Facebook’s NewsFeed RSS removed due to security issues


Here’s a quick update for all Facebook users. Facebook has shut down its RSS NewsFeed application.

They had recently launched a new application that converted their News feed into RSS feed that could be subscribed to and accessed outside of Facebook.

But apparently, it violated Facebook’s privacy controls, and now it’s gone.

I think in a way it’s good to know that Facebook is concerned about the user’s privacy. Letting out your friends content and updates to a public place is not the best thing to do.


Read Write Web however believes that this Facebook feature was very useful and shouldn’t have been removed. Click here to know how and why.

Facebook is yet to respond back with an official statement. We will have to wait for a little longer to get more details on this subject.

(Image Credits: RWW)

(Source: RWW)

2 replies on “Facebook’s NewsFeed RSS removed due to security issues”

  1. It’s good to know that facebook is showing security concern for their users. Though In last 2 months facebook manage to attract great subscriber count using its new policies. I’m sure this will also become a big news.

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