How to add a contact form to your Facebook page for free

Some people use Facebook pages for their business. But most of them misses the most important thing in it which is so useful for the growth of their business, that is the way a member is going to contact them. It looks good and professional when you add a separate section of contact form on your page rather than communicating through comments and wall posts. If you don’t have a contact form for your page we will tell you how you can easily add it and that too for free.

To add a contact form, the easiest way is to use a Facebook app. For that the best application available on Facebook is Contact Form. Go to the application page and click on “Go to App”. Now fill up the details to set up a contact form on your page. First of all select a page from the drop down list which shows all the pages you admin. Then enter some basic details and the details you need in the contact form. After that click on “Submit Form”.

With basic settings your contact form will look like the image shown below. Also a tab ‘contact’ will be added automatically to your page’s sidebar.













Just give it a try on your page. Drop a comment below if you got stuck somewhere.


Jake September 21, 2011

This is beyond amazing! Thank you for sharing. I used quickwebform before and it works fine. Any thoughts about them?

Sauravjit September 23, 2011

Your welcome šŸ™‚