Amazing Alex – Rovio releases a new game title for iOS and Android

While I personally didn’t like Angry Birds Space, it did take off with 100 million downloads and now Rovio releases a new physics puzzle based game; Amazing Alex – that’s so good of Rovio to not extend the Angry Birds series, because it was getting really boring, at least for me.

The game, Amazing Alex, introduces a new character named Alex who is a master at creating chain reactions to complete the goal. In short, you got to make pathways using objects given, which completes the task. For example, a ball rolling into a basket.

The graphics are pretty neat and gameplay is good, too. Except that, it’s a bit of pain if you’re playing the game on a small display. The game also allows you to make your own levels and share it with your friends. The iOS app is retina ready, i.e. the game will be more enjoyable on the new iPad.

Amazing Alex Trailer

Here’s the official trailer by Rovio.

There’s a trial version on the Playstore, which is of course free. The full version costs 0.99$, on Playstore as well as Appstore. I think they will port this to Mac and PC too, and as far as Windows Phone is concerned, no one really knows as it did not even get Angry Birds Space till now.

Link: Amazing Alex

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adumpaul July 14, 2012

Nice works for iOS and Android.Thank you very much.