Google Waves Goodbye to More Services Again!

In September this year, Google started a major clean up of its products and services to concentrate its resources on Google+ and other core products. They shut down a lot of services which were peripheral and hardly popular. Earlier Google had also dumped Google Toolbar for Firefox and Google Labs projects. Today it has dumped a […]

5 things Google might have got wrong!

When it comes to the internet Google almost always gets things right. The other day I started a discussion on Devils’ Workshop’s Facebook page about what are the things that Google got wrong or what are the things that Google failed at. There were quite a few opinions but I thought it would make an […]

Will the internet be swept over by Google Wave?

Google is certainly a phenomenon like no other when it comes to the internet. But with ‘Google Wave’ they plan to release a tsunami across the world and take it over in one big wave. What is Google Wave? Wave is a personal communication and collaboration tool announced by Google. It will  integrate wiki, blogging […]

Google Wave – Unifying communication on the Web

Google is now giving developers an early preview of Google “Wave”, encouraging them to ride into the future of emails, opening inboxes to richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, social network feeds, and more. Google Wave has been created by the two guys behind Google Maps, along with a small team in Sydney. The concept […]