Alarm glitch gives iPhone users a extended hangover in the New Year

I am sure many of us must have partied on New Year’s eve and ended up with hangovers. Most times after such instances we set alarms on our mobile phones to wake us up for that important meeting or flight. Most iPhone users who did that, were in for a rude shock. The alarm never went off.


A software glitch made sure that alarms set on iPhones did not ring or left many people quite irritated as they over-slept. Some missed meetings and also flights. This is when the buzz on Twitter really caught fire.

The alarms function that did not go off were only the ones set on 1st and 2nd of January 2011. The issue will be resolved probably with a patch upgrade. Ideally alarm glitch will not continue from 3rd January onwards.

Which phones were affected?

Mostly the phones that were affected were iPhone 4  models and older phones with newer upgraded software. This is the second time iPhone 4 users have had to deal with glitches as at first they had call drop issues thanks to antennae problems.

Do you think the aura around Apple is fading in the past year? Do drop in your comments.


Omkar Joglekar January 3, 2011

world’s smartest phone FAIL! 😀

Aditya Kane January 3, 2011

not sure its the smartest but I guess some glitches will come up considering the number of features it has and small amount of time it has to continuously churn out newer models or software upgrades.