Analyze a site security with McAfee site advisor

McAfee site security Just came across a cool site that claims to analyze the security of a given website. The homepage of McAfee site advisor says:

We test the Web to help keep you safe from spyware, spam, viruses and online scams. Safety ratings from McAfee SiteAdvisor are based on automated safety tests of Web sites (including of our own site) and are enhanced by feedback from our volunteer reviewers and insights from our own analysts. McAfee SiteAdvisor does not accept payment from rated sites, so our ratings are objective and uniformly applied.


p align=”justify”>After reading the above statement do we need to say anything else?
Well, to test the service, we tried checking the safety of DevilsWorkshop and we passed the test. 🙂 As you can see on the screen shot, it reads “We tested this site and didn’t find any significant problems.” Though most of us usually have anti-virus packs installed on our system, these kind of advisors can be used as a extra layer of safety. Also, McAfee site advisor comes with a firefox plugin for instant checking of a site reliability which can be downloaded from here.

Links: McAfee SiteAdvisor | SiteAdvisor plugin for firefox.


Praveen December 1, 2008

I have been using the McAfee SiteAdvisor plugin for about a year! Its been really useful!!!

Raju December 1, 2008

has anyone tried to claim your site to edit the website info on McAfee? I am not able to claim my site somehow

Chetan Gole December 1, 2008

My domain was not reviewed by them :(, i submitted it now.

Deborah Salmi December 2, 2008

Hello Deepak,
I want to introduce you to Web of Trust (WOT), an alternative to SA that many people prefer. WOT is a Mozilla recommended add-on that also works with Internet Explorer and has been downloaded over 2 million times.

Website rating information is updated continuously by the user community and trusted sources, such as listings of malware and phishing sites. Many people who have used WOT have noticed that the user driven approach often gives more accurate ratings than automated ones like SA. Furthermore, WOT provides reputation data regarding “vendor reliability” and “child safety”, where human input is crucial.

We are continually developing WOT, and just last week we added extended protection to include the top three web-based email services; Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! mail. We are also working on additions like allowing the owner of a website to claim their site.

Please give WOT a try. It would be interesting for you to do a comparison, and see which one you like best. Or as some of our users have told us, they use both side by side.

Safe surfing,
Web of Trust

Bapun March 16, 2009

Will give it a try. Thanks.