AdSense Referrals Program Retired. What to do next?

Fullscreen.jpgJust noticed on my blog that AdSense referrals units are showing blank space. As Google announced earlier about AdSense referral program’s retirement, this came as no surprise.

Speaking for this blog specifically, apart from Firefox referral, AdSense referral program never worked well. I joined Google’s alternative affiliate network form some time, but yet to test its performance. I tested few affiliate networks in past and will most probably use PepperJam and Chitika soon.

Firefox referrals used to make 10% of all my AdSense earnings and it would have been great (atleast for me) if Google continued to promote Firefox. But it seems that Google got enough toolbars all over the web!

Anyway as a blogger first thing you should do now is to remove all AdSense referral codes from your blog. You may still see some referral earnings till September end in your AdSense account as explained in earlier post.

If you have any alternative referral program for firefox or in-general please let us know. For time being, I have switched to non-profit Spread Firefox community for firefox promotion.


Gaurav August 28, 2008

Rahul saw another change… Have you removed the Widgetbucks codes too? And is widget bucks a worthy ad network , cuz in my view its frankly bad. But would like some knowledge from your side too 🙂

Rahul Bansal August 29, 2008

I haven’t removed widgetbucks. I guess their ad server is down. Anyway I will post about few affiliate networks that I use in 2-3 days.
Between you can try out widgetbucks…. All I can say its better than nothing… 😉

tamil July 9, 2009

google referal feature was a nice way to earn ..but after they removed referal my earnings begun to decrease day to day

Vikash April 11, 2010


I am using Affiliate Programs from Shoogloo and DGMPro. Both of these networks focuses mainly on Indian users. They have good Lead Based and Sale based campaigns. Good returns. I would suggest you to give them a try.