Internet Bus Project Kicked Off by Google in India!

Just came across an official post by Google which claims to create awareness amongst  Indians  about the use of Internet. According to this project (named – Internet Bus Project), Google’s bus will move across parts of the country with, computer systems with working Internet connections fitted in it. Currently this project will cover most of the south Indian cities only and may be, later on Google may consider to expand this project to other Indian cities as well.

If you are not from somewhere in the southern part of India and excited to view some pics of the Google Internet bus, then here are some quick pics. You may also wish to visit the Picasa Web Album of Google – Internet Bus Project.


Hope this innovative project by Google turns out to be a grand success and will be rolled out to other Cities and Countries as well. 🙂

Links: Google Internet Bus Project | Internet Bus – Picasa Web Albums

[Via Official Google Blog]


Simran February 7, 2009

Google should cover other parts of the country also 🙁

Deepak Jain February 9, 2009

@ Simran
I guess, seeing the response from Southern India, Google will extend this project to other parts of the country too 🙂

Simran February 9, 2009

@Deepak Jain
You mean it all depends on southern people, they should show good response to bus project

Deepak Jain February 11, 2009

@ Simran
Not that.. They must have some other specific criteria for choosing visit to any other place..
I just gave an example 🙂