Google Nexus 5 specs leaked in pre-registration mistake

The Canadian telecom company Wind, listed the Google Nexus 5 phone for pre-registration on its Facebook page. The post has been removed now but it was up for enough time people to take screenshots of the registration screen.

The phone is expected to be announced anytime soon. Google itself has listed it “mistakenly” on the Play Store. The mistaken listing now more or less confirms the expected specs for the Nexus 5.

Google Nexus 5 preregister - mistake

Expected Nexus 5 specs

  • The screen will be 4.95-inch 1080p display.
  • Phone will run on 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM
  • The front facing camera will be 1.3 MP and the back camera 8 MP.
  • Obviously the OS will be Android 4.4 KitKat.
  • The phone will be available in two versions 16GB and 32 GB.

The leaks of phones is getting so ridiculous that hardly anything new is ever announced, which is a secret until the day of the launch. But the level of mistaken leaks sometimes, makes me wonder if these spec and image leaks are not just stage managed mistakes.

Whenever Nexus 5 is announced, much of what it will have will already be known. So the real surprise elements in store could be with what is new with Android 4.4 KitKat.

Source: The Verge


How to check whether you have won a Nexus 7 from KitKat

It was a few weeks back when Google partnered with Nestle to bring an exciting contest. 1000 Nexus 7 devices have been thrown in as the grand prize.

All the Android marked KitKat bars (2F, 4F and Dark) come with coupon codes inside them. Lucky coupons might receive interesting goodies.

  1. 1000 winners will get shiny a Nexus 7, each
  2. 20,000 winners get a bag of 8oz. KitKat Minis, each.
  3. 150,000 winners get a $5 Google Play coupon code, each.


To check whether you have won yourself a Nexus 7, head to the KitKat website, and in the Winners section, you can check whether your name and your mobile number is mentioned.

The winners list is updated daily.

Also, at the time of writing this post, the KitKat website mentions 580 Nexus 7 tablets remaining. This contest ends in 28 days, that’s November 15, 2013.

Good luck!


KitKat Google+ Page hints Android KitKat coming on October 18

The official KitKat page on Google+ has posted an Android robot in KitKat style, with a description “Everybody dance now!

Google is known to tease users with interesting riddles from time to time. So what is special about this coded message?

If you happen to be a fan of the 90’s music, you might recognize that “Everybody dance now” is a popular line from a hit single by C+C Music Factory. The song was released on October 18, 1990.

Android KitKat

To make things more interesting, the song happens to be exactly 4 minutes and 4 seconds long, another coded references to Android KitKat version being 4.4.

So the final conclusion is that Google might be launching Android KitKat on October 18. Just in time before they introduce a new Nexus phone, often called Nexus 5.

Source: Android Community

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Android 4.4 KitKat will let users choose a default SMS App

Android KitKat SMS DefaultWhile Android 4.4 “KitKat” will be releasing soon, there is very little information on new features. One major change will be that Android 4.4 will allow only a single app to manage all the text messages (SMS) on your phone. This single app will be the default app chosen only by the user.

Currently, what happens is that more than one app manages SMS messages on Android. In a new blog post for Android developers, Google advises app developers to get their apps to check if it is the default app and if not, then prompt users to select a default one. This means users will basically give access to their SMS messages to a single app.

What is Google planning with this change?

Google might be introducing a new feature with their Hangouts app to handle SMS on the phone. This is a big deal because if Hangouts manage SMS on a phone, it can potentially synchronize those messages on Chrome.

Getting Hangouts to manage all types of messaging, is something Google will definitely introduce. Hangouts will then probably become somewhat similar to what iMessages is on Apple’s various platforms.

Source: Android Developers Blog


How Android 4.4 being called KitKat helps Google and Nestle

The next version of Android is not going to be called Key Lime Pie. It will be called KitKat after the popular chocolate brand owned by Nestle. The first indications was this photo (below) by Android chief Sundar Pichai in a Google+ post.

Android KitKat Statue

Nestle and Google have reached an understanding where Google is allowed to use the trademark KitKat. It’s an understanding but not a deal because Nestle claims that no money changed hands. But that does not stop both brands to enjoying a lot of sustained publicity.

Google and Nestle came to an understanding back in February during the Mobile World Congress according to the Verge. Google also announced that Android phone have crossed one billion activations.

Android will tap into Nestle’s network

KitKat NetworkEvery Android phone which will run on Android 4.4 will feature the trademark KitKat. KitKat will sell 50 million chocolate bars in 19 countries featuring Android branding. This will include the options of buying Nexus 7 tablets and also getting free gift cards for the Google Play store.

KitKat will also gain a lot of free advertisement with its brand name being ubiquitous with an OS which will feature on millions of phones and tablets.

When is Android 4.4 KitKat expected?


Firstly, Android has confirmed that the next version will be 4.4 and not 5.0. This is what is being called KitKat. The new OS version will be released over the next couple of months. It is no surprise that a launch of Nexus 5 phone is around the corner. A Nexus device has almost always introduced a major Android update.

Hopefully in a few days the hype around the chocolate name will subside and we will get more details on the actual features of the operating system.

Link: Android 4.4 | KitKat 4.4