Add Twitter gadget to Google Wave

I recently got my Google Wave invitation and the very first thing I did was play around with its features. I came across a great way to use Twitter from Google Wave with a web gadget I installed from Twitter Gadget. We have previously reviewed Twitter Gadget for integrating Gmail with Twitter.

Twitter Gadget on Google Wave


  • Once you log into your Google Wave account, just start a new Wave.
  • Within the new wave, you need to ‘Click’ on a green colored icon as show in above image to Add gadget by URL. The icon is circled in red.
  • Here you need to type in the URL and then click on Add. The URL to be typed in is given below.

  • After this Twitter is integrated withing Google Wave.

Why is using Twitter with Wave useful?

Google Wave is a collaborative tool. It is great for people working in teams to share information and files with ease. This means if I am using Twitter Gadget with Google Wave, I can add my friends or team members to the Wave to access a Twitter Account from one single place. This is a great help in a company or a group which has one common Twitter account used by multiple users.

A word of caution while adding people to the wave on which Twitter is activated especially if you are using your own personal account, as that would mean someone else having access to your personal Twitter account.

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