working fine in my friends recently purchased Nokia 6233

Munu October 13, 2008

pls download teashark312

Deepak October 14, 2008

Is teashark updated with newer version?

deepak r October 14, 2008

Hey guys
i was using teashark for past 6 months. But suddenly since last week it is not working. i have even tried reinstalling it. Its the case with my friends too here. Is any1 els having same prob?
do help

achu October 15, 2008

Teashark not working in kerala. Before 3 days my balance decrese to 1.After that i recharge it again. After these Not working.Just loading and display Blank page.. PLS HELP ME>>>

Deepak October 16, 2008

I think uninstalling and than reinstalling tea shark will solve your problem.
Few days back, a friend of mine faced the same problem. Reinstalling browser helped him out.

shailesh October 16, 2008

I have tshark in my mobile
i used sony ericsson K320i handset which java supportable
my airtel live connection also activated But still tshark is not working in my mobile please solve this problem

and when i insert my sim in NOkia N72 the software work properly

nitz October 16, 2008

yes..teashark n not working and UCWEB s getting charged..think the airtel has found this loop… ๐Ÿ™ i cannot browse nw freely thru my fone… :((((((

Vickey October 21, 2008


I have activated Airtel Live and then I downloaded TeaShark browser. But it did not ask me for an access point at all. Can anyone help me… I am using a HTC Tyn.

Nidhin October 23, 2008

mannnnn i’m using nok 6233 but i cannt access internet through any of the net browsers. nothing is working. need help first of all they ask for network access but later no movement

achu October 24, 2008

Hey Chettan
Are u there….
The trick is not working in kerala.
Airtel found this loophole.
But UCWEB working well. But ucweb not support full version of website. what i will do to use free airtel live again……..

Tibu October 30, 2008

UCWEB too not working.
Airtel Updated this n found this too.
Now noting working. ๐Ÿ™

rickie October 30, 2008

it doesnt work on my n72…

i think the older version shud work, but its not working too..
any 1 wid n72 and tshark wurking on it plz hel[

nazeer October 30, 2008

its great

rajesh November 5, 2008

hey am using nokia E51 nd one week b4 t-shark stopped woking wen i direct it thro airtel live……thro Mobile Office(wen evr i activate) wen i connect it its working fine….. den i un insatalled nd reinstalled it even after that wen i connect thro AIRTEL LIVE its not working hope airtel have blocked browsing thro t-shark…….if am wrong pls help me out with right options……………..

padmanabhan November 5, 2008

hi i am unable to access the tea shark browser in my mobie my mobile model is motorokr E8…what jar or jad will be useful for my mobile ..
can any one say which one will suit my mobile

karthi November 5, 2008

i am using teashark but now a days not working. am using sony k510i and when i open it just trying to connect but after some time it just go not connected. plz tell if there is way to connect. if any body no plz mail me [email protected]. and if any updation on proxy also inform me. am in chennai using airtel

Deepak Jain November 7, 2008

But its working for me buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

rajesh November 8, 2008

help me out
reply for my above post
t-shark stopped working in my mobile

khuda November 12, 2008

hey can u pls tell any way 2 use free gprs in vodfone,andhrapradesh……..n also tell me any other tricks pls…i wl b waiting for ur reply

dazz November 12, 2008

it was really helpful
can i know what are the other tricks & what is needed

jonny November 13, 2008

this program only hangs on my p990i

Ronit mandal November 13, 2008

i am using teashark but i can’t sent srep in orkut to another plzzzzzzzzzzzzz halp me

kedar November 15, 2008

is there any trick for idea users!!! o.O

pradeep November 15, 2008

i want the software for LG KG300..
plz if any know details for that 1
plz mail me [email protected]

sandeep November 16, 2008

@Deepak Jain – how to watch youtube videos on mobile using teashark??

Deepak Jain November 17, 2008

As of now.. I’ve never tried that.
Will let you know about it soon..

shankar November 17, 2008


its not working it after installation it shows fail to connect. and try again latter.

satish November 17, 2008

i am using n3110
i have done every thing s mentioned before,
but it shows “network error try again”
help me i want to surf net free

rocky November 17, 2008

Gr8 work mate, i’ll try it in my phone. hope i will not get a shock at the end of the month.

Akhilesh November 18, 2008

How 2 change the access point in Motorola L9? Cant find its option. It directly try to access teashark site

ritesh November 20, 2008

can u pls send me free gprs seetings from which i can download .i am using t shark bt i cant download anything for free ia m usin sony k850i with airtel mumbai connection.waiting for ur reply-

chathz November 20, 2008

you cannot download using teashark without getting charged
most phones use the default browser for downloading

riteshitesh November 20, 2008

can any 1 pls let me know the settings for free download on airtel mumbai simcard.i m using sony k 8501

sappy November 20, 2008

hey i have nokia 5310 n teashark is only work with when mobile office is on .otherwise,itz not work on airtel live somebody please help me

NIKHIL November 20, 2008

Hi, i hav NOKIA N95 wid airtel gprs on. now a days airtel charges 30RS per 50kb data transfer. i hav taken teashark frm my frnd who has downloaded dis for me only. but it has no efect, d charges r same aftr using dis also……….So PLzzzzzzzzzzz help me.
reply me at [email protected]

asd November 20, 2008

teashark is not working from 12/11/2008. before that date teashark is working well on my mobile with airtel live. i want to know that does this happen also to ur mobile?. if it working then mail me to [email protected]

Dipesh Bagul November 21, 2008

Hey i want teashrk or ucweb browser for nokia 7610……i got both sis file bt they r nt working……..can u tell me any other site where i can get or any suggestions

susmit makwana November 22, 2008

oh…..great work yaar….i ve sonyk530i.its totally working…..thanks a lot…..

ankit November 27, 2008

I am all ready use the sony ericsson k530i. I have all ready instell the teashark softwer but no work free gprs plz help

navy November 29, 2008

i m using samsung e-250…it is not supporting teashark….although it supports java what to do??

Chetan Gole November 30, 2008

I am using same trick to access the Free GPRS on my Nokia N72.
Really great trick.

senthil kumar December 2, 2008

hi i am senthil from tamil nadu am using sony k510i mobile markets on mobile is totaly free on airtel live use and enjoy live market rates on NSE and BSE

Himanshu December 5, 2008

Hiiiiiiiii friends,
Note :- Up ur balance 17Rs. below 19Rs.
1st press *567# and follow steps to act. Mobile Office
For settings Sms MO to 52567 (in capital letters)
First day ur balance deduct 10Rs. then ur ur. balace is below Rs.10 ((((Please do not balace over 9 Rs. otherwise ur balance will deduct

R.Balajiprasad December 7, 2008

Teashark is not working..All are telling that teashark are banned from airtel network and also we are not able to hack the net in airtel in any of the ways.God grace to airtel

Navin December 9, 2008

i m using sony ericsson k530i…wid airtel gprs on. now a days airtel charges 30RS per 50kb data transfer. how can i access free airtel gprs using teashark……plz help & send settings plzzzzz help me…….

Shrikishan December 10, 2008

if this reddis one u get then please send me that link.

fazil December 11, 2008

how to create a new account for tea shark. it will not be connected.pls tell me its very urgent

Rahul Bansal December 16, 2008

You don’t need any account to us teashark! ๐Ÿ˜›

moru December 17, 2008

iam using sony k 800iโ€ฆ
But when i try to initialize itโ€ฆAlways Failed notice..
Plz help meโ€ฆ.Waiting 4 ur reply soonโ€ฆโ€ฆ
Thank youโ€ฆโ€ฆ

kevin patel December 27, 2008

i’ve already activated airtel live bt still , when i start teashark, it displayes subscribe to packet data first….
so give me the right solution to use teashark….
i’m waiting for your answer!!!!!

winay January 2, 2009

hey can any one tell me is teashark (free gprs for prepaid customer on airtel) can work for nokia 2626???
actually m using operamini ..but each time i accesed money got deducted…..
plz help…

winay January 2, 2009

himanshu ..can u kindly tell me exact details how balance can up ???
i had tried but …cant able to up it???????

aruna January 2, 2009

hi i am using nokia 3500classic phone with airtel live activated prepaid connection.when i tried teashark it asks allow network access.i pressed ok.but after some time it says โ€œsubscribe to packet data firstโ€.if i activate the access point,will they charge?(where will i make the airtel live as access point)what i do..please help me..

Dhawal January 2, 2009

i am using nokia 6300 . i have installed teashark successfully. but i have a problem with it, it shows that “subscribe to packet data first ” and aftrewards an error occurs that “network error please try later” please help me with it…

Jayesh PAtel January 3, 2009

I have Sony Ericsion K320i mobile. I already load tea shark software in my mobile. and already activate Airtel Live.

When I run Tea shark software, whole screen of mobile convert in white dispaly for long time / hang.

So, please give me reasion and solution for it.

Jayesh Patel

winay January 3, 2009

hey friends…
i had install sucessfully teashark and i have gprs setting also..but each time access any site …it remain in connecting mode…and after that it will stop ….can any one help …
m using gprs on my nokia 2626 easily with operamini but not free of cost…plzzzzzzz help …..

karthik January 5, 2009

is teashark still free………

Rahul Bansal January 7, 2009

Yes… ๐Ÿ™‚

BHUSHAN January 6, 2009

man i m using motorola slvr L7 handset. on whch i have downloaded teashark 419 which works good on mobile office settings but when it comes to airtl live settings it do not work at all. what can i do now? please help me out

parth January 7, 2009


karthik January 7, 2009

i meant dont they deduct money

sachin (delhi) January 8, 2009

Hi Rahul,

I m using Sony Ericsson W200i, I just want to confirm if teashark-312 will be compatible with this set.
as i already got that 1, but it’s not working.

only the start page opens up.

FYI. . .

Airtel Live is already active on my set, & is working on normal browser.

whenever i type any URL at GO tO option available in menu (teashark browser)

it start to connect but end up to nothing.

also checked teashark 419 this application doesn’t even install error message says “failed please try again”

please help

rin January 9, 2009

i am using nokia 5300..tea shark is not working in it.when ever i open it it shows.instalization failde .please try again later..i hav tries more han 20 times..but stiil the problm is not me

Rinse John January 15, 2009

Heyy I think Airtel has detected this..Its not working on any of the handsets.. I tried Airtel Prepaid with Teashark on my N73 and W200i and many others too and that too with different sims..Its saying “Failed. Please try again”. I have activated Airtel Live too..What would be the problem??

Rocky January 16, 2009

I hav 5310 nokia i want to access airtel gprs 4 free.i hav tried tshark n cheats of airtel live .plz help me out

[email protected] January 21, 2009

there is one more browser for free internet browsing

Chandu January 21, 2009

Hi,iam using sonyericsson k800i,but teashark is not workimg on my mobile.ita=s getting only “failed please try again”

manoj bhura January 26, 2009

hey friendsโ€ฆ
i had install sucessfully teashark and i have gprs setting also..but each time access data setting any site โ€ฆit remain in connecting modeโ€ฆand after that it will stop โ€ฆ.can any one help โ€ฆ
m using gprs on my nokia 2626 easily with operamini but not free of costโ€ฆplzzzzzzz help โ€ฆ..

UCWEB January 27, 2009

Hey the trick is working perfect now too..