How Android 4.4 being called KitKat helps Google and Nestle

Android 4.4 will be named KitKat with Google and Nestle reaching an understanding. This will include Android discount codes for Google Play and Nexus 7 tablets with 50 million chocolate bars in 19 countries.

The next version of Android is not going to be called Key Lime Pie. It will be called KitKat after the popular chocolate brand owned by Nestle. The first indications was this photo (below) by Android chief Sundar Pichai in a Google+ post.

Android KitKat Statue

Nestle and Google have reached an understanding where Google is allowed to use the trademark KitKat. It’s an understanding but not a deal because Nestle claims that no money changed hands. But that does not stop both brands to enjoying a lot of sustained publicity.

Google and Nestle came to an understanding back in February during the Mobile World Congress according to the Verge. Google also announced that Android phone have crossed one billion activations.

Android will tap into Nestle’s network

KitKat NetworkEvery Android phone which will run on Android 4.4 will feature the trademark KitKat. KitKat will sell 50 million chocolate bars in 19 countries featuring Android branding. This will include the options of buying Nexus 7 tablets and also getting free gift cards for the Google Play store.

KitKat will also gain a lot of free advertisement with its brand name being ubiquitous with an OS which will feature on millions of phones and tablets.

When is Android 4.4 KitKat expected?

Firstly, Android has confirmed that the next version will be 4.4 and not 5.0. This is what is being called KitKat. The new OS version will be released over the next couple of months. It is no surprise that a launch of Nexus 5 phone is around the corner. A Nexus device has almost always introduced a major Android update.

Hopefully in a few days the hype around the chocolate name will subside and we will get more details on the actual features of the operating system.

Link: Android 4.4 | KitKat 4.4


Prashant Rohilla September 4, 2013

Its pure innovation and marketing acumen from Google’s side, stealing the thunder away from Apple (Same day apple sent out invites for next meet where new iphone was going to be announced)

Aditya Kane September 5, 2013

I do not think it has any impact on Apple’s iPhone invites. Such PR wins are negligible in effect anyways. Now if they launched a new phone or launched KitKat OS itself a day before the iPhone 5S, I would say that would be really stealing the thunder away from Apple.

Mohammed Iqbal September 15, 2013

Hi Guys, truly speaking almost all companies ( Around 90 % ) in the world are doing business without ethics with only motive earn huge money and reputation. Whether it is samsung or any company. Competition is a virus which is unable to control the right path for success. Now samsung time is going on…some other day some other company can emerge…