After Gmail, Offline Feature Comes in Google Calendar!

If you remember, recently I made a post about an awesome Gmail labs feature: Offline Gmail. Using these features, you can work on Gmail (now on Calendar too) even if you are disconnected from the Internet or if your connection is down. Once these offline features are activated, it keeps on syncing your online data with the data stored locally on your PC.


To activate this feature, you need to first log into Google Calendar, in the upper right hand corner, click on the ‘Offline Beta’ button to start the synchronization process. If you are yet to view ‘Offline Beta’ tab, then just wait as Google is in the process of rolling out this feature phase wise.

Another blog post says, “it’s surprising to see that Google Apps users, who usually received the updates later than Google Accounts users, get the offline Calendar earlier”. So, if you are using Google apps too in your own domain and have activated Google calendar, then you can atleast view this new feature inside your account.

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[Via Official Google Blog]