Access Your Desktop Remotely with Chrome Browser

There are many way to connect remotely with 3rd party software but Chrome is probably going to dent those services with Remote Desktop App. The plugin basically allows people to share their desktops with anyone using a Chrome browser. This does mean it supports sharing of desktops on Windows, Linux, Mac and obviously Chrome OS […]

How to add a contact form to your Facebook page for free

Some people use Facebook pages for their business. But most of them misses the most important thing in it which is so useful for the growth of their business, that is the way a member is going to contact them. It looks good and professional when you add a separate section of contact form on […]

How to download videos from Facebook

Facebook is a good way to interact with your friends and other people. Also a good means to share your stuff like photos and videos. But most of the people think that it’s impossible to download a video from Facebook, so privacy wise it’s better to upload a video there so that no one can […]

“Messenger for Mobile” Dedicated app for messaging on Facebook

Facebook just announced a new Application for mobiles which will be dedicated to Facebook messaging only. It will be a messenger like Yahoo or GTalk for mobile. The new application will allow you to send message to a Facebook friend or a normal contact directly without long procedure of searching for a friend, then opening […]

Clean Facebook Share API Cache Using URL Linter

When was last time you have noticed that “facebook share” button on your post picking up wrong image or title or description? In an attempt to fix it, you might have edited your post and published changes to just notice that “facebook share” button is not displaying changes you have made. This happens because facebook like […]