Analyze Tweets of any Twitter User using TweetStats!

tweetstats As said on one of the previous post, there are tons of Twitter Apps flooding over the Internet every passing day, along with twitter users too, are getting multiplied everyday. Truly speaking, these days even I have developed some interests in sitting behind my computer screen and sending & receiving tweets.

The web-based Twitter application that fascinated me and forced writing about it is – TweetStats.Com. Once you land into the homepage, you simply need to enter any Twitter ID and TweetStats will then, automatically generate a detailed report about the tweeting style and trend of the user.For example – Tweeting time of the user, no. of tweets in a particular month, day, or week, etc.

It’s for sure that I must have tested this out first. So here is the TweetStats report of @Devils_Workshop.

tweetstats1Except just displaying the tweeting time and trend of a specified Twitter user, TweetStats also displays a Tweet Cloud as well that helps you analyze the tweeting trends of the user in detail. So, if you are a Twitter fan too, then just go and check out TweetStats.

Link: TweetStats

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Hmm March 24, 2012

There was one site i found and I thought I had bookmarked it. It was similar “TWEETSTATS” but it also showed common words used and even indicated how much swearing was used. It was a fine quick site, but for the life of me, i can’t find the name of it. Google isn’t being my friend this time.