Inbuilt mail scheduling option in "IN.Com"

in logo If you remember, its not more than just a fortnight that we posted on how to schedule your outgoing mails using But if you think, its too complicated to send scheduled mails at a future date using LetterMeLater, than ‘In.Com’ has a better service for you inbuilt in it called "Future Mails". Yes, among many other innovation, this is another one from the so called "India’s shortest mail id provider". Since its launch a couple of months ago, has managed to get a huge amout of viewers. Also, recently, as a promotional initiative, all the websites of IBN network were moved to’s domain.

inWell, lets now talk about the "Future Mail" option. As you can see on the scree shot, while composing your mail at, you just need to click the tab – "Send as future mail" and you will get a window popped up where in you’ll be asked your desired date of delivery. After selecting your desired date and time, hit ‘Send’ and you are done. 🙂

We would advice, if you want to prevent from the lengthy procedure of using LetterMeLater, better open an account at and start scheduling greetings and birthday wishes. 😉

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Chetan Gole December 1, 2008

This feature is great to send birthday e-mails.
Thanks for sharing

Deepak Jain December 2, 2008

@Chetan Gole
You are welcome Chetan 🙂