Access Internet From Mobile Using Computers Internet Connection

Update: Official site of gnubox is down from more than 3 months now. So all links now point to wayback archive pages. I have uploaded few gnubox versions I found here. If you get more, please mail them to [email protected] (October 14, 2008)

Important: If your handset require SIS file to be signedΒ  and/or giving some kind of certification error, please refer this post to get SIS file signed or turning-off signing/certificate check on your mobile handset.

Yes, you read it right. I am not talking about using mobile to access internet on your PC. Its the opposite I am demonstrating here. So you will be able to use FREE internet on mobile. Of course, you may need to pay for internet service you use already on PC.

Now as with most mobile hacks, this is limited to symbian mobiles which includes almost all Nokia Series60 and Many Sony Ericsson phones.

Why do I need this?

Yep. I felt the same long time back and also left the idea, but our reader Manish wanted to know this. And now I am done with this I am finding this quite useful. I need internet on mobile only to update themes, games and other stuff. Downloading themes, softwares and other stuff on PC and then sending them to mobile is one option but I always find its tedious.

This one is really better as its FREE and speed is much better than what GPRS ever offered!

How it will work?

We normally connect PC and Mobile for file transfer and data synchronization. One step ahead, we use GPRS on mobile to connect internet on PC side. All these means, two devices can connect to each other and share Internet. Only remaining possibility left to check was, can mobile dial/use/access internet on PC?

And here is the solution which will work for sure but may need some efforts…

Access Internet From Mobile Using Computers Internet Connection


  1. A PC with internet connection. OS does not matter. Also it doesn’t matter how you connect to internet from PC.
  2. A symbian handset with GnuBox – a free and open-source tool which will do thing on your handset.
  3. mRouter to do things on PC side. Its optional but can save your lots of time. You can manually handle

Now first requirement is obvious, lets take care of the remaining too…

Preparing PC side…

#using mRouter (Windows only)

Windows user can download mRouter. Then install it on your PC and restart the machine.

Next you need to configure mRouter which is quick & easy. Tam Hanna explained it very well here.

#without mRouter

Now all major OS have internet connection sharing feature.

On windows, you need to add a new modem and attach it to COM port which is used fro Mobile-PC communication. As an example check this article for details on how to do it on Windows, Symbian Mobile & Bluetooth channel combo.

Covering all details of other OS is not possible here. Check tutorials section below for a matching reference.

Preparing Mobile side using GnuBox…

Download GnuBox version for your handset models.

GnuBox have a dedicated page here. Do not forget to check it, as it have

For particular instructions for your handset, OS combo, check tutorials from following section.

Tutorials & References…

Official GnuBox page covers most of the details but its not enough for many users. So here is the list of tutorials & references which may help you…





You can find many vidoes dedicated for gnubox on YouTube. Watch one which best suits for your task. πŸ™‚

Thats it. I know it sounds a lot of work! But its worth it… πŸ˜‰

I have done this on Nokia N70 and using mRouter on Windows XP machine. So I am quite sure it will work. Still if you stuck somewhere feel free to comment… πŸ™‚

Gnubox Links: Homepage | Download


Rahul Bansal May 3, 2008

Thanks for link man!
I am personally looking for such resource from long-time…
I will check it and if it works will post about it soon. πŸ™‚

p.s. Sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation.

Sanj June 26, 2011

connect mobile internet to pc (tata docomo users)
u can connect ur mobile internet to ur pc by foll these simple steps
step 1 – (first download ur pc suite)then go to control panel->phone and modem options
step 2 – in dialing rules tab click new enter location name tata select country INDIA,area code 411043 and then click ok
step 3 – connect ur mobile via usb and go to phone and modem tab click on modems tabs (if ur phone is not connected it will show not present so dnt forget to connect ur phone via usb)right click and select properties now in properties tab go to advanced in extra initialization commands paste this code AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET” (this code is only for tata docomo users..)after entering this code click ok
step 4 – now go to control pannel select network connections now in the left side in network task click create a new connection then->next->select connect to internet->then click next->then select setup my connection manually->then click next->now select connect using dial up modem-.then next->enter isp name tata->then in phone number enter *99#-> dnt enter user name password click next-> now select add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop-> click finish now go to ur desktop click on tata then click dial and ur connected to internet…enjoy..

Taru May 28, 2012

M a airtel user, from andaman, n having nokia 2700 classic phone n dell lap, pls tel me d steps according to this..

venkat November 21, 2012

how to get this code AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET” for idea users

adi April 26, 2008

uffff i really want(ed) to use this internet on my phone… but its so so so hectic ! and still i have not succeeded in getting this πŸ™ my bluesoleil bt stack giving me problems my pc getting hanged when i try to use it πŸ™ ufff … dont know what happened suddenly to my bt … but it started behaving wierd after i make new advanced network connection and attached BT com port to it …grrrrr… dont know when will it work for me πŸ™ …i have all… bt stack,, bt driver cd came with stack,, its bluesoleil very troublesome…. then i got m router …grrrrr its not easy to use… then i got gnu box i signed it for my n73 but yet couldnt make this work πŸ™ …hope it will work soon…so i will use OPERA mini to surf WITH LITTLE DATA TRANSFER yaaaaaay ! lol

Santhu July 31, 2011

Very thanx sanj!i tried tatadocomo settings on my pc n i succeed.

chetan August 21, 2011

how did u get blue soleil for pc dude………..!!!!please reply fast

divyank April 28, 2008

how do i do this on my sony ericsson w580i?

Rahul Bansal May 3, 2008

First sorry for late reply as I was offline on a long vacation.

Now from your comment its really hard to get what are the things you have done at both ends!

You need to close firewall on Windows machine for mRouter to work properly.
Also while using mRouter most of the things are automatically taken care of! on PC side so do not mess things you don’t know…

on mobile side, install proper GnuBox version. If you can open-up GnuBox after install most of the work is finished there! πŸ™‚

Please comment back in more details if you still have problems…

Start with any tutorial nearest to your device. You can refer mobile and PC parts from separate tutorials too! πŸ™‚

If you need more help, please comment with more details like OS type, etc πŸ™‚

anbu November 5, 2010

hi, i am using nokia 2700 classic how speed up my internet connection using nokia pc suite

Shreyas May 4, 2008

Hey,I want to know which are files is should send to my mobile and how do i install it and can you tell me the link for the download of the file example my phone is 6630 but i dont know which symbian it is so which is the software i should download for 6630.

Rahul Bansal May 5, 2008

The only file you need to send to your mobile is gnubox’s .sis file.
Once the file is transferred on mobile, just open it to install it!

Here is link to download sis file for your mobile….

pradeep April 23, 2012

i want to use computer internet on my micromax q7 mobile. is this possibe? if so what i should do please reply me asap

shabbu September 30, 2010

open mobile9 then it says to click brand then click ypur mobile no eg 6630 then u can download

adi May 6, 2008

this whole thing is very complicated for me…its taking my very much time…so i have decided to put attention in this after my exams… means after 26th may… so…u be here ha… i will post all my problems …ufffff this is very problematic…. and even the tutorials are big and complicated… what u said
Also while using mRouter most of the things are automatically taken care of! on PC side so do not mess things you don’t know…

on mobile side, install proper GnuBox version. If you can open-up GnuBox after install most of the work is finished there!
has not happened in my case… uffff anyways… now i am outta it till 26th may…and then we…errrr…i mean i will try lol πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal May 6, 2008

Ya its little complicated. I will write my own tutorials on this issue to simplify things but that will be in june…
I am also busy with academics. And its really wise decision to take care of studies first!
So concentrate on exams. Things like these can wait! πŸ™‚

Best of luck… πŸ™‚

Ajay Kalyan May 18, 2008

i have nokia 3230
i m connected via gnubox
connection is successfuly establish
but no internet access there
i m using cellone prepaid
tell me
what i can do………

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2008

It doesn’t matter which mobile service you use as I already mentioned in the above article.

Give me more details on this topic. About OS, mRouter, etc and also tell me how you verified connection is successful.

MOIZ February 10, 2011

you must check your control panel ask customer care for giving ip adress to your pc they will tell you to add in modem and devices mobile

Asad February 20, 2011

plz help yar i cant connect my w910i to pc interenet via usb cable plzzzzz help

adi May 26, 2008

now as i have some pause from exams,, this is one of my top priorities πŸ™‚ but still we r waiting for DETAIL easy guide for BOTH v3 and v2 fones. …if i succeeded,, i will tell u people. but let me get this first …grrrr

Rahul Bansal May 27, 2008

I have no access to V2 & V3 handsets so I can’t post solution about it here…

adi May 27, 2008

i have both v2 and v3 handsets but cant figure it out….grrrr my bluetooth not getting port numbeer in m router. but its in my main agenda in these holidays so i will soon make it working πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Let me know which articles you are using?
Also which file you have installed on your handset?

adi May 29, 2008

i am so so so sad that i cant use this gnu box thingy on my n73 πŸ™ i even couldnt start pc setup cos my bt not shown in m router πŸ™ see i have m router 3.1 ivt bluesoleil then i have windows xp and n73 me . now i tell u what i get with help of screen shots.
as u can see in my first and second screen shot,, i have bt on com6 and 7 as shown by ivt bluesoleil. then as u can see in 3rd screen shot,, first i tried viewing and adding com 6 and 7 in m router`s advanced settings. no effect…so…. as u can see in screen shot,, i literally added every bt com port in m router. but still on main screen of m router i dont see bluetooth .there is just infrared and advanced ports and etc but no where is bt.
then as u can seee in my last screen shot when i open bluettooth tab of m router,, i dont get any option active in it.


Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Man I will check screenshots and other detail about N73 soon… I will let you know about my findings in few days! πŸ™‚

ZuliXP June 6, 2008

Does any one knows, where I can get mRouter?

Rahul Bansal June 8, 2008

I already posted link in this post!
Still you can download it from here…

adi June 8, 2008

@zulixp,, its written in first post itself that mrputer can be found at….///tell me if u succeed in making use of this m router thingy…i am eagerly wanting to use my pc net on my N73 M.E.

adi June 23, 2008

hey rahul ! as u (and also me πŸ˜‰ ) have holidays now and as i read u will be doing pending work after ur leave,, pls consider making nice user freindly guide for this topic as priority work ! i/we am/are waiting eagerly for this ! and believe me it will be unique if u make it nice and working as upto now,, no such guide available any anywhere so best luck ! pls find some time for this yaar !

Ismaeel Khan June 30, 2008

Kiya koi bataa sakta hai ki , Airtel prepade connection sai PC par free mai Internet kaisai chalatai hain. Abhi hamai 395 ka Easy Recharge karana parta hai.ok thanks. mairai pass Nokia N70 Module hai. plz tell me anyone how can I use free internet connection on My Pc.

adi June 30, 2008

free trick working via uc web browser only…not on pc.

heyyyyyyyyyyyyy !! i got new thing ! NEW THING as an better option to GNU BOX thing ! going to try it today or tomorrow and will post details πŸ™‚ before that ihave to format my n73 as i messed with it while hacking using hello carbide and app trk…. but i am so so eager to test if it works !! I WANT THIS PC NET ON MY FONE !
mean while i am stilll going to pursue RAHUL to make a nice and friendly detail guide efor us πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal July 1, 2008

@Ismaeel & Adi
Check this post for free Airtel GPRS

Adi, sorry for delay in this series but I really have no friends who uses non-Nokia handset and can try these things.

adi July 1, 2008

uffff rahul! and why u need NON nokia handsets to test ??? ur n70 will make a guide for s60v2 handsets which i can refer for my beloved 6600 and will try to modify it a little and will use it for my n73 (s60v3) too ! most of us here use NOKIA only !

Rahul Bansal July 1, 2008

In order to complete series, I need to check it with atleast motorola and Sony Ericsson handsets

Ketan July 7, 2008

hi Rahul, how are you?
Please try to solve my problem or please post it on all blogs or websites so that i can get solutions by others, as i don’t have much access on net.

My N73 ME is working 100% ok via 3G/2G network for browsing/surfing in mobile browsers. I installed PC suite in my laptop (HP DV6395EA vista and xp), PC suite is working ok for transfering files, etc. But when I am trying for “connect to internet” it shows these steps as [1] opening port [2] connecting [3] verifing user name & password (connection trying to establish and can be seen near tower symbol but after immediately it shows step 4) [4] “one touch fails to connect, check connection setting”. 😑 …… big problem….!!! :confused: I also tried selecting network as dual mode, UMTS, GSM but all trial fails. I am sure that there is no username and password set by me nor it given by service provider, means username and password is not necessary that is 100% sure. One of my friend is using via this method (with sony mobile) but he fails to help me.

somebody please help me.
Thank you very much in advance.

Rahul Bansal July 7, 2008

Try this, not sure…
Go to Tools >> Settings >> Packet Data >> Access Point
(above may slightly vary as I don’t have N73)
Access point entry must point to access point address of your service provide.
As I am in India, I can’t figure out what is your exact access point

Gokul dangrous kandel November 5, 2010

How active free inter in my mobile nokia 2700 now i used much more expensive nearly 10 kb=6 pasia nepali so now i connection free internet in nokia 2700 in my mobile number i hope just replay me

Ketan July 7, 2008

Sorry i forget to mention that i m in Dubai (UAE) and my service provider is etisalat.

bharat July 7, 2008

if ur problem is nt solved. than first u go to internet connection in ur pc suite. when entered it. u will see setting option. than tab this.and after it u will seen modem option than select ur phone modem. and than tab. next option u will seen ur provider ur service provider and us net on ur pc thru nokia pc suite. u can also cnfigured by menual setting. try it.
Go to Tools >> Settings >> Packet Data >> Access Point

Ketan July 8, 2008

@ Rahul & Bharat,

Thank you very much for help. Now I’m browsing internet from laptop via mobile and that is because of your help only…!!! Cant believe that you guys did it… you guys rocking…keep it up. Now I can purchase 3.5G supported mobile to get high speed i.e. 7.2 Mbps (current speed via 3G is 460.8 kbps).

Thankx a ton.

Rahul Bansal July 8, 2008

that’s great πŸ™‚

Thanks for helping… πŸ™‚

bharat July 19, 2008

hi m from rajasthan here
proxy has blocked by airtel… any one tell me correct proxy…acording my living area…plz help me…. i want use free net on my mobile and pc……plz plz plz

K K July 20, 2008

whats up

airtel is blocked this proxy

and one have another proxy server

please tell me thenkes

Vins August 5, 2008

I’ve been trying to access but it’s not responding… is there any other link to download GNUBox? Also will it run on SonyEricsson P1i?


Rahul Bansal August 5, 2008

I guess site must be temporarily down.
I will upload my copy of gnubox if it doesn’t get working soon.

girish August 17, 2008

i use n70…
the above link for gnubox is not working…
can you pls check?

Sorceror September 22, 2008


I followed your tuitorial and got the gnubox to connect to my laptop.

Scenario : Laptop ( Windows Vista Ultimate ) with dial-up ( Reliance CDMA ) connection using cellphone #1 ( Fly B720 Dual CDMA / GSM ) connected via USB, has Broadcom Bluetooth hardware ( both Broadcom Bluetooth as well as IVT Bluesoleil support this device, except that I didn’t get PAN option with Broadcom software so I switched to IVT Bluesoleil ), cellphone #2 ( Nokia 7610 ) connected via USB ( has gnubox_7610.sis installed and ‘Bt’ access point created. Now I can connected to my laptop via bluetooth and vice versa. I have also tested the gnubox COM connectivity and it connects successfully. I have disabled all my wireless and LAN network adapters except the LAN 2 ( Bluetooth PAN Adapter , now this says its unplugged which I guess doesn’t matter as it wouldn’t if I have a PAN network with another computer ), and I have enabled ICS on my Reliance dial-up connection. Windows Firewall is disabled. With all the above settings, I still can’t surf the internet from cellphone #2 using either Opera, OperaMini, etc. Any suggestions ?


girish September 22, 2008

that gnubox download link is not working..
can you pls provide some other link?

Sorceror October 5, 2008

Rahul : Any suggestions on what could be the problem ? My guess would be that the ICS is not routing the Bluetooth connection to my Dial-Up connection.

Rahul Bansal October 8, 2008

Sorry for late reply buddy… πŸ™
I really tested it long time back. As I am always online now, next to my laptop I am not using it anymore.
Still try using official site. It may help you get it working… πŸ™‚

Try above link provided by Sorceror πŸ™‚

mart October 11, 2008

hy man i have n70 where can i download this gnubox sis file?:D im realy cryin to test this trick:D pls help:Sm

Rahul Bansal October 12, 2008

Original link to download gnubox are broken I guess….
Please find alternative links in above comments.
Sorry for inconvenience man… πŸ™

Furqan Malik October 18, 2008

Rahul how can i configure this scenario on my sony ericsson w580i?
Please help….

Furqan Malik October 18, 2008

Either Gnubox is only available for nokia?

Rahul Bansal October 18, 2008

@Furqan Malik
Gnubox is also available for few sony ercisson versions. Original gnubox site is down, so try searching it at other places.
I had nokia versions with me, which I have uploaded as mentioned in above post.

sumeet kumar December 30, 2008

Hi Rahul,

Pls help me on this i have nokia n81 and i want to use my pc’s broadband connection on my nokia n81, which settings i can apply on it to use the same on my mobile, there is no data call (acess point) in nokia n81, pls help as i see ur all comments which are er very helpfull for others so pls help me also..

Thanks in advance dear
Sumeet Kumar
[email protected]

Sorceror January 7, 2009

Hi Rahul,

Thanks for the reply.

After a couple of months of being busy at work, I finally got some time off to continue my tests. This time, I am able to get connected to my computer ( this time my desktop, also running Vista as my laptop ) and the DHCP on the “Incoming Connections” assigns an IP address to my phone. It says that I am connected and a few kbs are both sent and received. But it still doesn’t get connected to the internet. ICS is enabled. Routing issue ?!?


Kev January 7, 2009

Hi! I have a E71 can do this in my cell? will I get the ness. Files?

Chandu January 20, 2009

Hi iam using SonyEricsson k800i mobile,so is it possible to use computers internet on my mobile.please can any one respond and send me any email

Jamshed January 22, 2009

I’ve tried to do those steps mentioned here
So, i downloaded m-Router -> installed -> restarted my PC… etc. After that i had troubles with phone settings (actually those settings are for PDAs). What kind of settings do i need to connect my phone to internet via using PC’s internet connection.
I’m using LAN connection. My Mobile phone is Nokia 5320 XpressMusic (s60v3).
Thnx! πŸ™‚

sumeet kumar January 23, 2009

@ jamshad pls give ur email id

Jamshed January 24, 2009

Here is my E-Mail: [email protected]

Rahul Bansal January 26, 2009

Thanks for your input buddy and special thanks for helping Sumeet.

Sorry for my inability to help you as I do not have access to any nokia N81.
But I hope you got some help from Jamshed.
In case things are working fine for u, please post settings u have used here so others can be helped! πŸ™‚

Jamshed January 26, 2009

@Rahul Bansal
Hi! So can u help me to solve this problem or if you have any alternative variants to do this. I’m trying to connect my phone to internet for 4 days :S, but all my experiments lets say unsuccessful :(. If you will help me with this, that would be great!

sumeet January 26, 2009


Pls use this link it will help u better

n ur email id is not working wen i send a mail to ur mail id it shows an error & become undeliver.

Jamshed January 28, 2009

Hello, Sumeet! Thank you for that link. Actually I’ve tried that way as well. Now i tried it again exactly step-by-step. I have some questions:
When i’m creating a new access point i have 3 types of connection:
1- Packet data (with this one is everything is OK, i mean while creating. Because it asks just a name. I’m giving a name to that connection and setting proxy server address and proxy port number)
2- High speed (GSM) (when i create a new access point this way, firstly it asks a Dial-up number)
3- Data call is same as High speed, first of all you have to enter a number.
Therefore i created a new access point using Packet data because there is no anything about Dial-up number. After that everything is going OK, i’m connecting to PC and BlueSoleil shows this information:
“Remote Device Nokia 5320 XpressMusic has connected to my Serial Port A(COM13) service!
Remote Device Nokia 5320 XpressMusic has disconnected to my Serial Port A(COM13) service!”

So here is my main question: What should i do in this situation?

P.S.: By the way this is my second e-mail [email protected]

Jamshed January 30, 2009

I tried to connect with my friend’s phone (Nokia N73). It shows the same information:
β€œRemote Device Nokia N73 has connected to my Serial Port A(COM13) service!
Remote Device Nokia N73 has disconnected to my Serial Port A(COM13) service!”

sumeet January 31, 2009

Dear when u connected to serial port than dont exit hiisi proxy just press the red button (call end button) than open opera or nokia’s inbuild explorer it will run try it, when there is any data transfer between ur pc & fon it will connect automatically

Jamshed January 31, 2009

Yes, i know! I did exactly the same, what was written there. I didn’t exit Hiisi Proxy. I’m wondering why it’s gives that information that it is connected and disconnected. πŸ™

sumeet kumar February 1, 2009

Dear i have tried it on my nokia n81 it is working fine

Jamshed February 3, 2009

I know that it’s working. I’m not askin’ about that. My question is that maybe for my phone or for my internet connection type some settings must be different. I’m not skipping any part, but i have the same trouble.

Jamshed February 4, 2009

Recently I found a video, how to use Hiisi Suite. Again I did everything. Now I’m completely sure that i did everything correct. Maybe there is a problem in my phone (but it’s new) either with my PC.

Rahul Bansal February 5, 2009

Sorry to hear that but it still works on my nokia N70

Jamshed February 5, 2009

Ohh, c’mon man! Stop writing that it’s workin’ on this phone, it’s working on that phone. Sorry for hear that but it’s not working on my phone! I’m just trying to explain that maybe i should make some changes on my PC (maybe give some permissions, i don’t know). By the way, now i’m sure that it’s not because of my phone, because i’ve tryed it in N73 & N86, but still same result. Please don’t write me that “it’s still working on my N**”. If u have any advise write, i u don’t just write no i cannot help u. That is it!

Rahul Bansal February 5, 2009

N73 have Symbian OS 3rd Edition while N70 have 2nd Edition of Symbian OS.
Anyway I cannot help you. Happy! πŸ™‚

Umair February 15, 2009

when i m install gnubox_s60v3 on my n73 .. i m getting certificate error contact application supplier .. now how can i solve this problem ?? can u plzzzz tell me ??

sumeet kumar February 17, 2009

@ Umair
Pls give ur email id i will send gnubox software
or try this change ur phone’s current date and year than intall it….

Samabha March 20, 2009

Can I use internet from pc to my Nokia 3110c following as above.

Rahul Bansal March 28, 2009

It must be possible… πŸ˜€

navjot May 20, 2010

hey rahul there is no gnubox for 3120c

shanta April 29, 2009

I have a unlocked at&t phone with tmobile service. Is there anyway i can get games to my phone, because i cant get internet connection from either service providers?

Shahed Ahmed May 7, 2009

How do i do this on my Nokia N85 handset.

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2009

No idea about T-Mobile. But method I have given in article above provides Internet in closed range like home only.
Its basically uses bluetooth network which means range is few meters at the most.

@Shahed Ahmed
No idea about N85. Try above method.
If it doesn’t work use Google! πŸ˜‰

matimu May 10, 2009

hey guys in ma country black berry connectoin is free but to other mobile is not so im lookin for a software dat wen i connect my sim to my modem and it uses black berry names,settings, connections so i have free internet on my pc:D good luck if one can get it for me!!!

Danial May 14, 2009

hi guru
i have wifi set up nearby. i have N81 it connect the wifi system but i dont know how i could use internet on the PC. plz help. a seperate card in computer is not possible
plz help

simu simu May 15, 2009

Had anyone tried using gnubox with usb cable? And not bluetooth! xD I’ll appreciate any help you guys can give :D.

Maurice May 16, 2009

So I tried step one which was to set up mRouter… after that I get completely lost. I have an LG-Vu, and when I try to make a connection type on the cell phone side, I do not have an option to switch it from GPRS to data call… seems like AT&T has locked it on that. does that mean I’m basically screwed?

Thanks, my aim is mauriced0926 and msn is [email protected] if anyone is willing to help… thanks a lot in advance

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2009

You are trying other way round which is not possible with methods posted above.


No idea about using N81’s internet on PC. By the way you can buy Wifi card for PC which wont cost much.

I haven’t tried it but in theory it should be possible.


Option of GPRS to Data call may not be there in may handsets.
I wrote this article for Nokia handsets only. Try Googling for help on LG handsets.

Rehan June 20, 2009

I have Nokia N73, I tried every thing to run internet, I use this procedure
but I got this Error in ctest.txt
123456Error = -3
78 Error = -6312
I tried every thing but not successful, I spent 6 hours on this topic but I just itching in head.
is there any one who make this issue more simple for my N73?

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2009

I cannot help u as I dont use Nokia N73… πŸ™

Pranav Gupta June 25, 2009

cant i use this on vista???????
all the tutorials r about xp
cant setup the connection
an error occurs while connecting

my hardware working fyn
but stil dis error… πŸ™

plz help me RAHUL i need it badly

Pranav Gupta June 25, 2009

im using nokia 3230

the error says that requested address not found
what can i do
plz help

Prakash June 25, 2009

Can u Suggest me which nokia mobile is better for internet on PC with fast browsing???

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2009

Use Opera Mini. Its the best and fastest!

ryzenmai July 13, 2009

the certificate for gnubox is expired pls help me i have nokia 5800

saleh shaukat November 3, 2010


sumeet July 14, 2009

@ ryzenmai

change date n year in ur mobile then try it

sumeet July 14, 2009

@ Prakash

use nokia n81, 5130, n72 get goog browsing speed on phone n also on pc

Nizar July 19, 2009

Hi i’ve tried this in my N70 and seems to be working…..I could open some websites in my mobile using my laptop connection.
but once i connected using gnubox, i couldn’t connect my cell with my gprs connection using opera mini!!!! its used to ask for access point when i start opera mini, but once i install this gnubox, it always takes Bt connection, which is unavailable at the tmoment!!!! plss help to reset my access points!!!!

Anwar July 28, 2009

Brother, I was searching for this software 4 a long time. finally i found it,bt it is not supported on my phone. can u plz give a way to use it on nokia 5800? i’m in badly need.


nikunj August 7, 2009

plz help me to get GnuBox for sonyericsson w705i

Maqsood August 8, 2009

Hi, Good work. I am also looking to use mobile phone to connect with Internet as I use it regular. Can you please suggest me that which mobile is best for this purpose. According to my knowledge, a mobile’s internal memory act as PC’c Ram. And the data transfer rate depends on the type of connection, moreover, the latest models are speedy and have processing speed mentioned. It means that a mobile with greater internal memory, good mode of connectivity and good processing speed will be an accurate choice?
And at last please describe that how much value add this GnuBox software? Thanks

Rahul Bansal August 31, 2009

Go through all tutorials again.
There is an option to restore old setting

I am not able to get exactly what you want but today’s mobile have more processing power than needed to access fastest internet available through cellphone operators.
Some cellphones have EDGE/3G capabilities which differentiates them from plain-old GPRS cell phones.

anver August 29, 2009

I have Internet connection on my computer which is run Windows VISTA. my cellphone is N73 & i want access my Computer INTERNET on my N73 mobile. How i configure mrouter in windows vista. and where i get. already i installed gnubox in my n73. so please help me.

RB Jaiswar September 2, 2009

Sir, I am holding hand set Nokia 5300 and the same has been recharged with mobile office card of Rs. 450/- for having access of internet on my PC. Further mobile office setting has also been activated on my hand set.Whereas i am not in position to get hand set connected with PC to have internet surffing. My service provider is Airtel.

Tarun Samanta March 1, 2011

How to connect samsung c5212i to PC connect.

aitazaz September 9, 2009

hy brother .i am using windows xp on pc and nokia n95 .can u help me in accessing my internet on my mobile from my pc?

shankar September 10, 2009

is this possibale in china mobile

ravi babu September 24, 2009

I am having pc with internet.I want o make a call to UAE through my desktop to my brothers mobile.what is the best solution.

veekay November 1, 2009

Hi Guys..
I have Nokia 6300 and want to access net on it using my laptop’s broadband connection.

Rahul, Can u plz give me a hint whether it is possible or not. If possible plz give right direction to proceed…. πŸ™‚

simran November 2, 2009

i have n95 , gnubox which is given above gnubox_s60v3_2.sis is not supporting my n95 ……….what can i dooooo………do u have another gnubox for n95-8gb

SUMITPUNEET November 10, 2009

I Have Samsung Star GT-S5233S

How can I use this feature on my mobile ?

Plz reply

sitaramkumawat December 30, 2011

my gt-s5233s
i am connect to pc with bluetooth by internet please help me

prakash November 28, 2009

from where to get gnubox for nokia 5800

Siddhesh Kadam December 4, 2009

I have nokia 5310 will this be possible with it? coz it does not have symbian os, anything else can be tried. Please if you could help me out with it.


XYZ December 5, 2009

where can i find gnubox on my samsung s5233

Dhanasekar` December 6, 2009

hi i am using sony erricson it possiable to connect pc internet conection on my mobile?plz reply anybody ……to my mail id….

siddesh December 6, 2009

very good work boss. i was looking for this from so many days. i will try this today

siddesh December 7, 2009

I had tried to install GNU box in my nokia e63 but it says “certificate error. contact the application manager” what i need to do. please help me.

prafulkothari December 7, 2009

bro I am not able to install gnubox on my E71. Is it possible for you to find some other link for me them. Terriblly waiting for your reply regarding this so pls pls make it soon…..

bhaskarunichiranjeevi December 10, 2009

hey great job dude its really gr8 to have an idea like that n to implement that..any ways thanks for your work…but the thing is i tried every thing u said on my nokia 5800 with windows vista but i didnt gt this done so help to make it n mail me to above mail id..plz mail me

MANU SINGHAL December 11, 2009

Sir, I have nokia 6300 and reliance GSM SIM, I want to access internet on my PC through Reliance GSM SIM, Kindly guide me. I have received Net setting from Reliance customer care.

Deepak Jain December 11, 2009

You can use Nokia PC Suite and use your mobile’s data plan on your computer system.

sumit July 24, 2011

get a nokiapc suit connect yourpc through usb or bluetooth and in a pc suit you will get a option called on touch acess clik on it you will be ready to use internet in your pc

HackeR December 20, 2009

How To Use This Feature On Other Brand Phones?
Such As Samsung F480 Or Samsung Star Or Corby, etc…
Please Reply Fast…
Thanx In Advance If U Hav Solution…

Anand Srinivasan December 21, 2009

Is there a GnuBox equivalent for Samsung phones? I’m looking to connect my Samsung F480 to internet via my desktop PC

sharan January 3, 2010

hi i need wic gnabox i should download…….my mobile model is nokia e63 plz tel…..

Philippe V January 3, 2010

As the poster above I have a samsung mobile.
Samsung have their own OS so the symbian thing doesn’t work.
Does anybody know how to acces the internet from my mobile using my computers internet?
I really need it.
Thanks in advance.

k asif ahmed January 19, 2010

how can i connect mobile internet to pc
my phone is w810i
using airtel sim

Deepak Jain January 19, 2010

@k asif ahmed
If your phone comes with a desktop manager, I guess you can do using the same!

CHITTI January 21, 2010

I want to connect my aircel Mobil to my computer and use the internet facility. how to go about it pl.


shabbu September 30, 2010

instal nokia pc suite then connect phone through cable take connection setting open manually connect type adress as aIRCELWAP.COM and click connect doneeeeeeeeeee

jadi January 22, 2010

hellow everyone
i have nokia n73 and i want to connect mrouter. but when i connect after a sew second my phone is disconnected from mrouter. can any one help me. Please if someone know solution then send procedure on my Id

shijith March 9, 2010

Jadi You can try Hiisi suite it is easy to configure – You can check this link for details of hiisi suite –

ankit jain January 31, 2010

can any new dual sim phone can aceess the internet by the laptop phone like gfive, lava, karboon, micromax

monty February 4, 2010

can u solve my prob bro i want to access internet on nokia 6288 from my laptop.

sachz February 5, 2010

hi..i know this mobile is quite old model but im just wondering why Wifi doesnt work with my P1i..ive tried since 2 yrs ago but till now i cant find a way to connect..actually i can connect to WLAN but when I started to browse on web, it always says “could not locate remote server” there suggestions to this problem?thanks..

strazra February 8, 2010

Can you please help me..!!! the website only show for Nokia N70 but my phone is N73. so can you please help me….

need your help sir February 17, 2010

hi, i am harish
and i am using samsung corby b3410 handset, i wanna access internet on pc-or laptop how i do this plz tell me
i was used pc suite for this but result in not get me.
so i kindly request you all plz tell how i solve this problem.

spinal February 22, 2010

i have a sony ericsson w902…. can this method use on my phone?

Rahul February 24, 2010

Hi,i’ve recently bought Nokia-5130(with airtel prepaid conn) my PC is connected to BSNL(isp) Broadband conn..all i wanted to know to access the internet from N-5130..i’ve tried using IVT result.
pls help me out…

Shaheer February 26, 2010

how can i connect my nokia 3110 classic to my Home Computer Internet using blue-tooth

saran February 26, 2010

anyone help me to connect my samsung s5233w to pc for internet..

seun daniel February 27, 2010

cant use my pcsuite with my nokia5130 to browse

sbd March 1, 2010

hey can any one tell how i can use my mobile as modem to surf internet on my pc i dont have pc suite, but ihave modem driver my phone is sony ericsson s312. pls tell me.

rajat March 5, 2010

can i use my computer’s internet on mobile using USB cable ?
my phone is Sony ericsson j105i Naite;in my phone when i go to
setting> connectivity> USB> advance> internet access> there is 3 radio button namely first is off;second is internet via phone;third is via computer. [i have never use gprs internet on my mobile].

Shijith March 8, 2010

I have succeeded to establish a connection between my N79 and windows XP wwith Hiisi 1.6.3, it is very easy to configure comparing with gnubox

Rahul March 8, 2010

k..Will it work for my Nokia 5130..if it does, pls explain it…
thank you…

shijith March 9, 2010

Rahul πŸ˜€ Hiisi suite is working with MIDP 2.0(Java Support)Mobiles.5130 is Series 40 device so i think it canot create wireless accesspoint.You can check this link for details of hiisi suite – 5130 is CSD supported phone so u can try GNU Box.

Amit March 9, 2010

Hey Dude,
I found your topic quite useful but for me these didnt work, I have a Micromax Q3 & i want to connect internet to pc with this. Can u pls suggest me any way of how to do that.
Thanks in Adv……

shijith March 10, 2010

Hey Dude

No Idea about Micromax, if it is CSD supported try GNU Box

Danish March 13, 2010

heya how can i use internet on my n-86 via usb cable ???

tejas March 13, 2010

cna you help me out?
the problem is that i cant change the access point setting in my phone to data call

shijithpulikkal March 13, 2010

can u tell the model of your mobile and gnubox or Hiisi suite You r using

Rohan March 17, 2010

hey help me for sign process i didint udrstood

azeem March 24, 2010

i hav sansung s8000 jet nd i wanna use internet on mobile throuh my laptop wich hav wireline connection..wich software i hav to download o my mobile..plz help me in making connection.

Shahzad March 31, 2010

here is the thing, I’m using NOKIA 5320 and i want to connect it using USB cable, i have tried everything but nothing works. will any one help me?

Mychu April 12, 2010

What number i have to call out on mac trough my mobile to connect him to net ?

rockstar April 14, 2010

hey bro i want this setting for ma micromaxQ5 ezpad mobile..,……
can u plz help me…..
i want to surf net for free ……..if its posible

priyesh April 20, 2010

i have sony ericsson k530i !!!! cant able to download proper gnubox for it !! pls help ! i really want to access internet through comp !!!

anurag May 3, 2010

Hey Rahul Champ!
After surfing for 1 week i found your post quite useful,
But I coulnt find how to instal gnubox on ma N73…
Help Me !

faisal May 7, 2010

hey hi every one i want to connect my pc’s intentet connection in my mobile NOKIA 5130 can any one plz tell me the solution plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

johnson May 8, 2010

hi to all i need a configurationto use so that i can have free access to internet from my mobile phone.
i’m in cameroon i have a nokia phone v5.53.0
i am connected to orange
please i need it any body to help me out,?

Navjot May 14, 2010

DO this work on nokia 7230?

shiv May 16, 2010

hi rahul plz plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….
solve my problem
1)may u tell me what is gunbox or mrouter plz tell me.
2)is mobile responsible for internet speed in pc.i hav nokia 7210 supernova.should i change my mobile to increase my internet speed in pc.
3)i hav updated my nokia 7210 supernova software but nothing happend i hav problem in my mobile i cant play my songs it show message(not enough memory)when i clik on song.i updated my software by using nokia updater plz dont say take ur mobile to care center i want to do this by urself.and also when i download aplication my mobile show invalid aplication.
4)i m going to learn computer language can u tell me which language i should interset in webdesing,software or hacking althogh i dont know about these.
5)my computer has infected by autorun virus i hav found a method to remove it but i unable to do its all step plz help me i m sending u link where i got that method

if it is possible to solve these problem plz send me solution on [email protected]

shiv May 16, 2010

plz also tell me about synchronise and how i can download youtube vidio in fastest way.

moham May 16, 2010

i want to access internet on my mobile using pc internet through USB beacause i want to update my mobile function .

Kedar May 21, 2010

I want to access free internet on pc thru Reliance GSM. I have the China E71 Pro Handset. Please send me the setting. Waiting for your reply. Please send me the details on my email id : [email protected]

kaushi May 26, 2010

hey i have e63
but m not able to instal gnu
an u sugest sme thng

Lekhyadav May 31, 2010

I want to access the internet from mobile then how can i access it. please send me all information about it.
Thanks a lot for

ravi June 7, 2010

Hai, Iam using Micromax Q5 FB mobile, i want to access internet from mobile to my PC, please tell me how. alraedy iam using internet in my mobile

siju June 9, 2010

I want to access the internet from mobile (e66) then how can i access it. please send me all information about it.
Thanks a lot for

yusmusuf June 11, 2010

hi Rahul i have nokia E75 n iwant to connect internet from p.c but i cant download mrouter due to our IT people locked download site. so only gnubox will download in my mobile after it will work or not.n plz let me know how to do. thanks

yusmusuf June 25, 2010

Hi Rahul cong. u r very popular now.But u didnt reply me i have problem for m router.I hope u will replyme soon.
Rahul i m living out side country n internet is very what to do for proxy server for my mob.

Hyder June 16, 2010

Hi, can you plz tell me how to achieve this (sharing PC internet to mobile) for a J2ME mobile phone. what do I need to do, I have internet in my laptop and I want to share it with my nokia 3600 mobile phone.

colin June 17, 2010

hey m usin a nokia 5300.. n i have vodafone live(vodafone gprs) active on it … everythin wrks but the only problem is dat when the net is connected thru the phone it shows connected but when i click on the internet explorer it shows loading but the web pages dont open… its says DNS error or server not connected …. could u pls help me with this… pls reply to my email … thnaks …

Raj July 15, 2010

Hi Colin,

In case If you are gettings DNS error check the webpage which you ahve entered

Raj June 24, 2010

Please help me to connect my samsung s5233 to connect to PC internet

nikhil February 12, 2011

Please give me to connect my samsung s5233 to connect to PC internet

Amardeep June 27, 2010

Hi!!! pls guide me abt the entire process to use it on Micromax Q5.

Deepak Choubey June 29, 2010

Hi i have Samsung 5212 & Network is Tata Docomo How to i connect Internate on my PC

sruti July 6, 2010

I have nokia 7210 supernova..
Does my fone have compatible gnubox file..
If there ,pls send me the link

siddharth July 13, 2010

i have a nokia 2700 classic. how i connect to the internet to PC?

maanji July 14, 2010

I have sonyericsson naite.does my phone have compatible gnubox file.
if there, pls send me the link

Sanjay July 26, 2010

I have Motorola A810 and want to access internet on my mobile using pc Broadband through bluetooth or USB to install some applications requireing net access.

Prateek July 30, 2010

I have a Nokia E71 .. the above linc does not provide GnuBox for E series ..

Aayush July 31, 2010

Can i connect my cell phone samsung s5200 to internet via a pc which has internet using a data cable.

Manoj August 1, 2010

I have nokia 3110c & pc suite. It connects to my laptop but cant find server.
Please tell me solution.

AK August 3, 2010

isn’t there any such mech for non symbian mobiles (lg cookie)

Eswar August 4, 2010

GNUbox for nokia S60 v5(Nokia 5230)??

ashish August 4, 2010

plz i want it on my 5800
because i dont have wifi at home

mudassar August 7, 2010

hi guys plz help me i have nokia5630xmusic s60v3 how can i connect

Pritish August 19, 2010

does the trick work on samsung star s5233 nxt

Christopher Cruz August 22, 2010

Please help to connect my Nokia E66 to my laptop to surf internet hoping for your prompt reply.
Thank you..

random August 24, 2010

is this possible with sony ericsson W760i

Rabin August 25, 2010

I’ve nokia 3110c and 5230 as well. Plz tell me whether i can use pc net on these mobile. N yes, these nokia mobiles do not support .sis file. Plz help out!

b.manoj August 26, 2010

i am using 6275 nokia peace .i was an cdma reliance peace.i want to connect net with that mobile plz cam u tell me .how would i connct net to my pc

ankush August 27, 2010

i have samsung gt-s5233s but i can’t find gunbox for my moblie…is there any way that can connect my pc internet to mobile…..i am not using gprs in my mobile or any way for free gprs

Sanjay August 27, 2010

Hi Guys,

I’ve samsung E250 handset I am not able to download the gunbox for my cell, please help….I’ve downloaded mRouter :), Thanks

SANDY September 5, 2010

how to connect net from laptop to sonyw595

Pankaj sharma September 5, 2010

rahul, i have nokia 2700c and relaince gsm how i apply your trick please told me i will wait your responce.

R.S.PRADEEP September 7, 2010


vikas September 8, 2010

hey i have samsung star wifi is it symbian phone if yes wat gnubox work on my phone please send link

parth mahajan September 11, 2010

sir,i wanted to use internet on my pc using “lg gs290” handset with aircel sim but there is no option for it on lg pc suite can i get the manual settings for it
please rply soon

Birala September 12, 2010

I have Sumsung S5200 mobile set, i could not connect internet via bluetooth to my pc, how to do it please suggest me.

Rahul September 12, 2010

hey i got Nokia 5230..which is Symbian OS v9.4,Series60 rel5..does Gnubox work for my device..?


Rahul September 12, 2010

i had downloaded ” gnubox_s60v3 ” tried installing it…it gives an “Certification error:Contact App suplier”

girish September 15, 2010

i had downloaded ” gnubox_s60v3 ” tried installing it…it gives an β€œCertification error:Contact App suplier”

john September 19, 2010

what about the speed?

Shreyansh Badola September 25, 2010

How should i do it with my nokia x2-00

narenderreddy September 29, 2010

how should i do with nokia 3310c plz reply me sir

ynchary September 30, 2010

I want connect to pc net connection with nokia6300 , Network :Reliance GSM.
Manually Settings in Nokia Pc sutte , please Replay

uday October 1, 2010

i have c9 celkon mobile i am enable to connect internet to my pc
can this think work for my handset also note :in my mobile it mini opera it is Java application
help me out if you can…………..

abdullah October 2, 2010

how to connect with n73

Raj October 6, 2010

hello rahul bansal how r u
i have N 98 mobile
i have downloaded nokia pc suit in my pc
then i am trying to access to internet in my pc then not connected internet to my pc
because when i connect nokia pc suit then pc asked user name and password.
i have called to customer care then they said u have to recharged with 199 then you access internet in your pc.

if you have any solution of my problem then tell me solution
thank you

sangeeth October 7, 2010

i’ve got nokia 2700 classic, i’ve run gnubox onit bt it shows an error,,,,,any help?

ibrahim October 11, 2010

hi! i have sony ericsson K800i , i want to gunbox how to get

Jaison Rolf Nazareth October 15, 2010

Hi Rahul…my name is Jaison Nazareth. I wanted to know if there is any software to connect Sony Ericsson Z550i, or Sony ericsson Spiro or Nokia 3110.Cause I have these phones and I tried your method , but its not working.Thanks….a reply would be sincerely obliged.

vipul October 21, 2010

I want to use internet in my laptop via mobile, I have LG KP500 mobile with airtel prepaid connection. please advise me how can i use.

Rahul October 23, 2010

Can you please tell from where i should download GnuBox for Nokia 5233?

danny October 28, 2010

what about a nokia n70 and a usb data cable ?

Is there anny method to setup an internet connection through usb data cable?

santosh October 31, 2010

hi i am santosh i want a pc suit for connect net

Nagadevan November 1, 2010

i can able to connect my mobile nokia6270 to my lg RD405 laptop.
I am getting the notification msg. But while i was open Browser like internet explorer or Mozilla firefox or any other i am always getting connection failed try again message. So for what should be the possible solution.

shagufta November 3, 2010

Can i access internet on mobile from pc via bluetooth without having GPRS connection and Sim card in mobile………
If any one having idea please reply as early as possible

jatin November 3, 2010

help me out for my 5235 ovi music
is there any version of GNUbox available for it??

harpreet November 8, 2010

i wanted to know that i m using videocon mobile model no v1306 i want to connect my mobile GPRS to my computer i want to see web page on my computer is it possible if it is can u plz tell me how


Gajendra November 9, 2010

I think it will be useful for me.


Yasir Mehmood November 15, 2010

I have Nokia N 73.
I want to use my PC internet on my mobile.
can any one help me please?

pargat7827 November 17, 2010

i want to access internet on linux using nokia 2690 mobile. i don’t know how to work on linux.please tell me the whole procedure step by step.

azharuddin November 19, 2010

i want to set wlan setting in my nokia c3. pls tell me setting how i will be able to set wlan in nokai c3

tharaka November 21, 2010

My Phone is nokia 3120 clasic phone cant install GnuBox.sis i need to Download GnuBox.jar file plz Help me………

SMS ZAHEER November 24, 2010

it is useful for me

raj November 24, 2010

i want start internet service in my 3230 nokia but its not working plz help me 2 start net in my mob.

harpreet November 25, 2010

hello Raj,
if u want to start net on ur mobile u will must have too consult with ur customer care no. there admin will must help u

and do u have a multimedia mobile if it is then go to ur wap then try to open this

if it doesnt open then ask to cutomer care admin they will tell u how to subscribe this on ur sim card


rao December 1, 2010

sir i have n73 but when i install gnubox it gives certificate error and contact to suppliers please sir give me solution about that?thanks

karthik December 5, 2010

my handset is the nokia X6..could u get me da link of GNUBox for it…and advice me wit da further steps….

sumeet December 5, 2010

How Can i Access Internet From Mobile Using Computers Internet Connection with my android based handset (galaxy 5 samsung)

isaac afful December 13, 2010

i want to connect internet from my phone to my pc but is not working

Sagar December 15, 2010

Does this works on Nokia 5233 ??

Mehedi Hasan Simon December 15, 2010

Everything gone OK i my Nokia 5230. but the problem is when i go to make new DATA CALL(data barrier) access point named as “Bt” my mobile automatically detects new POCKET DATA connection and prompt me to make a new POCKET DATA connection. And thus can’t make new DATA CALL access point. I think it’s a problem for all Nokia S60v5 mobiles such as Nokia 5230,5233,5530,5800,N97………..Can anyone can help me to create a new access point where data barrier will be DATA CALL……..?????????????????????????? T

Akhtar December 30, 2010

can you give gnubox for nokia 5233..?

chandan December 24, 2010

tell me the procedure of micromax gravity

shahid ullah khan December 26, 2010

but i use sony ericsson what can i do for this

vijay b December 28, 2010

which 2sim moblile purches for good speed internet,i have only 6000 Rs. so what moblile i have purches. i have acer i5 core laptop lunix.

Akhtar December 28, 2010

hey i have nokia 5233.
how can i use net nokia 5233.
when i install gnubox. it give an error Expire Certificate.
can anyone help me……

mohsinmahmood January 2, 2011

i have sony ericsson k530i !!!! cant able to download proper gnubox for it !! pls help ! i really want to access internet through comp !!!

Sunny Soman January 5, 2011

i have a nokia 2700 classic. how i connect to the internet to PC?

Emmanuel January 5, 2011

can you give gnubox for nokia 5233..?

Rushabh January 8, 2011

Can any one provide apk file for my android phone…

raf January 8, 2011

hello i have a nokia 5233 i have signed gnubox for my phone and its running but i dont want to use mrouter or install anything on the computer could you tell me a way to do it pls

balwant khatri January 9, 2011

hi, i am using nokia 6300 how speed up my internet connection using nokia pc suite?????????????????????????

Wahid Ahmad January 13, 2011

Yaar bro its not working on my nokia e71 please info me where i can found gunbox for my fone? πŸ™‚

dawood January 18, 2011

i have nokia 5320xpress music can gunbox work on it

avtar January 18, 2011

hello brthr…m using n73 n mrouter to access internet on my phone through my laptop…the operating system is windows7..plz tel me how to make settings in windows7….plz help

babbu January 19, 2011

sir i have gnext china mobile. us par airtel ka free net kaise operate hoga .jis par orkut b chale……….

pradeep kumar jojo January 19, 2011

Which mobile set is the best to use internet in the basis of speed with both 2G and 3G network

donpajji January 21, 2011

i have s40 n0kia mobile phone. i wanna connect my mobile internet from pc internet via bluetooth is that possible???

jack January 25, 2011

man can you help me? please send me configuration or settings required to get internet acces on desktop by using mobile phone (samsung)

venky January 29, 2011

how to connect the mobile network to pc my mobile model hp hw6965

murgilal January 29, 2011

I Have nokia 5230 i have done everything but the problem is that when i click on mrouter to connect to my phon it will show an error
“The requested address is not valid in Its Context” Error No 80072741
and when i make a acces point in my phone the data bearer option is packet data is it ok
it is automatically search for acces point and only one option packet data is available

help me thanks for support

juhi January 30, 2011

hey ! i have micromax x510, i am connecting it to my laptop via bluetooth for internet but i am unable do so can use internet on my laptop via my handset plz solve this problem

Kailash January 30, 2011

i wish to connect my nokia classic 2700 (Relience sim) &(widcomsoft , blueto device )with my pc for net. All process are completed but the system repuest ‘dial up’ code . If i enter any number then it display error 797. So what i do please tell me as early as posible i’m wating.
Thank u sir.

Dyvik February 6, 2011

Is there such process for iphone? If yes pls tell me how.

Thank you ..

shahid February 11, 2011

i have nokia5233 i set all hiisi proxy but fail to connect why plz help

gohil February 13, 2011

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, i dont know much about this site but,, i am using nokia 5130, n videcon gprs,, after long time, finaly m succed in conecting it with pc, but stil i am not able to star browsing,, πŸ™ so what now? do anybody know the setings for start browsing?

mz November 9, 2011

u install nokia pc suite serch on google.comdownload & install after this open nokia pc suite ..add mobiile & enjoy,.

Avtar February 15, 2011

hello buddies….m using internet on my N73 mobile through my laptop internet connection via bluetooth.But it is working only in Windows XP..M unable to do that in Windows7..How can i do that in Windows7?Anybudy knows?Then help me..I shall b thankfull to you buddies…….

Arif February 18, 2011

give me a link for my

to download gnubox. Also for support

Asad February 20, 2011

yar plzzz help i cant connect my w910i to pc lan via usb cableee i m trying but uselesss plzz help

khiladi February 21, 2011

is there Gnubox avilable for nokia 5800,,,,,,,if u have any link then help me.plssssssssssss

rayvonne February 26, 2011

how to get it on samsung C3200

salman February 27, 2011

nokia 5233 my net is so slow help me

jayesh February 28, 2011

sir tell me how we make mobil conect to pc and get fast speed.

victor February 28, 2011

how do i do this on my nokia 6600 on windows xp

Dalsukh March 4, 2011

I have a n2700 classic & my computer os is windows7 ,so how to access internet via connect data cable
*i have a pc suite already
when i connect the mobile with computer the come error like”your modem is already in use

tayyeb March 5, 2011

sir, i have nokia 08 and want to connect internet via that mobile of my Laptop (Dell Inspiron 640m), i haven’t the CD of Nokia 08. how could i install that setup to my laptop and connect internet.

vinayak March 6, 2011

i have samasung star 5233 mobile i’m using vodaphpn network.. how to connect internet to my PC using my mobile.. please help me friends…
i’m using XP OS
i want to connect by data cable..
please help me

priyank March 11, 2011

Hi iam using SonyEricsson k530i mobile on airtel card,so is it possible to use computers internet on my mobile.please can any one respond and send me any email

Suresh September 24, 2013

Mine also Sony Ericsion K530i only. Me also facing the same problem.

RAJESH March 11, 2011

I’m using Nokia 5233
but the gunbox available here is not matching.
Where to download gunbox for 5233

joshua March 12, 2011

hw can i connect my 3110c to my desktop internet using usb

neha March 21, 2011

hey can any1 guide all for the gnubox for symbian 60 v5 …’ll help a lot RAHUL itrs ur gr8 effort thxxx..

veena March 28, 2011

I am unable to get the signed gnubox. is there any other way. Please help

Anoj Kumar March 29, 2011

Hellow sir’
I want to information of internet conneted to LG220 multimedia mobile set to computer system and I want to full details for internet mobile connection in my email.
Thank Sir,
Please reply me

Prashant Patel March 30, 2011

Gnubox is not support with SAMSUNG S5620 (MOUNTY) ?

padma March 30, 2011

hi, my phone g five e71 and i hava docoma internet prepaid connection. but i am unable to connect pc with my phone please kindly tell me how i connect the internet with gfive e71 docomo net connection. could u please tell me the settings.

pankaj kumar March 31, 2011

Hey,I want to know which are files is should send to my mobile and how do i install it and can you tell me the link for the download of the file example my phone is spice m-5454 but i dont know which symbian it is so which is the software i should download for spice m-5454. please send reply on my email.

Saurav April 14, 2011

where can i get gnubox for nokia 5130?
any method to browse net on mobile form PC internet throgh USB cable?(coz i’m fade up wth BT, wireless, WiFi)

satish April 29, 2011

How I can use this for samsung monti (GT-S5620) mobile

KIRAN May 13, 2011


Bhavneet Singh May 17, 2011

I am having blackberry strom 9530.
please tell me how can i connect wifi in it.
I am having wifi router in my home.Please tell me how can I connect to it.

mzkir May 22, 2011

If you’re using laptop/desktop (should have Wi-Fi) then you can create ad hoc network and you can connect any Wi-Fi enable mobile to laptop/desktop internet.

Asmat May 18, 2011

Hello i have nokia 2700 classic and gnubox is available in .sis format which nokia 2700 not supports,does it works on nokia 2700 classic becuz its not symbian series,my friend using it on N70 and he is enjoying net surfing over it but .sis not works or installs on my nokia 2700,any one knows the solutions,plz help.

amalraj May 18, 2011

hai i have a lg handset but i couldn’t connect to internet with my pc .what can i do?. pls help me

Bhavneet Singh May 19, 2011

Please tell me how can I connect wifi in Blackberry strom 9530.
I am having wifi router in my home by which i uses my Laptop.
Please tell me any procedure by which I can connect internet in my phone.
Either by bluetooth or any other device.

mak May 25, 2011

Hi All,

Can any body tell me that how i can connet internet on my mobile through bluetooth enabled pc/laptop?

someone May 26, 2011

It says that ‘certifricate is not valid’

es May 27, 2011

can this be done on android phone too as i dont have a wifi and want to connect my net connection on the cell thro lap top

Ahmed June 5, 2011

HEY, Im running nokia 2700 classic(s40)
and cant get gnubox to run on it plz help.
any help would be highly appreciated.

vijay kumar June 11, 2011

i am using nokia c5 03..its has symbian os…bt this procedure doesnt work…

linu June 16, 2011

i have an intex 6633 has wifi connectivity my home there is broadband connection in my pc..can i get internet acces in my mobile from that broadband connection.if so what should i do..i m in dubai..what should i do to get internet connectivity using wifi option..please help me

Gagandeep June 20, 2011

how can i use the internet via PC suite of Sony Ericsson P1i? urgwnt help required.

Muhib June 23, 2011

I have samsung s5200. How can i use m router to connect it to my mobile phone.

bhavik July 1, 2011

i have samsung c 322 how can i connect
my mobile web to pc pls any one can explain then mail me pls
thanks in advanced

fiza July 3, 2011

plz help… my mobile is q5.. who can connet mobile net with my home pc…plz tel me software name

Akhunji July 5, 2011

How I connect my PC with mobile or best mobile connection ( Cheap as well as speed,service or tower, please DESCRIBED IN DETAILS & suggest.


Akshay July 5, 2011

I have Galaxy pop then what i do ????? please tell me

Sanj July 9, 2011

Download ur micmax q5fb pc suite and folow the steps given by sanj in the above paragraph

Paru July 18, 2011

I have sony ericsson vivaz (symbian) model.. How can i access internet from my mobile to laptop (windows xp)?? I have wifi connection.. Pls instruct me from scratch, if i need to download any software.. Kindly keep the explanation very simple.. Thanks.

Sanj July 27, 2011

Things u’ll need = ur phone usb n ur sony ericson pc suite after this folow the steps given by me in the above para i.e the 3 comment of this page

tapan August 3, 2011

i m searching gnubox for nokia c6
ans as i read from from ur instr that gnubox is not required
so if i require it
please send me the link…

shal August 4, 2011

hi sir i am using nokia c3 mobile how can i connect the internet in my mobile

gulam August 12, 2011

i am use n73 how can i connect my nokia n73 to my pc use internet. I am use airtel sim card

Unkn0_0wn August 12, 2011

I have nokia 6120c does all these stuff works for my phone?? i was really in search of this article long back… plz reply me….

Kishor Chhetri August 14, 2011

I am using LG GX500 mobile and a ADSL broadband connection on my PC. I have a Bluetooth dongle port attached to my PC and I use it to transfer files from PC to mobile. I want to know how to connect my phone to PC for internet use. I want to use that internet on my mobile

mahi August 17, 2011

i have tata docomo sim i have speed in my pc using idm is 15 kb/sec i want incraese my pc internet speed ,plese tell me how i get more speed in docomo
& also tell how i free internet rechage in tata docomo

Chenna Reddy August 18, 2011


First connect the mobile to the pc through data cable.

1. My Network Places
2. View Network Connections
3. Create a New Connection
4. ->Welcome to the new connection wizard
 next
 select – connect to the internet – next
 select – setup my connection manually – next
 select – connect using a dial-up modem – next
 select – ISP name(as u wish ex. Ur operator name or any thing) -next
 select – phone number (*99***1# – for Vodafone , *99# – for Tata docomo) -next
 select – for easy to use, leave blanks for user name, password, confirm password – next
 select – completing the new connection wizard – tick mark for add a shortcut – finish
5. Go to Start
6. Go to Control panel
->Go to Phone and Modem Options
 Select – modems
 Select – There you will see modem with your mobile phone model
 Select – Properties
 Select – Advanced
 Write – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”www” –for Vodafone
“- +CGDCONT=,,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET – for Tata docomo
 Select – Change Default Preferences
 Select – Ok
 Select – Ok
 Select – Ok
7. Now restart your PC & Phone
8. Go to Shortcut to local area connection symbol on your desktop
9. Double Click on that symbol
10. Select – Dial

Now enjoy with internet on your PC……

– Chenna Reddy

Prasiddhi August 20, 2011

HI i use sony mobile g502 how to connect the internet to pc by cell phone. plz help me. i use tata docomo

louis August 22, 2011

can any one help in this? guys m using samsung chat 3350….

rajesh shriwas August 26, 2011

hi rahul
i have nokia 5130c mobile with airtel contection how to conect to our pc for net

ssk August 29, 2011

Hai my mobile samsung gt-e2652 & pc W7 os . How i can connect?

Suresh patel August 30, 2011

how to connect my Samsung mobile internet to my PC

joon August 31, 2011

my samsung galaxy fit android phone do not net connect in my laptop pl rectify my problem

Raza September 1, 2011

My mobile did not support .sis files
Is there any substitute for gnubox…??

rahul singh September 2, 2011

how to connect my samsung GT-C3200 by airtel network plz send the information…….pc connect net

roushan September 16, 2011

I have N73 how can b use free airtel 2g/3g internet with system & mobile.

vijay kumar September 18, 2011

Hai anybody please help me to connect internet from sonyericson W580I mobile to windows 7 PC please help me, step to step connectins……………

Raju v September 21, 2011

I have nokia 5130c how can connect airtel internet to pc i had already download pc suite but no respond the in my mobile pls help me are send me email

aryan September 24, 2011

het can i get gnubox for my spice m-57

sudarshan October 1, 2011

Plz help me to access internet with Reliance gsm via bluetooth.

parminder October 4, 2011

I have nokia 2730 classic,how i can connect mobile to laptop using bluetooth for internet.plz anybody help me and provide setting for bsnl network

babajaga October 5, 2011

Being on the road in Eastern Europe quite often,
I am using
to accelerate my mobile access to the web. Free of charge, it also helps to reduce costs because of less traffic.

kmkmahesh October 6, 2011

is this works on sony ericsson satio

Plz help mei really need this type of soft

Vinoth October 8, 2011

Hi Friends,
If you have any problem / don’t know to connect net connection from SAMSUNG mobile to PC / Laptop, please follow these steps.

*these steps suitable for only AIRTEL subscribers

Procedure to Connect Internet from Samsung Mobile

Step 1

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Phone & Modem
3. Location : India
Area Code : 044 & Click Ok

4. Phone & Modem
Modems (2nd Option Tab)
Samsung USB Mobile Modem |COM3

click: Properties

5. Properties click: Advanced (4th Tab)

Extra Initialization Commands:

(without Space Capital letters are must, except β€œ”)

6. Ok

7. Phone & Modem Option and click Ok

*-End of 1st Step-*

Step 2

Click Start All Programs Accessories Network Conn. Wizard Communications


1. Connect to the Internet (default) Next
2. Setup My Conn. Manually (2nd Option) Next
3. Connect Using a Dial Up Modem (default) Next
4. ISP Name: mo2 Next
5. Phone NO. : *99# Next
6. Don’t Fill the User name, Password & Confirm Password Next
7. Add a Shortcut to this connection my Desktop FINISH


Try this and click Local Area connection and click DIAL.

Enjoy… CHEERS…

piyush January 10, 2012

thanks ur awesome……it really works for android 2.1 also.i can’t believe this. ur genius friend. TAKE MY WORDS ,it really works
1. for 2.1 download pdanet
2. enable bluetooth and data traffic pc open my bluetooth and ur phone name and pair with it,then find it out where dial up option is shown(don’t give up,find it in options or somewhere else,u will get it πŸ™‚ need to check usb debugging mode(for via buletooth) dial up window and write *99#(for airtel users) connect…..
7.i got connected after 4 to 5 tries.if ur right and lucky,u will b connected. or else connect via usb πŸ™

piyush January 10, 2012

you do not need to root ur phone,i hve sony x8 ,to run net via bluetooth,i forgot to mention this earlier
thank u πŸ™‚

Qaisar Faraz October 18, 2011

Dear sir
i have samsung mobile with Reliance Gsm Connection.i want to access internet throug my samsung reliance conection mobile .so plz guide how can access the internet through mobile Pc.plz

Rani October 25, 2011

I want connect my cell nokia c200 set to my pc for using internet but i cant do

ankit October 28, 2011

sorry to go a little off topic here i didnt read all the comments but is this possible with samsung corby because all i see is nokia everywhere πŸ˜›

Chenna Reddy October 28, 2011


First connect the mobile to the pc through data cable.

1. My Network Places
2. View Network Connections
3. Create a New Connection
4. ->Welcome to the new connection wizard
 next
 select – connect to the internet – next
 select – setup my connection manually – next
 select – connect using a dial-up modem – next
 select – ISP name(as u wish ex. Ur operator name or any thing) -next
 select – phone number (*99***1# – for Vodafone , *99# – for Tata docomo, *99#- for airtel) -next
 select – for easy to use, leave blanks for user name, password, confirm password – next
 select – completing the new connection wizard – tick mark for add a shortcut – finish
5. Go to Start
6. Go to Control panel
->Go to Phone and Modem Options
 Select – modems
 Select – There you will see modem with your mobile phone model
 Select – Properties
 Select – Advanced
 Write – AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”www” -for Vodafone
“- +CGDCONT=,,”TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET – for Tata docomo,
AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””,””- for airtel

 Select – Change Default Preferences
 Select – Ok
 Select – Ok
 Select – Ok
7. Now restart your PC & Phone
8. Go to Shortcut to local area connection symbol on your desktop
9. Double Click on that symbol
10. Select – Dial

Now enjoy with internet on your PC……

– Chenna Reddy

Ritesh December 8, 2012

and what about reliance….

Dheeraj Varshney October 31, 2011

I have samsung S5270 mobile 3.5G handset and BSNL 3G connection.

How to access the internet through mobile blutooth on PC

kalaka November 1, 2011

Can anyone give me the download link of GnuBox for java supported(s40) phone? Thanks.

Adil Khan November 9, 2011

Hi . guy’s please help me out , i have nokia 2700 classic . can i use internet on it through computer ? & what’s mrouter , how can i get it ?
thanx .

pranay November 13, 2011

i hav a samsung galaxy 551 i have to connect my cell phone to internet connection so what should i do it is a android phone and from where should i bring all the requirements plzz reply if possible mail me on my email address pleaseee thank you…….

princess December 4, 2011

hi i have nokia n63 mobile. I want to connect internate so please tell me how to creation using this and i use idea sim card

GVS December 5, 2011

Can you give a link providing Gnu Box’s java version ??????????

pittu December 5, 2011

i use nokia x201 and i want to use my pc broadband for it plz guys help me out

sana December 6, 2011

i need setting of nokia pc suite i m live in iran i m using nokia 6300

Ridz December 10, 2011

I m using nokia x2 wid tata docomo i ve already installed required nokia ovi or pc suit though mobile unable to access net thorough my pc it shows the message connected but no web pages pet opened what shoula i do

dave December 15, 2011

running win 7 on laptop using tata docomo stick to run internet , I have SGalaxy SL mobile & wish to setup internet of my pc on my SGSL Mobile , I know about mobile tethering but it is reverse , using internet of PC/Laptop on my mobile to surf. how ??

rahulrk December 29, 2011

how can we do this for android phones????????

aditi January 10, 2012

friends ,is there any android 2.1 version of gnubox(or similar) available??? which can be installed on my android phone,
i have installed m router for pc ,but for phone nothing is available???
pls help me?

Saurabh January 18, 2012

can i use it on my Samsung GT-S5233S…pleasy reply…

Emad February 2, 2012

HI 2 all
i have Nokia 7610 and i only have pc ( not laptop)so i just can connect my phone via cable,
as i went through these notes i realised that i cant access to net is it correct or i can have any hope?

prasanth February 5, 2012

hi friends,i use to samsung s3770k mobile was connected successfully for my laptop.i properly use to samsung pc suite.but dont connected by internet my plz help me.

minanath February 9, 2012


I want to internet of pc to mobile with using cable.can I do this ?…..please its help me…….
I don’t have bluetooth on my PC .So please help me …….:(

Selvaraj March 2, 2012

I am having Nokia C3-01 which is a Nokia S40 Series mobile phone. sis files are not supporting for this series mobile phones. so I unable to install GNUbox in this handset. Could anyone help me in this?

Vijay tak March 18, 2012

Hi…frds…i am in trouble pls let me know how to surf net on laptop using a nokia mobile….i have nokia c1 01 mobile & windows 7 os in laptop….pls reply soon.

gaurav gupta March 29, 2012

i hav internet on my pc &i want it to access it on my nokia 5800 express music & i hav bluetooth too.

mukesh namdev April 1, 2012

I use intex 3d awatar phone i want to connect internet from mobile to pc
so How to connet

Abhishek sharma April 11, 2012

Hi i have a nokia 7610 mobile .it is s60 v2 phone .please tell me how i can use internet via pc windows Xp. i have a cable also.plz

bikash April 24, 2012

how to connect internet in pc by my colors g35 model phones please send me in my email

srihari April 29, 2012

i have a nikia6300 mobile.can i use this method to access internet connection free on my mobile.?

harshit May 2, 2012

is dere any alternative of gnubox for android…i am using samsung galaxy y duos , 2.5.6 android

ritika May 19, 2012

i have a nokia 500 . please tell me how to connect internet via laptop

Imaduddin May 31, 2012

I am having a huge problem.I can’t do anything.I have installed Gnubox in my mobile and MRouter in my PC.But yet I am not able to do anything.Will you help me step by step with.I have Nokia E52.I am using a USB cable.Please explain me from starting to end.

qnikil7 April 22, 2013

I too want the same information, If u get it anywhere please do post here.

sumandeepgarg June 6, 2012

i have sony experia S (LT26i), how i can connect internet from mobile to PC throw USB

Anupam July 22, 2012

How Do can I connect Internet in my phone (Samsung Galaxy-Y Duos ) through Reliance Dongle

shrikant hedau August 18, 2012

i want to connect G five G350 mobile to laptop but i dont have a plz reply me.

Arun Godwin September 1, 2012

I do use this feature several times and it works pretty fine. Thanks for detailed post

shyam September 17, 2012

I have nokia 7210 supernova… to install gnubox on it….. i tried to install it but it didn’t open in my mobile…..please help

imbet September 18, 2012

i one use a gnubox its working using my pc internet .. yes yes its free on the CP ,, but but its still using PC internet connection .. that u paid monthly..

but now iwant to revert my cp .. i cant use my cp internet . i use this cp with load internet ..

but now i cant even if i have a load on CP .. some thing happen on CP access Point now i cant choose which AP i will use … it is in default BT accesspoint .. i need help to revert .. ty

kannan November 7, 2012

hi,i am using bsnl connection on my nokia 5230.please help me to connect to internet with port no and accesspoint

Himansu November 23, 2012

I ve nokia 7230. I want to access with pc from mobile. I instulled nokia pc suite. Its shows connected to pc suit. But Internet not access from mobile. What can i do? Pls reply…

Bhavik November 24, 2012

I am using samsung corby-2 (i.e GT-S3850). I have internet connection on mobile. Now i want to use internet on pc than how to connect pls guide me I am using VODAFONE SIM.

Ritesh December 8, 2012

hey frnds i have micromax x455 pls hlp me out to connect internet with connection of pc………

KRISHNA January 2, 2013

buddy its for some old models, latest model mobiles already have these Hardware configurations to connect Internet via PC Internet connection (Eg: Wi-Fi)

ram January 20, 2013

I didnt found gnubox for c2-01.Plz help me

mahesh kumar March 5, 2013

hai i am using bsnl connection om my nokia c5.05 mobile.i want to access internet from mobile to my pc.please complit rulr tell me hou. Alrady i am using internet in my mobile

qnikil7 April 22, 2013

U have explained above how to connect pc internet to mobile using bluetooth. How to do the same using Usb cable using mrouter and gnubox.

Please Reply.

mohit September 8, 2013

i had samsung galaxy young GT- S6312 can you plz give me info about how can i connect through internet via pc

Satish Kulkarni September 11, 2013

Download Internet Wizard for Samsung mobile and install it on your computer

Deepa December 7, 2013

M having Nokia Lumia 510 windows fone. wanted ma pc [ windows XP ] internet to connect on ma Nokia lumia 510.

Prabakar January 9, 2014

Hi, i have installed m-router o my pc and i m having sony xperia android v4.0. Please help me to find gnubox for my mobile.

teena August 14, 2014

Gionee p3 mobile she air tel ki sim she PC me net Kaiser connect karate h????

Tarun Singh July 7, 2015

Do you any idea for nokia E5 Symbian 60 version 1 also?