Is Dell Serious about Smart Phones Business?

DellLogo Recently the Wall Street Journal featured that Dell is moving away its concentration in its main stream business of computers and planning to come out with a manufacturing unit for smart phones under its own banner ‘Dell’. According to reports, the move is being considered keeping in mind the struggles Dell has to face in these tuff times of recession.

If we believe to rumors about the Dell smart phone then it is said that, these phones will be based on Google’s Android and Windows OS. Right now, Android has been used only in a T- Mobile based phone. It has also been reported in the Wall Street Journal that among the two phones currently being developed by Dell, one will be a slider and the other one would be a touch screen handheld. So, its just matter of time that will disclose the reality whether Dell is really moving to smart phones business or not!

[Via GigaOM]


Gautam February 7, 2009

It should be tough. Not tuff
in tuff times of recession

Solid Blogger February 18, 2009

Personally i don’t like iPhones, they are not that much rich in facilities. A simple N70 (costs around rs.10000) is far better than an iPhone. Read the reviews somewhere and you guys will come to know.

Deepak Jain February 27, 2009

@Solid Blogger
Its just a matter of choice buddy..
Apple’s fans will even pay more than 40K even for a phone not having bluetooth and other basic features 😉

bapun February 27, 2009

@ Deepak
Nope, it’s having bluetooth, but you can’t send files using bluetooth to anyone. It’s limited to the headset use only 😀

@ All those iPhone Lovers : 13 Reasons why you should not buy an iPhone. Treat this as an review only.

Vasathi July 7, 2011

Dell must have taken a look on Intex, how failure was it in mobile market. Anyways good luck for dell 🙂