Amazon to launch bigger, better Kindles!

Bigger, better kindles are finally coming our way. Amazon is conducting a press conference tomorrow (May 6, Wednesday) to launch the new, more advanced Kindle for e-readers.

Kindles appeal to many, especially heavy readers who like to read while traveling without wanting to carry the the weight of books. Amazon is now launching a larger version of its Kindle wireless device tailored for displaying newspapers, magazines and perhaps textbooks.

Apparently, Google too wants to get into the electronic book market so that they could offer a way for people to read the more – the 7 million scanned books from various devices including phones that use its Android operating system.


A little more about the Amazon Kindle

  • An electronic book reader made and sold by
  • First introduced in November 2007 (at a price of $399, later lowered to $359.)
  • A second version, with more memory and longer battery life, was introduced in February 2009 at the same price.
  • Uses electronic ink (which is a display technology), that replicates the experience of reading black letters on white paper.
  • Has bright lights to create a better reading experience
  • Uses less electricity as against laptops, computers and cellphones.
  • Does not need to be connected to a computer, rather works on a wireless network
  • Displays text from books on the screen which is almost the size of a standard sheet of paper

NY Times tells us that the current version of the Kindle has proved in a limited way that this is possible. Even though its six-inch black-and-white screen is made for reading books, Amazon offers Kindle owners subscriptions to more than 58 newspapers and magazines, including The Times, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. (The Journal subscription costs $9.99 a month, The Times is $13.99 a month and The New Yorker is $2.99 a month.)

Things are about to get better. We will only know more after the launch. One more day to go!

(Source: The New York Times | Engadget)

(Image Credits: The New York Times)